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I’m so excited to help you plan your best trip ever–from finding affordable flights to finding the best activities. This is a list of travel resources that I use for all travel purposes. It also includes all my favorite travel items I take with me on my trips!

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Travel Planning

Travel Resources - travel planning with Pinterest

My ultimate go-to travel vision board. I search for places I want to go to and dream big here. I create boards for where I want to go and make sure I add everything I want to see–inspirational photos, blog posts, guides, etc.

Travel Resources - travel planning with Tripadvisor

Finding your travel destination just got a little easier. After checking out ratings and reading customer reviews built from honest feedback, you’ll be able to create an itinerary that won’t disappoint!

Booking Flights

Travel Resources; booking flights Google-Flights-Logo

Google flights is a very comprehensive travel search tool. Use the calendar view to see what the price looks like over time and also view the map to see how much it costs to travel to various cities over the world.

Travel Resources; booking flights Skyscanner-logo

After looking through Google flights, check Skyscanner to find even better prices for flights. Skyscanner generally has some of the best prices for flights.

Travel Resources; booking flights Expedia logo

Expedia is an all-in-one where you can book your flight, hotel, and car altogether at a discounted price. When you purchase, you also earn rewards towards future purchases.

Travel Resources; booking flights  easy Jet logo

Easy Jet is one of the best budget airlines primarily for Europe. They have hundreds of flights to amazing locations!


Travel resources; Transportation enterprise logo

Enterprise is one of the most reliable car rental companies. I also trust Enterprise for international car rental as well!

Travel Resources; Transportation thrifty logo

Thrifty is by far my favorite car rental company. They are very affordable and reliable every time I rent from them.

Travel resources; Transportation uber logo

Uber is a great option if you are needing a taxi service. They can pick you up from any destination and take you where you need to go. Make sure to download their app for easy access and confirmation.

Travel resources; Transportation didi logo

Didi is a very similar service to Uber but used mainly in China. The app has been so intuitive, that you can use it easily even if you don’t speak Mandarin.

Travel resources; Transportation grab logo

Grab is another taxi service similar to Uber, but it’s mainly used in South East Asia. You will have transparency with the cost of the ride more so than a local hire.

Travel Resources; Transportation Eurail Logo

The best place to purchase your train tickets through 33 countries in Europe. You can curate a trip and buy the necessary tickets or get a global pass which lasts 11 months before it needs renewing, so you have plenty of time!

Travel resources; Transportation rome2rio logo

Rome2Rio has so many options for travel routes including flights, trains, and buses. They also have options for car rentals abroad!


Travel Resources; Accommodations Marriott Bonvoy Logo

Being a Marriott member has amazing benefits. Anytime you book directly with them, you earn points toward future purchases and free nights.

Travel Resources; Accommodations Airbnb Logo

Airbnb is great for a unique stay–you can literally find anything from school buses to a guest suite basement. Real people will lease out their properties for you to stay like a local.

Travel resources; Accommodations booking.com logo

This website is also a great place to find affordable places to stay. They include everything from hotels to homes everywhere.

Travel Resources; Accommodations hostelworld logo

Hostel World is my favorite place to go for budget traveling. You can find something that you are comfortable with and has high ratings. They have hundreds of hostels over the world.

Travel Tour Guides

Travel resources: Travel Tour Guides - Viator Logo

Finding the right tour for your travel can be difficult. With Viator, you can find adventurous activities to cultural tours for your travel.

Travel resources: Travel Tour Guides - Get Your Guide Logo

This website brings personal experiences. Wherever your travels take you, Get Your Guide will show you the unique and unmissable things to do in your destination.

Travel Apps

Travel resources; been app

The been app is a simple world map tool to help you track where in the world you have been! You can track for both the world and the United States.

Travel resources; flight radar

Flight Radar is one of the best flight trackers. You can view all flights in real-time, which can be a relief your family or friends can use to track your flights.

Travel resources; units plus

Units plus is so convenient for converting everything from measurements to currencies. This will be your best friend while traveling around the world.

Travel resource; translate

Translate is a useful app for communication. For countries where you don’t speak the language, you can type your question in and it will populate in the language of your choice.

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