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You’ll find ways to:

Plan your dream trip to amazing destinations

Engage with the local culture + food

Gain tips on how to teach English abroad!

And most of all — create memorable experiences wherever you go!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped out of your city limits or traveled the world over. We all start somewhere.

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Hey there! 

Some call me Paf, others call me Foua. I usually introduce myself as Pafoua-pronounced a little bit like Pa-Fwuh or Ba-fwah depending on who I’m speaking with. It’s complicated.

How I Caught the Travel Bug

In 2012, I was a college graduate with a teaching license and minimal job options so I did the next best thing and moved back in with my parents. During the two years in my hometown, I was looking for anything that was more adult than living with my parents. 

I had just completed my student teaching abroad in Thailand and knew that being overseas was something I wanted to continue doing.

So I started applying for jobs and received an offer to China. I jumped at the position and went off on my 2nd international trip to teach English abroad.

As an expat living in China, I had the opportunity to travel with new friends and fell in love with all the different cultures I was encountering.

In making new lifelong friends, I found unique traditions, created beautiful memories, and continued adding stamps to my passport.

I hope you can do the same here!

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Just for fun

All the letters and numbers that apply to Pafoua:

  • Myers-Briggs: ENFP
  • Enneagram: 7w6
  • Strengths Finder: Adaptability, Developer, Arranger, Intellection, Responsibility
  • DISC: Influence, Steadiness, Dominance, Compliance

Favorites (apart from travel)

  • Listening to true crime podcasts and Youtube videos, mainly about serial killers
  • Playing board games ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
  • Crafty DIY projects with my Cricut
  • Slowly re-designing every room in our home
  • Planning, but mostly drawing, in my DIY bullet journal (bujo for those who are in the know)
  • Decluttering my closets and cupboards every month #minimalism #sparkjoy

Travel Traditions

  • Eating ice cream – literally EVERY. SINGLE. TRIP.
  • Finding a donut shop
  • Going on a boat ride, river cruise, or water rafting
  • Creating a new Facebook album to document each trip – then naming it something witty like “The Great Llama Hunt”
  • Souvenir = Postcard