22 Thai Lakorns: Mark Prin Drama List [with English Subtitles]

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Mark Prin Suparat, simply known as Mark Prin, is a Thai actor, model, and singer. Born on March 19, 1990, in Chiang Mai and raised in Lampang, Mark was scouted to work for Thailand’s Channel 3.

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After his role in Pathapee Leh Ruk, Mark quickly grew in popularity! Today, he has starred in many Thai lakorns including Punya Chon Kon Krua (2012), Kleun Cheewit (2017), and My Forever Sunshine (2020).

Today, he is dubbed the “Prince of Lakorns.” Mark is also engaged to his long-time girlfriend and co-star, Kimberley Woltemas.

If you’re a fan of Mark Prin, here is his drama list for Thai lakorns and movies with English subtitles!

Mark Prin Drama List

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1. Pathapee Leh Ruk (Pathapee’s Love Trick) 2010

Quick facts: 7 episodes | Romance, Family, Business | Part 3 of the 4 Hearts of the Mountain Series | Watch No Eng Subs on Youtube, Download Videos with Eng Subs at FileFactory

Mark stars as Din in Part 3 of the series 4 Hearts of the Mountain. He is the manager of Tararin Resort and is suspicious of Cha-em, played by Mint Chalida, when she comes to work for him.

His suspicions are correct as she has plans to ruin his resort for her father. However, as Din and Cha-em continue to encounter each other, they start to develop feelings.

Note: Though Part 3 is solely focused on Din’s story, Mark Prin does play support roles in the other parts as well. The streaming videos must have been taken down. You can download the English subtitled videos at your own risk.

2. Nuer Mek 2 (Beyond Comparison 2) 2012

Quick facts: 9 episodes | Romance, Action, Supernatural | Watch on Youtube

Mark Prin co-stars with Mint Chalida as SaengKla, a man who acts rashly and cannot control his emotions. He is then sent to a psychological hospital to get his EQ tested where he meets Praepailin (Mint).

In the development of their growing attraction to each other, SaengKla is also battling Winyo who wants more magical powers but SaengKla is the only one who can stop him.

Note: Due to “political issues” and “inappropriate content,” Channel 3 was forced to stop releasing the last 3 episodes. However, the Thai lakorn tries to resolve itself in episode 9.

3. Pope Rak (2 Worlds of Love) 2014

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Mystery, Supernatural | Watch on MyAsianTV

Mark Prin co-stars with Bella Campen as Yeeo, a police officer who hears about a terrible car accident as he was out bicycling. When he arrives on the scene, the officers are pulling one of the bodies out of the water.

Yeeo finds a necklace that is tied to Namrin (Bella), a spoiled high society (hi-so) lady who was the other person in this car race turned accident.

Little does he know, Yeeo meets Namrin’s spirit and since the necklace he picks up is tied to her, he is the only one who can see and talk to her.

4. Buang Athithan 2016

Quick facts: 11 episodes | Romance, Action, Supernatural, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Mark Prin plays Krittathorn, an archeologist who discovers an unexcavated ancient city. While Krittathorn and his team do the excavations, they unleash a 1,000-year-old ghost who’s come to exact revenge.

The plot takes place in 2 timelines where Krittathorn remembers his past as a prince of the ancient city.

5. Kleun Cheewit (Waves of Life) 2017

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Revenge, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

In one of their most popular Thai drama series, Mark Prin and Yaya Urassaya bring us a slap-kiss revenge drama filled with angst and chemistry.

Mark plays Sathit, a lawyer whose fiance was killed in a car accident. When he finds out that Jeerawat (Yaya) was responsible, but her father’s money hid the truth, Sathit wants revenge.

Jeerawat a famous model and unbeknownst to her was drugged and as she was trying to escape, she hit Sathit’s fiance without knowing what happened.

As Sathit follows her to see her true colors, he finds that she is actually kind and that his preconceptions of her may be wrong.

6. Rak Nakara (Tales of 2 Cities) 2017

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Drama, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Mark Prin stars as Jao Noi Sukkawaong, a nobleman, in this historical Thai lakorn. However, the real story is between the two half-sisters, Man Muang (Taew Nataphon) and Ming La (Mew Nittha).

Both of the daughters are settled in an arranged marriage to create alliances with other kingdoms. When they meet Jao Noi Sukkawaong, they both fall in love with him at first sight so Man Muang chooses not to reveal her feelings.

Jao Noi Sukkawaong only has eyes for Man Muang, but there is trouble, sacrifice, and tragedy ahead for them both.

7. Ok Keub Hak Ab Ruk Khun Samee (My Husband in Law) 2020

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Business, Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on Lakorn Galaxy, Watch on MyAsianTV

Mark Prin reunites with Mew Nittha as his n’ek in this contemporary contract marriage Thai drama series.

He stars as playboy Thien who slept with a mobster’s wife and got into trouble. In order to save him, Thien’s mother asks Muey, a childhood friend to marry him.

Muey happily agrees as she’s always had a crush on Thien even though he’s never seen her as more than an annoying childhood friend.

As they start their fake marriage, Thien is starting to realize that he does have feelings for Muey. But will it be too late for him?

8. Trab Fah Mee Tawan (My Forever Sunshine) 2020

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Hate to Love, Mystery | Watch on MyAsianTV

Mark plays Arthit, a man who almost lost his life due to Paeng, an orphan girl who moved in with him because her father passed away.

Paeng became obsessed with Arthit and caused a terrible accident which in turn resulted in Arthit hating her.

She is exiled from their home for 6 years, and when she returns, Arthit still hates her. But Paeng is a changed woman. Will Arthit be able to turn his hate into love?

9. Game Lah Torrachon (Game of Outlaws) 2021

Quick facts: 19 episodes | Action, Thriller, Crime, Drama | Watch on MyAsianTV

In this Game of Outlaws, Mark Prin plays a trained and high-level officer, Non. When his new assistant Darin is killed in the line of duty, Non becomes depressed and resigns from his position.

But his commander highly regards Non and wants him to come back to the force. He assigns Janenaree (Taew Nataphon) to train under Non, but her sister Lalisa misunderstands and things Janenaree is out to steal Non for herself.

Through action, thriller, and miscommunication, what will come of these 2 sisters and Non?

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Mark and Kimberley Drama List

10. 3 Noom Nuer Tong (3 Golden Men) 2011

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Comedy | Watch on MyAsianTV

Mark Prin stars in this film with 2 other men, making them the 3 Golden Men. Each one has a different personality: Krit (Mark), is serious and focused on work, Watchara is a police officer who evades his girlfriend, and Theetat is a playboy going from one girl to the next.

Krit falls in love with Aew (Kimberley) at first sight, but she is attached to her boyfriend, who is always cheating on her.

Watchara bickers all the time with Aew’s friend, Fai, and soon they develop feelings for each other.

Playboy Theetat finds his match in Lumpao who is a veterinarian and forces him to be her fake boyfriend to keep the boys away. As they bicker, Theetat’s heart is finally captured.

11. Panyachon Kon Krua (The Kitchen Scholar) 2012

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Comedy | Watch on MyAsianTV, Watch on Lakorn Galaxy

In another role with his co-star and fiance, Kimberley Woltemas, Mark stars as Tam, the nephew of a rich family. He meets Cha-aem (Kimberley) when she comes to work for his aunt as a new maid.

However, Tam is suspicious of her from the beginning, thinking that she has ulterior motives.

Cha-aem does in fact, but not for the reasons Tam thinks. She is wanting to win a prize for school in scriptwriting so she disguises herself to better understand her role as a kitchen maid.

When Cha-aem and Tam continue to be in each other’s world and start developing feelings for each other, what will happen when her secret is revealed?

12. Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Love Started at the Fence) 2013

Quick facts: 11 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

Mark Prin plays Kob, a playful and easygoing guy who is in love with his childhood friend, Bua (Kimberley).

But Bua doesn’t have the same feelings for him as she thinks he’s too childish. Instead, she has set her eyes on Tin, a serious and focused man.

However, Kob and Bua have been married once before to satisfy his grandmother’s plea before she passed. So Bua asks Kob to marry her again so she can receive a promotion at work.

Will Kob and Bua get married again for the third time?

13. Ab Ruk Online (Hidden Love Online) 2015

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Business | Watch on MyAsianTV

Mark Prin stars with both Kimberley and Anne in this Hidden Love film as Pranon. He is a new hire to the company and his boss is a single 30-something, professional Awatsaya (Anne).

Awatsaya crushes on Pranon when he is hired, but as she’s his senior and boss, she can’t really be open about her feelings. So she creates Ab Ruk or “hidden identity” online and starts chatting with Pranon.

Their relationship is going well until Pripao (Kimberley) comes into the picture and pretends to be Ab Ruk, thwarting Awatsaya’s intentions. Little does she know, she also has a secret admirer!

14. Love Songs Love Stories Special: Close To My Heartbeats 2016

Quick facts: 2 episodes | Romance, Dance, Promotion | Watch Part 1, Watch Part 2

In this short film, Mark and Kimberley are cast to promote Close-Up Toothpaste.

Dane (Mark) is looking for a place to rent for his Judo studio when he sees that Yu (Kimberley) has part of her dance studio for rent.

Her dream is to become a dance teacher, but Yu cannot find any students so she rents out her studio to make rent.

15. Kom Faek (Brave Man Standing) 2018

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Action, Historical, Friends to Enemies | Watch on MyAsianTV

Mark Prin plays Gun, who is best friends with San and is dating his sister Anchan (Kimberley). Though both of them learned the art of Kom Faek fighting, Gun chose to move ahead as a police officer.

When he catches San’s father in illegal dealings and arrests him, Gun loses his friendship with San and his relationship with Anchan.

Will there ever be reconciliation from these relationships?

Mark Prin Drama List Movies

16. The Order 2014

Quick facts: 36 minutes | Short Film | Watch on Youtube

In this short film, Mark Prin plays Ake, a photographer who is looking for perfection for his work.

He meets May, a columnist who has a secret to share.

17. Necromancer 2019

Quick facts: 113 minutes | Action, Horror, Fantasy | Watch on KissAsian

Mark Prin stars as Win in this thriller/action movie about black magic. He is the only survivor of a black magic attack, which also took his father’s sacred amulet.

When Win returns to exact his revenge, he finds that there is a new cult using wealth to lure people in, but is hiding it’s evil roots of black magic.

Win will have to destroy the cult and overcome black magic to win.

18. Haunted Tales 2021

Quick facts: 113 minutes | Horror, Supernatural | Watch on Youtube

Mark plays in one part of this 3 part series of Haunted Tales. In Mark’s tale, he is a horror writer who receives an email to go to a remote resort and write a horror story.

While there, he writes his new story on the palm leaves, not knowing that the ancient curse has all the events on the palm leaves coming true.

Mark Prin Drama List [No English Subtitles]

19. Ngao Rak Luang Jai (Love in the Shadow) 2010

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Love Triangle, Drama, Family | Watch No Eng Subs on MyAsianTV

In his debut film, with Nadech Kugimiya, Mark Prin stars as his cousin Techit. Techit comes from a family with money, as does his cousin Nawa. But where Nawa is sweet and kind, Techit is arrogant and cold.

Techit had a rough relationship with his father, which caused him to grow cold to protect himself.

When Techit’s father forces him to go to Ban Tor Fah to build a resort area, he meets Khaohom who has fallen in love with Nawa who is recovering there after a fencing accident.

Techit lies to Nawa, sending him back home. He starts working with Khaohom, but treats her poorly hoping that this will get her to leave Ban Tor Fah.

But Techit realizes he is also developing feelings for Khaohom. When a love triangle forms and Khaohom will have to decide who she will marry, Nawa or Techit?

20. Tawan Deard (Boiling Sun) 2011

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Revenge, Action, Historical | Watch No Eng Subs on Youtube

In this film of childhood friends and revenge, Mark plays Tawan, an orphan whose parents were killed in a plot for money.

Bhupha, Tawan’s father, and Shakta were business partners owning the Fahrung Farm. When Shakta became greedy because of gems that are supposedly on the farm, he hired Charan to murder Bhupha.

But Charan had massacred everyone on the farm, leaving Tawan the sole survivor. His father’s best friend took him in and trained him in combat.

Years later, Tawan is bent on revenge so he returns to Fahrung Farm only to learn that Shakta has fled the area and Charan is now the big guy in town.

Tawan’s childhood friend, Phet Roong, played by Yaya Urassaya, is now running the farm. How will Tawan reconcile his feelings for Phet Roong and get his revenge for his parents?

Mark Prin Newest Drama List

21. Jon Kwa Ja Dai Ruk Gun (Love at First Night) – Coming October 2022

Quick facts: N/A episodes | Romance, Comedy | Still to be released

Mark Prin co-stars once again with Yaya Urassaya in this new romantic comedy Thai drama series as Meung.

Meung falls in love with Apo (Yaya) at first sight. However, things get a little crazy as Meung’s father introduces Apo as his new wife.

22. Tai Ngao Tawan (Eclipse of the Heart) – Coming Soon

Quick facts: N/A episodes | Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Drama | Still to be released

Watch the newest trailer release on Instagram

Mark Prin stars as Korn who is a free spirit. His life is entangled with Pareena’s who is trying to find out the truth behind her father’s death.

The more she digs, the more Pareena realizes that humans can have a dark side to them and no one can be truly perfect.

Note: With his newest Thai dramas coming out, keep updated on Mark Prin by following his page at My Drama List.

Final Thoughts Mark Prin Drama List

Mark Prin has grown in his acting skills and has added many genres to his repertoire. I hope you enjoyed this list of Mark Prin’s Thai lakorns!

Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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