text: Short travel stories
Short Travel Stories: a collage of 3 photos; from left to right - Pafoua posing in front of a door; Pafoua wearing local costume in Vietnam; Pafoua posing with the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

There is nothing quite like exploring a new place! Whether it’s the first time you’ve ever been to an exotic locale, or you’re just getting back from another vacation to your favorite spot, traveling can be such a great experience.

So many memories are made and stories are created when we travel. Traveling abroad really opens your eyes and heart to different cultures and people; it helps us learn more about who we are as humans living on this planet together.

On the other hand, you may experience some travel mishaps, or as I like to call them (mis)adventures, which is basically a word that means an event or occurrence which is typically unpleasant. These are different types of stories that we can (hopefully) look back at fondly after the anxiety and panic have long subsided.

Here you’ll find various travel stories to read about, relate to, or learn from (hopefully before you encounter a mishap!)



Beautiful Stories

Scary Stories

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