Top 16 Kimberley Anne Woltemas Drama List [with English Subtitles]

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Kimberley Anne Woltemas, also known as Kim or Kimmy, is a popular Thai-German actress, model, and singer. She was born on January 22, 1992, in Berlin, Germany, and is the baby of her family.

Kimberley Anne Woltmeas Drama List

Kimberley rose to fame in 2010 after her debut in the Thai lakorn series 4 Hearts of the Mountain, playing Dr. Nam in Thara Himalaya.

Today, Kimberley continues to rise in popularity as her chemistry on screen is unrivaled when she co-stars alongside Thai actors such as James Jirayu, Nadech Kugimiya, and her fiance Mark Prin.

Read more for Kimberley’s drama list with English subtitles!

Kimberley Anne Woltemas Drama List

1. Thara Himalai 2010

Quick facts: 11 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Action, Political | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley’s debut film Thara Himalaya was a hit and helped propel her towards popularity as a Thai actress. Kimberley stars as 1 of 4 quadruplets, Nam.

When Nam is working as a doctor in the hospital, she receives a terribly injured patient without identification. When she asks who he is after he regains consciousness, he claims to be the crown prince of a small country.

Believing that he has a brain injury and instead thinks he is a homeless man, Nam offers a job to this man at her family’s farm.

As the crown prince starts receiving threats, Nam is slowly beginning to believe that he is indeed the crown prince on the run.

Note: Kimberley also plays support roles in 2 other parts of the 4 Hearts of the Mountain series: Duang Jai Akkanee and Wayupak Mantra.

2. Ruk Pathiharn (Miracle of Love) 2011

Quick facts: 22 episodes | Romance, Drama| Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley plays Nichamon, a woman who was living abroad when she lost both of her parents. Sad and heartbroken, Nichamon returns to Thailand to find her grandparents.

When she finds out her grandfather had passed several years ago, she disguises herself as a housekeeper to try and find her grandmother.

However, Nichamon finds out that there are feuds happening between farms and money is being swindled.

3. Raeng Pradthana (Power of Desire) 2013

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Family, Forced Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley’s role is a hi-so girl, Thae, who is the queen of parties and loves gaining attention. She also acts brashly and is very self-centered.

Thae demands very much from her adopted brother, Pitt (Nadech Kugimiya) because she believes that his status is lower than hers just because he doesn’t have parents.

Pitt on the other hand does obey everything Thae demands of him, but he doesn’t take her bullying ways lightly.

When Thae gets in trouble with the media and is about to ruin her family’s good name, Pitt decides to marry her to save the family reputation and pay back the goodness of his adoptive father even though he already has a girlfriend.

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4. Luerd Mungkorn: Suea (Dragon’s Blood: Suea) 2015

Quick facts: 9 episodes | Romance, Action, Crime, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley plays Wanvisa a playful character who pranked a young mafia leader and gets him angry. When he tries to get back at her, she doesn’t take it easily.

Wanvisa later finds out that this young man is actually Parop, the son of a rich household who has bad luck.

In order to not run into any more bad luck, Parop must marry a woman born on a Monday that had a full moon. It just so happens that Wanvisa is such a woman.

5. Nang Rai Tee Rak (Beloved Villainness) 2015

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Thriller, Action | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley’s role is Pimchanok, a famous actress who plays the “Nang Rai” or villain supporting roles in films.

Pimchanok was actually an adopted orphan and one day has a dream about her sister. In real life, her sister actually died and when Pimchanok goes to the funeral, she meets her sister’s ex.

The ex claims that Pimchanok’s sister was actually murdered. This is when Pimchanok meets Natee, a police officer who is now posing as Pimchanok’s bodyguard as she tries to figure out who killed her sister.

6. Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised (When a Man Loves a Woman) 2016

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Forced Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley plays Anusaniya, a daughter of a wealthy family who owns a huge corporation. When her uncle breaks up with his girlfriend and confesses his love to her, Anusaniya does not want to encourage him.

So she agrees to marry Dr. Sattawat who is being forced to marry Anusaniya because his mother has a gambling addiction and is in large debt to Anusaniya’s family.

Somika, the uncle’s now ex-girlfriend had fallen for Sattawat as well, and when she finds out who he married, she becomes vengeful and does everything she can to break them up.

7. Buang Hong (A Lasso for a Swan) 2017

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Drama, Riches to Rags | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley plays Pimlapas, a high-maintenance, spoiled, and very sought-after model. When she loses her father, her boyfriend, and was swindled out of her wealth all in one go, she has nowhere to turn.

Pimlapas gets a mysterious phone call to steal an important document from Ramet (James Jirayu), a high-end hotelier, Pimlapas seduces him.

When Ramet catches her in the act, he doesn’t turn her over to the police but instead hires her to work in his hotel.

8. Mhorya Tha Chalong (Thong EK: The Herbal Master) 2019

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Historical, Medical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley plays Chaba, a strong-willed woman who doesn’t want to do what stereotypical women do: cook, clean, housework. Instead, Chaba would rather practice sword fighting any day.

When her mother gets sick, Chaba goes on a journey to find Thong In, who is rumored to be one of the best herbal medicine masters. Chaba finds out that Thong In had long ago hung up his practice because a patient died at his hands.

Thong In has a grandson, Thong Ek, who loves practicing medicine and would jump at the chance to help Chaba’s mother. When Chaba finds out about Thong Ek, she asks him to teach her the ways of herbal medicine.

9. Dung Duang Haruetai (As One’s Heart) 2020

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Historical, Political | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley stars as Princess Tatsiga who wants to keep the peace between the 3 kingdoms. King Rangsimum is the wealthiest of the 3 kingdoms and wants to form an alliance with Tanta by marrying Princess Maneesala.

However, when Princess Maneesala heard about this, she was afraid because she has heard how terrible King Rangsimum can be. When she runs away, she is rescued by Prince Tiyuttithorn.

Princess Tatsiga doesn’t want anyone to go to war, so she plans to meet with Prince Tiyuttithorn. She is instead abducted by the ruthless king.

How will the orders of these 3 kingdoms work out for peace?

10. Song Sanaeha (Two Loves) 2021

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Romance, Drama, Twins | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley plays the role of 2 identical twins in appearance, but they both have completely different personalities.

Duen is a person who will take everything for herself, not ever considering another person. Her sister Pit is the opposite and has also cared for Duen since their parents passed away.

Duen is in a scandalous relationship with an older man when Pit meets a many she could very well fall in love with, only to find out that he’s the nephew of Duen’s older boyfriend.

Duen decides that she’s done with him and turns her attention to Warit and tries to break him and Pit up.

Kimberley and Mark Prin Drama List

11. 3 Noom Nuer Tong (3 Golden Men) 2011

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Comedy | Watch on MyAsianTV

Though Kimberley and Mark Prin have starred together before as siblings in the 4 Hearts of the Mountain series, this is the first pairing of Kimberly and Mark.

The Thai lakorn follows “3 Golden Men” who have very different personalities. Krit (Mark) is a workaholic, Watchara is a police officer who avoids his clingy girlfriend, and Theetat is the ultimate playboy until he meets a veterinarian.

Kimberley plays Aew, who is attached to her boyfriend not knowing that he is cheating on her when Krit falls in love with her at first sight.

Aew thinks that Krit is gay because she saw him and Watchara fall on top of each other, so she doesn’t think any more of him.

But as each of these characters’ lives starts to connect when Aew starts working with Krit, what will happen with love?

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12. Panyachon Kon Krua (The Kitchen Scholar) 2012

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Comedy | Watch on MyAsianTV

In another role with her co-star and fiance, Mark Prin, Kimberley poses as a maid, Cha-aim, to gain insight on how to write a script to win a prize trip to New York City.

When she meets the owner’s nephew Tam, he is suspicious of her intentions. Because Cha-aim actually comes from a high society family, she does her best to hide her true identity.

Watch this romantic comedy as Cha-aim tries to evade her parents, make sure that none of her friends see her out and about, and tries to figure out how to be a maid.

Note: Panyachon Kron Krua boosted Kimberley and Mark’s popularity significantly. It was after this Thai drama that they were both noted as koojin, or a fantasy couple on screen.

13. Ton Ruk Rim Rua (Love Started at the Fence) 2013

Quick facts: 11 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley plays Bua, a workaholic who is focused on getting a promotion at work. Her idea of dream guy is someone who is as focused and serious as her–someone like Tin.

However, Bua has been married once before to her playful and easygoing childhood friend, Kob (Mark Prin). Kob has been in love with Bua since the beginning, but Bua has never seen him as husband material.

Now, Bua is asking Kob to get married to her once again because her jealous boss thinks that her cheating husband is hitting on Bua.

When everyone finds out Bua and Kob’s marriage is a fake, will both of them go their separate ways or will Bua realize who she truly loves?

14. Ab Ruk Online (Hidden Love Online) 2015

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Business | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley stars with Anne, the Princess of Lakorns, in this Hidden Love film as Pripao, a beautiful and competitive stockbroker.

Pripao wants to win over everyone, especially after she finds out that Pranon (Mark Prin) is also a new hire vying for the 1 new stock broker position.

As Pripao realizes that Pranon is actually a nice guy and starts to fall for him, she finds out that Awatsaya (Anne), their boss, is crushing on Pranon secretly.

Because Awatsaya doesn’t want anyone to know since Pranon is her junior. she starts a “hidden love” identity online to chat with Pranon, confusing him as to who is actually behind the sweet chats.

15. Love Songs Love Stories Special: Close To My Heartbeats 2016

Quick facts: 2 episodes | Romance, Dance, Promotion | Watch Part 1, Watch Part 2

In this short film, Kimberley and Mark Prin are cast together to promote Close-Up Toothpaste.

Yu (Kimberley) owns a dance studio and it’s her dream to teach young students how to dance. However, she is unable to keep paying for the rent because she can’t find students who want to take her class.

Dane (Mark) is looking for a place to rent for his Judo studio when he sees that Yu has put up a sign to rent out part of her dance studio.

When Yu accepts Dane to be a tenant, he brings all the kids and she’s surprised and angry that she can’t get any students.

Can Dane help Yu to make her dreams come true?

16. Kom Faek (Brave Man Standing) 2018

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Action, Historical, Friends to Enemies | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kimberley plays Anchan, the daughter of a gang leader who is captured by Gun (Mark Prin), her love interest. In truth, Gun and Anchan’s brother, San, were close friends and learned the art of Kom Faek fighting together.

Although both learned how to fight, only Gun went on into law enforcement. When Gun arrests San’s father, everyone’s relationship is broken.

Will there ever be reconciliation from these relationships?

Final Thoughts: Kimberley Anne Woltemas Drama List

Kimberley is one of the most versatile actresses in Thai entertainment. She does well with her co-stars and takes the screen everytime.

Did you find a new Thai lakorn to love? What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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