Incredibly Haunted Places in all 50 States

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I just love scary stories! But let’s be honest, I have to watch scary movies in broad daylight with another person, and then play a Disney princess show directly after.

At night, I’ll most likely sleep with the lights on… and be up ’til the “witching” hour, scaring myself even more while listening to random noises around the house.

Do you do that too? I definitely felt that while writing up this haunted places post. And now, I”m sure that places can be haunted–the kind of places where you can’t shake the feeling that something is watching your every move.

Grab your favorite stuffed animal (mine’s a llama) and maybe a drink because this blog post will cover some of the most haunted places in each state and what makes them so spooky!

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Some of the places I found are pretty well known (like the Amityville house or Stanley Hotel), but some I’ve never heard of. I hope you’ll find something new in your state or a state you like to frequent!

Alabama: The Living “Hell” at Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham

One of the most haunted places in Alabama is Sloss Furnaces built by James Withers Sloss in 1881. The factory transformed coal into pig iron, which is most commonly used to make steel.

In the early 1900s, James Wormwood, the graveyard shift foreman, oversaw a small group of 150 men. However, the summer months with the added factory created a “hell” of a workplace with low visibility and unbearable heat.

Alabama: The Living "Hell" at Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham

It is believed that Wormwood fell off the highest beam in the furnace into a vat of melted iron ore and melted his body (literally…melted, who knew that was possible?).

Over the years, there have been multiple reports of paranormal activity from steam whistling to seeing shadowy figures moving throughout some of the buildings along with feelings of anxiety and uneasiness while wandering throughout most of Sloss Furnaces.

You can experience the history of Alabama with a visit to Sloss Furnaces.

  • Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark | Address: 20 32nd Street North Birmingham, AL 35222

Alaska: Haunting Dolls at The Red Onion Saloon, Skagway

The Red Onion Saloon (and bordello) opened in 1898 in the town of Skagway, Alaska. It has two floors, the first is a saloon and the second was a brothel with 10 rooms where ladies would entertain the gold miners.

One creepy aspect of this brothel was the dolls. Yes, that’s right, dolls!

Each lady had a doll carved to look like them.

When a paying customer would come in, they would choose a lady. But if she was laying on her back, it means she is already with someone.

Alaska: Haunting Dolls at The Red Onion Saloon, Skagway

The most notable spirit at the Red Onion is a former prostitute, Lydia, who is known for her footsteps on the second floor.

A strong smell of perfume and extreme cold spots in the saloon are attributed to Lydia. Some also claim to have seen the full figure of Lydia walking around upstairs and usually hanging out in the madame’s old room.

A visit to the Red Onion Saloon is a must-see when visiting Skagway to see the historic museum and possibly see a spirit roaming.

  • Red Onion Saloon | Address: 214 Broadway Skagway, AK 99840

Arizona: Ghostland at Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff

Hotel Monte Vista opened on New Year’s day in 1927. It became very popular in the 1950s due to Western films being made in this area so Hollywood guests would stay at the Monte Vista.

Today, it is said that there are 10-13 ghosts lingering at this hotel. A few of them are old staff members such as the bell boy knocking at room 210 and the elevator attendant who still asks guests for their floor and can be seen in the mirror as guests exit the elevator (creepy!).

Arizona: Ghostland at Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff

Room 310 is also noted to have 2 prostitutes who were murdered and thrown out the window by men. Female guests say they feel someone watching them intently, and male guests experience the terror of hands over mouths and necks to stop their breathing only to end when they wake up.

Sometimes there will be “good mornings” from what is claimed to be a bank robber who was killed at the hotel. There are also terrified cries of babies in the basement and a friendly boy who plays in the hallways and may not know he’s dead.

With so many ghosts lingering about, visitors are bound to see one of them when staying at the Hotel Monte Vista.

  • Hotel Monte Vista | Address: 100 N San Francisco St Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Arkansas: Jars of Body Parts at The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs

The Crescent Hotel opened in 1886 as the grandest hotel in the area but sat empty when the great depression hit. It then became known as the Baker Hospital in 1937, after Norman Baker, who proclaimed he had a cure for cancer.

The building has passed many hands, but was restored and is currently open and operating. The Crescent Hotel is now deemed America’s Most Haunted Hotel.

Arkansas: Jars of Body Parts at The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs

Room 218 is said to be the most haunted room at the Crescent Hotel by a man dubbed “Michael” who fell and died while working on the roof in the 1800s. “Michael” is a trickster and loves playing with the lights, making noises, and could be heard yelling.

Some have also noted seeing a lingering nurse from the hospital days around 11 PM with a gurney move the dead out of the cancer ward. Other ghosts can be seen in the lobby, the dining room, and rooms 202 and 424.

To add creepiness to the Crescent Hotel, in 2019 a landscaper found jars on the property filled with body parts from the old hospital days. After excavating, they found over 500 jars! (Say what?!)

Passing through Arkansas and want a historic (possibly haunting) experience? Book a ghost tour or a night’s stay at the Crescent Hotel.

The Crescent Hotel | Address: 75 Prospect Ave, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

California: The Mysterious Winchester Mansion, San Jose

The Winchester Mansion was built by Sarah Winchester in 1884, heiress to the Winchester Rifle fortune.

When Sarah’s husband and child died, she visited a psychic who told her that her family was killed by malevolent spirits getting revenge on the Winchester family.

California: The Mysterious Winchester Mansion, San Jose

Sarah decided to move to California to start her construction project, which is the Winchester Mansion today. It has over 150 rooms, 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, and 47 staircases that are supposed to confuse the ghosts following her.

The mystery at the mansion lies in how it’s designed. Doors lead to brick walls, stairs go up to ceilings, and windows are known to open up to tunnels, which is supposedly meant to confuse the malevolent spirits following her about.

The mansion is open to tours today and visitors have claimed to hear footsteps and doorknobs turning when visiting.

  • Winchester Mansion National Landmark | Address: 525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

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Colorado: Shining at The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park was opened in 1909 by Freelan Stanley, who was the president of the Stanley Steamer Company.

This grand hotel is most remembered for its most notable guest, author Stephen King, who wrote most of the horror novel The Shining during his stay at the Stanley.

Of course, the ghost most seen here is of Mr. Stanley, but there’s more activity than just apparitions — everything from shadowy figures and eerie noises to things moving around and flickering lights.

The 4th floor is also where a lot of activity occurs with laughter and sounds of children playing.

Colorado: Shining at The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

In 1974, Stephen King and his wife were the only paying customer staying at the Stanely. He had a scary nightmare and woke up with an outline for his book, The Shining.

The most haunted place in the Stanley Hotel is room 217, where most of the incidents occur, including flickering lights and scratching sounds – this is also the most requested room as King and his wife stayed here.

With the success of the book and movie, the Stanley Hotel has become a tourist hot spot. If you would like to experience some spiritual activity, book a room at the Stanley!

The Stanley Hotel | Address: 333 Wonderview Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517

Connecticut: The Floating New London Ledge House, New London

Built in 1909, the New London Ledge lighthouse looks different from what you would imagine it to be.

The lighthouse sits on a concrete pillar in the middle of the water and is a 3 story building.

Connecticut: The Floating New London Ledge House, New London

Many reports have been made about an eerie activity such as doors opening and closing on their own, footsteps, things being moved, and even bedsheets flying off beds. The TV and radio are known to turn on and the foghorn will spontaneously go off.

The history of the New London Ledge lighthouse says that all the occurring are from a previous lightkeeper.

It was said that while he was out at the lighthouse, his wife ran away with a local Captain. The lightkeeper was so upset that he climbed to the roof and jumped to his death.

Today, you can visit the New London Ledge Lighthouse and take a tour.

  • New London Ledge Light House | Address: Maritime Society, 150 Bank St, New London, CT 06320

Delaware: A Fortress at Fort Delaware, Delaware City

Fort Delaware was built in 1859 at Pea Patch Island and was most famously used to imprison Confederate soldiers. The conditions of the prison were so bad that it is said that many of the prisoners died from malnutrition, disease, or suicide on the island.

Delaware: A Fortress at Fort Delaware, Delaware City

At Fort Delaware, there have been reports of sounds and apparitions of ghostly beings.

One of them was noted to be James Archer, a Confederate General, who was locked up in the tunnels beneath the fort. Another is Private Stefano who had a terrible death (a fall and open skull) and shows up when his name is called.

Fort Delaware can only be reached by ferry, but the history and paranormal activity here can be quite the experience! Visit the website and book a tour if you dare.

  • Fort Delaware State Park | Address: 45 Clinton St, Delaware City, DE 19706

Florida: Eerie Laughter at St. Augustine Light Station, St. Augustine

The St. Augustine Lighthouse was a new construction that Hezikiah Pittee oversaw. He and his family moved to Florida to become the new keepers of this lighthouse, completed in 1871.

Florida: Eerie Laughter at St. Augustine Light Station, St. Augustine

To move the supplies from the ships to the construction area, a railroad cart was built for transport. Pittee’s 3 daughters loved playing with the railroad cart by taking it up the hill and riding it down. There was usually a wooden board at the end of the ride to stop the cart from going over the cliff and into the water.

One day as the girls were playing with an unknown African-American girl, the wooden board was not there and they fell into the water below. A worker saw and ran down quickly to help, but unfortunately, only the youngest daughter survived.

As the lighthouse keepers have changed hands over the years, many have claimed the old Pittee house was haunted. Some claim to see a young girl and others claim to hear laughter and children playing.

Today you can book a Dark Moon tour at the St. Augustine lighthouse and see these paranormal activities for yourself. You can even tell ghost stories at the site.

  • St. Augustine Light Station | Address: 100 Red Cox Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32080

Georgia: Hauntingly Beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah

Located in Savannah is Bonaventure Cemetery, one of the most beautiful and photographed cemeteries in America.

It is located on the Wilmington River and has magnolia trees to create a stunning beauty. The land was bought in the 1700s but was declared a public cemetery by the city of Savannah in 1907.

The most notable haunting story at the cemetery is that of little Gracie Watson. She had died in 1886 of pneumonia and her parents buried her in Bonaventure cemetery. Her father had a sculpture created for her and now sits in front of her grave.

Georgia: Hauntingly Beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah

Many visitors over the years have stopped at her sculpture and have left coins and toys for her.

Besides reports of seeing little Gracie’s ghostly being, there have also been claims of babies crying, children playing throughout the cemetery, and growling dogs. Some have even claimed the statues smiled at them as they pass by.

A photograph of the Bonaventure cemetery would be worth the visit and, you never know if you’ll spot one of these ghostly apparitions.

  • Bonaventure Cemetery | Address: 330 Bonaventure Rd, Thunderbolt, GA 31404

Hawaii: Haunts of the Queen at Iolani Palace, Honolulu

The Iolani Palace was the official residence of the Hawaiian monarch from 1845 until 1893. It is a National Historic Landmark and a museum today filled with history and artifacts…as well as paranormal activity.

Hawaii: Haunts of the Queen at Iolani Palace, Honolulu

The most famous ghost at Iolani Palace is Liliuokalani, the last queen of Hawaii who was imprisoned in an upstairs bedroom and told to promote new laws.

Every day the queen’s bedroom is locked up and on a monthly occurrence the alarm would go off in this room. When the guards go up to check, they find no one in the room but the door is cracked open.

If that’s not freaky enough, sometimes a piano would be hard playing even though it’s locked up in a glass case, and there will be terrible smells of tobacco (which the queen liked to smoke), and random torches lighting up dark rooms at night.

Oh, and did I mention that there is a burial mound built right next to the Iolani Palace? If you’re not creeped out, book a tour and check out this palace!

  • Iolani Palace | Address: 364 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96813

Idaho: Terrible Conditions at Old Idaho Penitentiary, Boise

The Old Idaho Penitentiary was built in 1872. It was a one-cell house then grew to hold over 13,000 prisoners over the years. The conditions at the penitentiary were terrible, even inhumane.

Most of the prison was burnt down from a riot in 1973 so the prisoners were moved to a more modern building, then Old Idaho Penitentiary closed down later that year.

Idaho: Terrible Conditions at Old Idaho Penitentiary, Boise

The most notorious prisoner at the old Idaho penitentiary was Raymond Snowden, also known as “Idaho’s Jack the Ripper.”

He was a serial killer in the 1950s who was found to have killed a woman by stabbing her 35 times. He also claimed to kill two other women and was sentenced to death.

It is said that Snowden’s spirit never left the prison. There have been claims of unexplained happenings and feelings of dread and depression in certain areas of the area. House five, where Snowden died, is known to have the most paranormal activity.

Take a visit to the Old Idaho Penitentiary and walk the halls for yourself.

  • Old Idaho Penitentiary | Address: 2445 Old Penitentiary Rd, Boise, ID 83712

Illinois: Bodies Under Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago used to be a cemetery. From 1843-1859, this land acted as a burial ground for the bodies of around 35,000 people. Today, it is believed that there are still 12,000 bodies underneath the zoo.

The zoo was built on these grounds and most animals were placed where bodies were originally buried. Spooky!

Illinois: Bodies Under Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

What’s really scary though is that most people who visit Lincoln Park Zoo claim to see ladies dressed in old Victorian clothing walking around the park.

Some say they see a particular lady walking around the lion’s area and she can be seen in a mirror, but if you look away she will disappear.

For something fun to do in Chicago visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, but beware, you may also see things that are not animals.

  • Lincoln Park Zoo | Address: 2001 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614

Indiana: Open Portal at Demon House, Gary

In November 2011, a woman named Latoya Ammons rented a house located in Gary, Indiana. Unbeknownst to her and her family, they started experiencing extreme paranormal activity from the get-go.

It all started when her daughter was found levitating in the middle of the night. Then her two boys started speaking in low demonic voices to unseen presences.

Even when she brought her sons to the doctors, they were found to have walked up walls and had weird grins.

Indiana: Open Portal at Demon House, Gary
Courtesy of USA Today

Psychics believe the demon house to be a portal to demons and other spiritual beings. Skeptics believe that Latoya made up everything and is delusional. It’s hard to believe that when so many have seen this demonic activity.

Although this intrigues me greatly, I would not want to go near Demon House. However, it is noted as one of the most haunted places in Indiana.

Iowa: Grisly History at Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca

On June 10th, 1912 in Villisca, Iowa, a brutal murder occurred in a white-framed house to Josiah Moore, his family, and 2 overnight guests. This grisly event made the naive town of Villisca lock their doors and sleep with weapons at night.

The murders in Villisca will always be a mystery as the killer was never found.

Visitors are drawn to the Villisca Ax Murder house because of its gruesome history. Many have even stayed the night to see if they can experience any paranormal activity in the house, which is claimed to be haunted.

Iowa: Grisly History at Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca

With the history of the murder house, it’s no wonder that the lingering spirits of the murdered family and those two overnight guests are still tied to the house.

If you are a brave soul and would like to spend a night at the Villisca Ax Murder house book your stay and see if you experience any paranormal activity.

  • Villisca Ax Murder House | Address: 508 E 2nd St, Villisca, IA 50864

Kansas: Ominous Events at Sallie House, Atchison

In the late 1800s, the first resident at Sallie House was a physician for Atchison. One day, a mother brought her daughter Sallie to see the doctor saying that she had severe stomach pain.

The doctor declared appendicitis and wanted to do surgery immediately, but before the anesthesia took effect Sallie turned limp and died on the operating table.

After this event, the house was known to be haunted; however, nothing crazy happened until 1993 when a couple rented the Sallie House and moved in with their baby.

Kansas: Ominous Events at Sallie House, Atchison
Courtesy of Visit Atchinson

Things were known to be moved, the area where the operating table was known to be would become cold, and there were sightings of a little girl named Sallie.

The husband started experiencing demonic oppression and finding scratches all over his body. Nothing violent happened to his wife or daughter though.

Today tours are offered at the Sallie House and even overnight stays. The goings-on inside the house is still a mystery, so book a stay (or a tour) if you’d like to see what happens after dark.

  • Sallie House | Address: 508 N 2nd St, Atchison, KS 66002

Kentucky: TB at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium opened in 1910 and is most known for housing patients who had tuberculosis (TB), a very prominent disease then. The hospital was in operation between the ’30s and ’60s but closed down when the antidote for TB was discovered.

Kentucky: TB at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville

It is said that a nurse who used to work in the sanatorium can usually be seen roaming on the 5th floor. There is also a little boy named Timmy who likes to play. So if you are visiting the hospital and roll a ball, just wait — it’ll come back to you. (Eeks!)

Waverly Hills is open to group stays over the weekend, if you are brave enough to spend the night in one of America’s most haunted places. You can also book a tour to experience this hauntingly sad (as in emotional) place.

  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium | Address: 4400 Paralee Dr, Louisville KY 40272

Louisiana: Cruelty within LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans

Delphine LaLaurie owned a mansion in New Orleans in the mid-1800s. She lived there with her third husband who died under suspicious circumstances.

However, it was a fire, which broke out in 1834, that pointed to the cruelty of the Madame.

Louisiana: Cruelty within LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans

Madame Delphine treated her slaves terribly. On the second floor of the mansion, slaves were found malnourished, dismembered, and violently abused. Even as the house has changed hands over the years, there have been claims of paranormal activity.

There are reports of the typical footsteps and doors opening and closing. To add to the creepiness, the bathroom faucet runs by itself when no one is in the room, the TV turns on by itself, and weirdly enough a previous housekeeper claims that she would receive random phone calls from the landline.

If you’re visiting New Orleans make sure to book yourself a ghost tour so you can hear and experience the Lalaurie mansion for yourself.

  • LaLaurie Manion | Address: 1140 Royal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70116

Maine: Haunting Gardens in Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor

Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor was created in 1834 and is known as the second oldest “garden cemetery” in America.

Many of America’s deceased leaders have been buried here, but it is well known as the place where the famous author Stephen King goes to come up with his stories.

Maine: haunting gardens in Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor

Mount Hope seems to have active paranormal activity, but the eerieness comes right before the closing hour of the cemetery where you might feel cold spots and hear the footsteps of no one behind you.

Some believe that the cemetery is one of the most haunted places in Maine. The cemetery is also filmed a few times in the Hollywood adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Pet Sematary.

So there it is if you plan to visit this beautiful cemetery, take a stroll during the day and avoid an evening walk.

  • Mount Hope Cemetery | Address: 1048 State St, Bangor, ME 04401

Maryland: The Rolling Red Ball in Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore

Built in 1928, the Lord Baltimore hotel has 428 rooms and is well known to be a haunted hotel in Maryland. Lord Baltimore Hotel is haunted by three very familiar ghosts: Molly and her parents.

During the great depression, Lord Baltimore was the highest hotel in the city. After a big party, her parents jumped off the building along with Molly in their finest clothing.

Today there have been reports of her parents dancing in the ballroom and Molly playing with a red ball, always a red ball.

Maryland: The rolling red ball in Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore

Guests have reported seeing little Molly playing in the hallway, not knowing that she is a ghost, and asking the hotel staff to find the little girl’s parents (that would freak me out!).

Other strange events occur such as TV remotes going missing, TVs turning on and off by themselves, and one particular elevator (#2) going only from the 19th floor to the lobby with no one in the elevator when the doors open.

Aside from these extra oddities, the Lord Baltimore Hotel is known as a great stay in Maryland.

  • Lord Baltimore Hotel | Address: 20 W Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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Massachusetts: Horrendous Murders at Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Fall Rivers

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall Rivers, Massachusetts is named after Lizzie Borden who allegedly killed her father and stepmother with multiple whacks of an ax in the mid-1800s.

Lizzie and her sister Emma lived with their father Andrew and stepmother Abby. On August 4, 1892, Abby was found facedown with 19 wounds in her back and is said to have died immediately after the first blow.

Andrew was also found laying down on a couch, not knowing what had ever hit him.

Massachusetts: horrendous murders at Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Fall Rivers

Lizzie was accused of the murders; however, not enough evidence was ever found to declare her as the murderer. In the public eye, she was a murderer and was shunned by society.

Today the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast is open for guests. You can stay in Lizzie’s bedroom or Abby’s bedroom (where she was murdered) and even order the meal that Abby and Andrew were said to be eating before they were killed.

If you’re not up for a stay, however, you can book a tour to see this old Victorian house.

  • Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast | Address: 230 2nd St, Fall River, MA 02721

Michigan: The Decadent Masonic Temple, Detroit

The Masonic Temple was constructed and completed in 1926 by George D. Mason. It has over 1,000 rooms and secret passageways. The inside of this temple is very decadent with painted ceilings and beautiful architecture.

Michigan: The Decadent Masonic Temple, Detroit

The story goes like this: George Mason built this beautiful temple and went bankrupt. When his wife heard of this, she left him and, due to his extreme depression, he went to the top of the building and jumped off.

There have been many reports of paranormal activity at the temple. Security guards have seen George’s ghost walking up those stairs, visitors claim to hear windows and doors closing, and even experience cold spots. Some feel something, or someone, watching them.

The Masonic Temple is open and running today for more than just tours. You can book a wedding, group events, conferences, and more at the temple.

  • Masonic Temple | Address: 500 Temple Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

Minnesota: Pimping Out Before Palmer House, Sauk Centre

The Palmer House was built in 1901 and was known to be one of the houses with electricity and indoor plumbing just outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. Before that, it was known to be a brothel where most claims of paranormal activity come from.

Minnesota: Pimping out before Palmer House, Sauk Centre

Room 17 has two high-backed chairs, which guests are only allowed to sit in one because the unregistered guest, Lucy, does not like sitting on the mattress. She was one of the prostitutes in the brothel and was treated poorly by men.

Room 22 is also known to host the spiteful spirit of Raymond who was reportedly known as Lucy’s pimp. In this room, guests have reported hearing footsteps in the room upstairs, but there is no room upstairs.

Today the Palmer House is a running hotel and visitors do book stays when visiting Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

  • Palmer House | Address: 500 Sinclair Lewis Ave, Sauk Centre, MN 56378

Mississippi: Mummified Bodies Found at King’s Tavern, Natchez

As one of the oldest buildings in Natchez, King’s Tavern was built in the late 1700s, and with its long history, is reported to have paranormal activity. It was first a tavern and inn, then it became the city’s first post office.

Mississippi: Mummified bodies found at King's Tavern, Natchez

In the 1930s, three bodies were found behind the wall above the fireplace; there were two men and a woman. The men were never identified, but the woman was believed to be Madeline, who was supposedly the previous owner, Richard King’s, mistress.

The story goes… When King’s wife found out, she murdered the girl and put her body behind the wall.

Madeline, of course, is known to be one of the ghostly apparitions at King’s Tavern. She is said to appear in mirrors, open stuck doors, and likes to play tricks with guests. There have also been other reports of babies crying or feeling touched or nudged by some unseen force.

Today you can go enjoy a wood-fire meal and strong cocktail at King’s Tavern. If you’re lucky, you may see Madeline show up in the mirror.

  • King’s Tavern | Address: 613 Jefferson St, Natchez, MS 39120

Missouri: Fierey Demises at Elms Hotel, Excelsior Springs

The area of Excelsior Springs was discovered when Native Americans told a man with an ailing daughter that the springs had healing powers. With no other option, he gave it a try and she was healed. This caused many people to flock to the springs.

Missouri: Fierey demises at Elms Hotel, Excelsior Springs

In 1888, the old Elms Hotel was opened to guests who wanted to come and enjoy the springs and lush gardens of the area.

Unfortunately, a fire started and burned down the building, but there were plans for reconstruction that happened in 1909. Just two years later, another fire burn down the building.

With its final and fireproof construction, opened again in 1912 and invited many guests to come and stay. As with buildings and long histories, there are known to be hauntings Elms Hotel.

The lap pool in the basement is to be haunted by the old speakeasy days when gangsters used to sit and drink liquor.

There are also claims of a lady walking around trying to find her child and is known to throw objects at people. Another spirit is said to be a benevolent housemaid who now watches over the cleaning staff.

The Elms Hotel is open for stay as well as a spa. It has been open for over 125 years, so there is definitely history within its walls.

  • Elms Hotel | Address: 401 Regent St, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Montana: Nuns at Bonanza Inn, Virginia City

Virginia City was a gold rush town in Montana in the late 1800s and was known for its violent history of hanging criminals. Bonanza Inn used to be a hospital, and today there are multiple reports of paranormal activity in some of the rooms.

Montana: Nuns at Bonanza Inn, Virginia City
Courtesy of Airbnb

People have claimed to see a black shadowy figure walk the streets. This made sense since it was nuns used to take care of the sick in the former hospital. This particular black figure was known to be sister Irene.

Most of the activity seems to be coming from room 1 where there have been reports of a man standing beside the bed in a wide-brimmed hat. Another report comes from room 7 where a guest claimed to have smelled a terrible odor and hear water running in the sink.

If you would like to check out Bonanza Inn, room 1 is listed on Airbnb so you can definitely spend the night here.

  • Daly Mansion | Address: 251 Eastside Hwy, Hamilton, Mt 59840

Nebraska: Eerie Screams on Seven Sisters Road, Otoe County

Seven Sisters Road, labeled Road L on maps, is right outside Nebraska City and is known to have a grisly history. Because of its history, the story has turned into an urban legend of sorts, but the general consensus is still the same.

Nebraska: Eerie screams on Seven Sisters Road, Otoe County
Courtesy of Nebraska New-Press

After a terrible fight, a brother brought his seven sisters to the 7 hills and murdered them by hanging. Although all the trees have been cut down, drivers can still hear women screaming while on the road.

Other events such as headlights going out or car stalling in the middle of the road have also been known to happen.

Many people have reported different stories over the years. One of them is of a man who heard about the 7 hills and wanted to drive out to check it out. When he turned on his radio, he heard the song “This is the End” and turned around because he was freaked out.

Others have claimed to hear bells ringing in a nearby cemetery and some have even seen a creature with red eyes stalking the grounds.

If you don’t have to drive through here, I would say find a detour.

Nevada: Lady in Red at the Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah

Tonopah started off as a small mining town in Nevada and has now grown to just over 2,000 residents. The Mizpah Hotel was a luxury hotel in the middle of the desert and was the tallest building of its time with 5 floors.

Nevada: Lady in Red at the Mizpah hotel, Tonopah

The hotel is known to be haunted by the Lady in Red who was a prostitute on the fifth floor. She was allegedly stabbed and killed by an ex-jealous lover between rooms 502 and 504.

It’s said that she sometimes shows up in the elevator and will press button 5 for guests. If there is a man who is alone, they may hear her whisper “hey you” in their ear. Some say they have found a pearl left on their pillow from the Lady in Red.

Though creepy, the Lady in Red is not the only spirit haunting the Mizpah Hotel. There are also a pair of children who like to play on level four. They can be heard giggling and doors can be heard opening and closing.

If you’d like to read an experience of a stay in the Mizpah Hotel, head on over to Kristen’s website at Be My Travel Muse.

  • Mizpah Hotel | Address: 100 N Main St, Tonopah, NV 89049

New Hampshire: The Princess of Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods

The Mount Washington Hotel was built and opened in 1902 by Joseph Stickney and his wife Carolyn. Unfortunately, Joseph didn’t enjoy his hotel as he died a year later.

His wife Carolyn married a French Prince quickly after her first husband’s passing. She did visit Mount Washington Hotel every summer and stayed in room 314.

New Hampshire: The Princess of Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods

After Princess Carolyn’s death in 1936, the hotel staff started noticing a graceful spirit walking the halls dressed in a white dress.

Room 314, where the princess stayed, is known to be the most haunted room in Mount Washington Hotel. Even more, her original bed is still in the bedroom for guests to sleep on.

Some stories of her hauntings have stated that they would see princess Carolyn at the foot of the bed, combing her hair as well as feeling pins and needles in their feet while sleeping in the bed. Sometimes Carolyn would also be seen in the background of pictures.

Don’t be afraid to stay at the Mount Washington hotel for its beauty even though there may be a ghost, who does not seem to be harmful.

  • Mount Washington Hotel | Address: 310 Mount Washington Hotel Rd, Bretton Woods, NH 03575

New Jersey: The Jersey Devil of Pine Barrens

Pine Barrens is a wooded area that covers 1.1 million acres and spans over seven counties in New Jersey. The history at Pine Barrens goes all the way back to 1200 AD, so there is so much history in these woods.

New Jersey: The Jersey Devil of Pine Barrens

Many legends and myths have come from Pine Barrens, with the most famous one being that of the Jersey Devil. The Jersey Devil is a terrifying monster who roams the woods and is most active during the month of January.

Few people have laid eyes on this creature, but those who have described it as a grotesque winged creature with a horse-like head and hooves for feet.

It is said that the Jersey Devil is actually the spawn of Satan, born by Deborah Leeds as her 13th child. Those who have not actually seen the Jersey Devil claim to hear its terrifying and noticeable scream.

Since Pine Barrens is a park, you can head there to go kayaking, canoeing, or just picnicking in the park itself.

New Mexico: Closed Down Luna Mansion, Los Luna

Domingo De Luna was granted land by the king of Spain in the late 1600s in the new land. A few years later another man, Don Pedro Otero also arrived in the same area in what we know today as Los Lunas, New Mexico.

The current mansion was a gift given by the Santa Fe Railroad company which wanted to put a railroad track right through the original house in the late 1800s.

Over the years, the mansion has been passed down by many hands. However, it was Josefita Otero who made many renovations in the early 1920s.

New Mexico: Closed down Luna Mansion, Los Luna
Courtesy of Flickr

When the Luna mansion became a fine dining establishment in 1970, Josefita made her appearance as a ghostly apparition. It is believed that she watches over renovations to make sure her home continues to be taken care of.

She was said to have been very real in appearance and can be seen going up and down the banister or sitting in her rocking chair. Another ghost was a servant man named Cruz who loved playing tricks with the employees and hanging out with children.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, the Luna Mansion has closed its doors for good.

  • Luna Mansion | Address: 110 Main St SW, Los Lunas, NM 87031

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New York: Horrors in Amityville House, Amityville

On November 13, 1974, at 3:15 AM, Robert Defeo murdered his family in their Amityville home. Robert killed his parents and his four siblings, then claimed that he heard demonic voices urging him to kill.

New York: Horrors in Amityville House, Amityville

The hauntings at Amityville house did not come to light until the end of 1975 when the Lutz family moved in. T

hey claimed to see green ooze coming out of doorknobs and windows, Kathy (the mom) was said to have been levitating in her bed, and George (the stepfather) claims to be woken up every morning at 3:15 AM. They moved out 28 days later.

Today, many have questioned Robert DeFeo’s claims of hearing voices and the Lutz’s claims of spiritual oppression. However, Hollywood has made adaptations of the story and now the Amityville house is very popular.

The most notable is The Conjuring, which depicts the demonic possession of a family living in similar circumstances.

  • Amityville House | Address: 112 (108) Ocean Avenue, Amityville, Long Island, NY 11701

North Carolina: The Ghostly Vanderbilts at Biltmore Estate, Asheville

The Biltmore Estate is on 8,000 acres of land. It was built as a summer getaway for George Vanderbilt in 1895. However, Mr. Vanderbilt passed away due to medical complications before the house was completed. His wife Edith honored his request that the land not be touched.

The estate was kept as a private residence until the great depression hit. Their daughter Cornelia opened up the house to the public as a means to keep the house afloat.

The Biltmore Estate became a historical landmark in 1963, and today millions of visitors come to the Biltmore.

North Carolina: The ghostly Vanderbilts at Biltmore Estate, Asheville

There are reports of ghost sightings at the Biltmore Estate. The first one is of Georgia Vanderbilt who is usually seen in his library, which was his favorite room. Others are of his wife Edith who wanders the halls and calls out George’s name searching for him.

Visitors have also said they felt uneasy walking through the house as if they are being watched, hearing footsteps, and all other ghostly eerieness. Let’s stay itself is beautiful and definitely worth a visit if you’re visiting North Carolina.

  • Biltmore Estate | Address: 1 Lodge St, Asheville, NC 28803

North Dakota: Glitches in Harvey Public Library, Harvey

In 1931, Sophie Eberlein-Bentz was bludgeoned to death by her husband in their room. Her husband tried to claim that Sophie died from a car accident, but their daughter reported differently to the police.

A new public library was built over the land that the house sat on in 1990, and its grand opening date was on the anniversary of Sophie’s funeral.

North Dakota: Glitches in Harvey Public Library, Harvey
Courtesy of Harvey Public Library

Library staff has reported missing items, flickering lights, and computer glitches. The office is said to have the most activity as this is the exact spot where Sophie was murdered.

I love libraries but I’m not sure I would want to visit this library and encounter a ghost. However, you can take a visit if you are ever in Harvey, North Dakota.

  • Harvey Public Library | Address: 119 10th St E, Harvey, ND 58341

Ohio: Past Violence at Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield

The Ohio State Reformatory opened up in 1890 as a prison for first-time offenders to serve their time as they were too violent to be included in society. At the turn of the century, the reformatory was forced to accept more violent inmates and soon the prison was overcrowded.

Prisoners would go missing and guards would find them murdered underneath the bunk beds and the crowded spaces allowed diseases to pass quickly through the inmates. Due to this, the reformatory was closed down in 1972.

Ohio: Past Violence at Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield

Because of his violent past, visitors have reported feeling punched and pushed, have seen dark apparitions, and have even heard cell doors closing.

One of the most haunted areas is called “The Hole,” where the worst prisoners go to be tortured by officers. At one point, 100 prisoners were sent to this area meant for 20 people. Visitors claim to feel a presence watching them and deep uneasiness.

The reformatory is open for tours however it’s only open on Thursday through Sunday from 11 AM to 4 PM.

  • Ohio State Reformatory | Address: 100 Reformatory Rd, Mansfield, OH 44905

Oklahoma: Screams at Dead Women’s Crossing, Weatherford

Dead Women’s Crossing was named after a young woman who disappeared and was found under tragic circumstances.

The dead woman was Katie DeWitt James. The story goes that Katie filed for divorce from her abusive husband on July 6, 1905, and got on a train with her 14-month-old daughter LuluBelle to visit family. When her father hadn’t heard from her after a few weeks, he asked the police for help.

Oklahoma: screams at Dead Women's Crossing, Weatherford
Courtesy of Newsbreak

Katie’s dead body was found at Deer Creek with her head decapitated and her baby missing. It was later found that Katie had befriended a woman named Fanny Norton on the train who was supposedly a prostitute and who had allegedly killed Katie.

The details of the story vary from the baby having died with her mom, to Fanny returning the baby back to her father. Whatever the case, there are reports of paranormal activity at the Dead Woman’s Crossing.

Some say that they can hear a woman walking on the bridge calling out for her baby. Others claimed to hear the cries of a baby.

And it is said that if you stand under the bridge you may even hear the clacking of the wagon wheels up above.

Oregon: The Haunting Beauty of Pittock Mansion, Portland

The Pittock Mansion was constructed and owned by Henry and Georgiana Pittock. Pillars of the Portland community, Henry and Georgiana wanted to build a summer home in Portland.

Oregon: The haunting beauty of Pittock Mansion, Portland

Sadly Henry and Georgianna passed away after only five years of living at the Pittock mansion. The beautiful and spacious mansion stayed in the Pittock family until the 1950s when they sold it to Portland city.

Since its opening in 1965, visitors have reported hauntings and sightings of paranormal activity. Many of these reports come from the upstairs level where they claim to smell the heavy scent of rose perfume, which is believed to be Georgiana, as well as windows opening and closing and footsteps all around.

It is believed that Henry and Georgiana are the ghosts hunting the Pittock mansion to keep an eye on their beloved house. The Pittock is open today for a visit if you would like to see all 23 rooms of this massive mansion.

  • Pittock Mansion | Address: 3229 NW Pittock Dr, Portland, OR 97210

Pennsylvania: Straight Jackets and More at Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

The Eastern State Penitentiary was opened in 1821 when the early Quakers in Philadelphia felt uncomfortable when criminals were hung from the gallows or whipped.

The Quakers wanted to create a place where criminals can truly regret their actions. At the Eastern State penitentiary, prisoners had their own cells and were made to wear a mask that didn’t show their face or have any unnecessary touch.

The prisoners did have their own toilets and were fed three meals a day.

Pennsylvania: Straight jackets and more at Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Punishment for real breaking at the penitentiary was severe: the ball gag for when prisoners spoke out of turn, a water bath where prisoner’s heads were dunked and then hung on a wall in the wintertime to freeze, and the mad chair where prisoners were strapped so tightly they weren’t able to move a muscle.

The penitentiary closed down when the ethics of the place were brought into question. With all this cruelty it’s no wonder visitors may feel these tortured souls when visiting the Penitentiary.

One of the most notable reports of the paranormal activity happened in the 1990s when a former groundskeeper went to open cell block 4 and was unable to move. He saw tortured ghostly faces and felt terrible negative forces.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary | Address: 2027 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Rhode Island: Heartbreak at Breakers Mansion, Newport

Breakers Mansion was owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt II in 1885, the president of the New York Central Railroad System. He had originally built a house for his family in Rhode Island when it burned down. After that, he had a new home built made of limestone so that it cannot be burned down again.

The Vanderbilts experienced much heartache 3 of their children died due to various circumstances and another was disinherited.

Alice, Cornelius’s wife, outlived him and the house was then given to their youngest daughter Gladys who restored the mansion and opened it to the public in 1948.

Rhode Island: Heartbreak at Breakers Mansion, Newport

The ghost at Breakers Mansion is none other than Alice Vanderbilt. She is known to be a benevolent spirit taking care of the house and watching over the people in it. She can be found in her favorite spot in the house and loves being close to her family members.

You can take a tour of the breakers mansion if you are in Rhode Island visiting.

  • Breakers Mansion | Address: 44 Ochre Point Avenue, Newport, RI 02840

South Carolina: High Society at Dock Street Theater, Charleston

The original Dock Street Theatre was constructed in 1736 when it burned down. Years later it open back up as Planter’s Hotel by Mr. and Mrs. Calder. Planter’s Hotel was known to host theater groups and was a luxurious stay in Charleston.

After the Civil War, Planter’s Hotel faced the economy and fell. And later fell into more disrepair after the 1886 earthquake in Charleston.

In the 1930s, a work agency wanted to repair this building to help with unemployment in the area after the Great Depression and reopened it as a theater in 1937.

South Carolina: High society at Dock Street Theater, Charleston

The most notable ghost at Dock Street Theatre is Nettie, who was a 25-year-old woman. She moved to Charleston in search of a husband and city life. However, Nettie soon learned that high society in Charleston would never accept her.

She found work as a prostitute in her beautiful red dress at the Planter’s Hotel. Nettie did go to church and there she was the brunt of gossip and became very upset.

Nettie sat on her second-floor balcony of Planters hotel while a storm was brewing. Lightning struck the balcony, hit Nettie, and she died.

Many actors at Dock Street Theatre have claimed to see a woman walking in a beautiful red dress, but have said that she is not beautiful when they see her face. Nettie is still walking the halls so if you visit you may just see her.

  • Dock Street Theater | Address: 135 Church St, Charleston, SC 29401

South Dakota: Ghost Host with the Most at Bullock Hotel, Deadwoods

The Bullock Hotel was originally a hardware store owned by Seth Bullock and Sol Star who moved down from Montana in 1876.

On their first night in town, Bullock started auctioning off frying pans, Dutch ovens, and gold mining tools. The Bullock hardware store soon became very successful.

South Dakota: Ghost host with the most at Bullock Hotel, Deadwoods
Courtesy of Deadwood

After its second fire in 1894, Seth made a change and started building a hotel over the burned hardware store. After its completion, the Bullock hotel boasted fine dining and offered delicacies such as pheasant and lobster. The upstairs had 63 rooms and were filled with oak dressers and brass beds.

Unfortunately, Seth Bullock died in 1919 due to cancer. Today many staff and visitors have claimed to see the ghostly appearance of Seth Bullock.

Staff members have claimed to be tapped on the shoulder, lights have turned on and off, electronics have also turned on without being plugged in, and so much more.

It seems Seth is still hosting his beloved hotel and becomes very upset when staff members are not doing their job. Though there are modern amenities at the hotel, it still has the appearance and grandeur of its original times.

  • Bullock Hotel | Address: 633 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Tennessee: Reserved Seating at Orpheum Theater, Memphis

The Orpheum Theater re-opened in 1928 after its original building, the Grand Opera House, burned down. Today, the theater seats over 2,800 guests and is very ornate with gold leafing and high ceilings.

You can read all about its history here.

Tennessee: Reserved Seating at Orpheum Theater, Memphis

One of the resident ghosts at the Orpheum Theater is that of a little girl named Mary.

It is said that 12-year-old Mary was killed in front of the Orpheum Theatre in 1921 and now haunts it. She does have a favorite seat, C5, so the theater has never sold the seat to anyone. You can see her in her piggy tales and 20s-style dress.

Today, you can reserve a ticket for the Orpheum Theatre to go see your favorite play.

  • Orpheum Theater | Address: 203 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103

Texas: Jilted Brides at The Driskill Hotel, Austin

The Driskill Hotel was completed in 1886 by Colonel Jesse Driskill and is known as the oldest operating hotel in Austin. The hotel is lined with marble floors and beautiful columns. There have been sightings of senators and Hollywood stars who have stayed at The Driskill.

There are three popular ghost stories at The Driskill today.

The first one is believed to be the senator’s daughter. The story goes that she was playing with a ball when it flew out of her grasp, she tried to reach for it, and she fell down the stairs, breaking her neck. Today the little girl can be seen around the Driskill still playing with her bouncy ball.

Texas: Jilted Brides at The Driskill Hotel, Austin

The second story involves two brides who died in the same room years apart. It is said that both brides were jilted at the altar and stayed in room 525 at The Driskill hotel.

One of the brides was found lifeless in the bathtub and the other was said to have shot herself due to her broken heart. Today both of them can be seen walking straight into room 525 without ever opening the door.

The last story is of Colonel Jesse Driskill himself. Although the hotel has a no smoking policy, there have been reports of strong cigar smells in the lobby where Mr. Driscoll loved to greet his guests and smoke.

  • The Driskill | Address: 604 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701

Utah: The Purple Lady at Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Depot, Salt Lake City

The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Depot in Salt Lake City was built in 1910 by George Gold. It was known as the epicenter of transportation during its time, especially for men who are leaving for war.

Today the depot is no longer a transportation hub, but it’s still open today and is the home of The Utah State Historical Society.

Utah: Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Depot, Salt Lake City

While the trains have stopped running, it seems as if some souls are left behind. One of the most popular ghosts here is the Purple Lady.

She and her fiancé got into a fight and one of them threw the engagement ring onto the tracks. The lady went to the tracks to pick up her ring and was immediately killed by an oncoming train.

Today the lady can be found in the women’s restrooms, looking really sad, and wearing a purple hat and dress.

  • Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Depot | Address: 300 South Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Vermont: Despair at Emily’s Bridge, Stowe

Emily’s Bridge was built in 1844 and was just over 50 feet long. The story goes that Emily was supposed to meet her lover at the bridge to elope, and when he didn’t show up she was filled with despair and hung herself over the bridge.

Vermont: Despair at Emily's Bridge, Stowe

Scary stories started popping up around this bridge about seeing Emily walking around being spiteful leaving marks on cars.

It seems as if paranormal activity here has been debunked but some still believe that it is haunted.

Even if you don’t go for the ghost, the bridge is a beautiful, picturesque, photo op.

  • Emily’s Bridge | Address: Covered Bridge Rd, Stowe, VT 05672

Virginia: A Long History with Bacon’s Castle, Surry

Bacon’s castle, located in Surry, Virginia, is known as the oldest brick house built in the 1600s. Due to its long history, there are of course ghost stories.

The house was originally built by Arthur Allen and then renamed Bacon’s castle after Nathaniel Bacon’s men looted it during Bacon’s rebellion (competition from the tobacco market).

It is believed that many of the sightings here are the tortured spirit of slaves who used to live at Bacon Castle. During the colonial years, there were over 300 slaves at the castle. Many think that it’s these slaves who are the cause of gunshot sounds, fireballs, and voices coming from the castle.

Virginia: A long history with Bacon's Castle, Surry

Another story is of a young woman who fell in love with a man and was on her way to meet him when her candle burned her dress and she was burned to death. Today it is said that her love letter is etched on the upper window.

Many paranormal researchers believe that Bacon’s Castle has had a lot more activity than other areas. You can also join in on the search, or just take a tour of this historical home.

  • Bacon’s Castle | Address: 465 Bacons Castle Trl., Surry, VA 23883

Washington: Lush Gardens at Thornewood Castle, Lakewood

Chester Thorne, who founded the national bank of Tacoma, was one of the wealthiest men in Washington. He wanted to build his family at home and that’s how Thornwood castle was constructed and finished in 1911. Although Chester died in 1927, his family continued to live there until they sold it in 1959.

The new owners turned down with castle into a bed and breakfast in 1995 and then the current owners Wayne and Deanna Robinson own the castle today.

Washington: Lush gardens at Thornewood Castle, Lakewood

Thornwood castle was haunted way before the Robinsons moved in, but it was because of Deanna that we have ghost sightings and hauntings today.

The most common story is the ghost party that happens in the main hall. Deanna was reading a book when all of a sudden, she heard glasses clinking, and people dancing. It sounded as if 100 people were in the room with her.

Chester Thorne is also seen around the castle. He is usually seen around his room where he would walk in and through the bathroom door.

Other ghosts include Chester’s wife, Anna, and 2 of their 3 children as well. The ghosts of Thornwood Castle do not like bright white lights, so it is known that the lightbulbs would be unscrewed from time to time.

This beautiful castle is open for guests for an overnight stay as well as booking a wedding or an event at this private residence. A visit to Thornewood castle is worth a visit to see the lush gardens and the magnificent Tudor architecture.

  • Thornewood Castle | Address: 8601 N Thorne Ln SW, Lakewood, WA 98498

West Virginia: Terrible Conditions at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was influenced by Dr. Thomas Kirkbride to help cure mental illness through freedom, space, and sunshine.

The building construction was finished in 1864 and was meant to hold 250 patients. Years later the numbers continue to climb starting from 700 to over 2,000 people in the 1950s.

When it was first built the Asylum followed Dr. Kirkbride’s directions, but the reality soon turned into a nightmare for the patients.

Due to its capacity limits, patient rooms were overcrowded and there was not enough food to feed everybody. There were also murders during this time; patients would murder one another and the staff was in danger as well.

West Virginia: Terrible conditions at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston

Due to this terrible history, there are of course paranormal activities. There are reports of shadowy figures, terrified yells and screams, and even a spirit following someone home. Some visitors also hear whispers of “get out,” which may be attributed to the violent history.

One of the ghosts here is that of a little girl named Lily.

Lily was dropped off by her parents and sadly died within the walls. Today there have been reports of Lily in her room, with a lot of toys, waiting for someone to play with her.

You can visit the asylum today for a tour and see the museum while you’re there.

  • Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum | Address: 71 Asylum Drive, Weston, WV 26452

Wisconsin: Generations at Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast, Milwaukee

Brumder Mansion was named after George Brumder. He was a German man who moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1857. He wanted to build a house for his son and therefore built the Brumder mansion in 1910.

The house is three stories, 8,000 square feet, and even has its own ballroom.

Unfortunately, George from there died before he could see the completion of the mansion for his son.

The mansion stayed in the family until 1927 when George Brumder Jr.’s wife passed away. Today the Brumder Mansion is a bed and breakfast with a theater to host plays for its guests.

Wisconsin: Generations at Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast, Milwaukee

One of the haunted rooms at the Brumder Mansion is the Gold Suite. Mrs. Hirischi, the owner, said that she saw a mirror taken off the hook and thrown into the bathtub–it shattered. She also saw droplets of blood, but there was no body found. There is believed to be a stern female entity in the Gold Suite.

Another haunted room George’s Suite, named after George Junior. There have been reports of breezes when windows have been closed, objects moving in reappearing, and footsteps when no one is around. It is believed that George is haunting his own room.

The third floor is also said to be haunted, possibly by a child, but it is unknown. Some reports have been made of a playful presence jumping on the bed.

You can book a stay at the Brumder Mansion and enjoy the historic place…and maybe encounter a ghost!

  • Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast | Address: 3046 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53208

Wyoming: More Violence at Wyoming Frontier Prison

The Wyoming Frontier Prison started construction in 1888 but didn’t actually open its doors until 1901 due to funding issues. The prison was meant for the most violent offenders with hopes to reform them.

Although the prison was open, there was no heating or electricity at this prison. There wasn’t even hot water available until 1978!

Due to overcrowding, the conditions were not great for the inmates. Over its history, prisoners were known to escape, weapons were smuggled in, and a dungeon was finally built to house the most violent prisoners.

Wyoming: More Violence at Wyoming Frontier Prison

Because of the conditions of the Frontier Prison, as well as the violent nature of the prisoners, there was a lot of negative energy in this area.

Prisoner cell blocks are said to be haunted with voices and unseen presences. The Dungeon, or black hole, it’s also said to house a very violent spirit who wants to keep everyone out.

Wyoming Frontier Prison is open for tours every day on the half-hour. If you would like to visit this area make sure to reserve your spot to see a piece of Wyoming’s history.

  • Wyoming Frontier Prison | Address:  500 West Walnut in historic Rawlins, WY 82301

Round-Up List of Some of the Most Haunted Places in Each State

What a history the United States has in their haunted places! After much research, there seems to be a pattern in haunted stories: terrible love affairs, torturous conditions, and violent offenders.

Have you visited any of these notorious haunted places? What places would you add to your state? Comment below.

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