10 Reasons to Hop on a Plane Today

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As borders re-open, travel seems to be on everyone’s mind. Perhaps you’ve gotten your vaccine and are in need of a good reason to go exploring, or maybe you weren’t a globetrotter pre-covid but you’d like to be now.

Here are 10 reasons why you should hop on a plane today!

10. Travel for Fun.

Travel for the fun of it. Go with a friend. Or a sister. Take a walk around the downtown area or check out a restaurant down the road from your hotel.

You’re in a new place where nobody knows you.

You can let go of your stress and enjoy time away from your day-to-day life. Be spontaneous. Let loose.

I personally love using Get Your Guide to inspire my ultimate itinerary in a new city I’m exploring.

Five women posing with the DMZ sign in South Korea.
Just 5 friends hanging out. DMZ, Seoul, South Korea

9. Vacay!

Planned vacations make the wait worth it. Just as we make goals to achieve in life, counting down the days ’til you leave for the beach (or the mountains–that’s me!) just makes the days so much brighter.

As the days get closer to your leaving date, the excitement begins to build, and that moment of “I can’t wait to leave” cannot be sweeter when it arrives.

5 ladies jumping at the beach during dusk
SO happy to be on vacay!

8. Stamp that passport.

I never thought it would be so necessary to acquire stamps in my passport. Not the “necessary-to-enter-a-country” kind, but the “necessary-I’ve-been-to-that-country” kind, if you know what I mean.

Once I started collecting stamps in my passport, I only wanted to explore new countries and places to get more stamps.

Later when you are recalling all the places you’ve been to, you’ll appreciate having all those stamps with dates in your passport. I also love using the Been app to track where I’ve been as it gives me a count of how many countries I’ve been to as well as a percentage of the world.

It’s kinda cool knowing I’ve been to 18% of Asia.

A hand opening a passport filled with stamps

7. To Tell a Cool Story About That One Time You…

You’ll always encounter something new, whether it’s a person, an event, your hotel… there will always be a cool story to tell about the trip you just took.

And because you experienced outside of your home city, the people who weren’t with you will definitely enjoy listening to you tell about your awesome experiences.

Read the story of how we met these fine Italian men here: Lessons Learned from the Middle-of-Nowhere, France. Speaking of travel stories, I also have a whole post on my now hilarious China stories and travel misadventures over the globe.

At the moment they’re stressful… but now I reflect fondly on how much I love sharing my experience.

An asian woman, a caucasian woman, and 3 Italian men smiling at in the train station
That one time we made friends with Italian men at midnight who only knew how to say Colorado and spaghetti. We played charades and laughed a lot. Corniglia, Italy

6. Conversation Starters.

Awkward silences? Strangers in the seat next to you? Seeing an old friend again? You don’t have to worry about what to talk about ever again. Travel is a great conversation starter.

Even if the other person hasn’t traveled anywhere far, they most likely have an opinion on traveling. You can provide the entertainment, the stories, and the adventure for them right where they’re at.

5. Learn About Strange Creatures and Plants!

I didn’t even know how pineapples grew until I went to Vietnam and saw the numerous fields of pineapple stems popping out of the ground. I’ve been to countries where the flowers smelled so wonderful and looked beautiful, but I couldn’t name them because I had never seen them before.

In Thailand, I saw a spider the size of my palm and decided I can skip going to the bathroom for the evening.

Seriously, go check out these cool creatures and amazing nature, okay maybe not the spiders… but check out the other parts of the world.

You will be filled with wonder.

4. Go for the Sights.

The Great Wall of China. Big Ben. The Eiffel Tower. There is so much to see! Be the tourist who clicks the camera of the Eiffel Tower from every angle. Or make silly poses as you give strangers your phone to take your picture in front of a random statue downtown.

Memory Making: One of our travel traditions is to create Facebook albums and think of creative names for the album in commemoration of the trip.

In my first days of travel, I was the unofficial photographer of our group. I would only use my phone to edit my photos, but then I discovered Lightroom (get the mobile version, it’s free!) and now that is all I use to help make my images more vibrant and stand out!

My highest compliment was when I was told that my photo is postcard status. You can get a discounted bundle of Premium Lightroom presets here to make your images look their best!

3 women standing in front of the Eiffel Tower
No silly poses here, but we did ask a stranger to take our photo. Paris, France

3. Enjoy New Flavors.

Spiders, scorpions, crickets. Curry, naan, chai tea. Chow mian (fried noodles), “trashcan” bread, that vegetable-I’ve-never-seen-before-in-my-life dish. From street food to fine cuisine, the flavors of the country you are visiting are definitely a reason worthy of traveling.

If you are an adventurous eater, you can try the more exotic food choices (I definitely had to think “mind over matter” when eating the scorpion), but local chow mian found on the streets of China is SO much better than anything you could ever find in your home country.

A table of fruits on a table in the streets of China, There are dark circled fruits, red rambutans, and spikey yellow melons.
I don’t know what that is either. Suzhou, China

2. Misadventures Along the Way.

No matter how planned out your schedule is, there will always be something that goes wrong.

It could be that your flight got delayed, you ended up at the wrong airport, or you found out the pizza down the road actually has durian instead of pineapple (all true stories) and you don’t speak a lick of the local language to fix your order.

Misadventures. They happen. But I would like to argue that these moments make the trip unique.

It’s in these trying times that you become resourceful, engage with the people, or call it a wash and do something crazy.

Misadventures make the moments memorable and memories create happiness–it’s true. Read about it here.

View of the street with random people standing about, waiting for a bus?
True Story: We all got dropped off in the middle of France with no bus in sight. Oh and the only people who spoke English? They walked off. Middle-of-Nowhere, France

1. Culture.

I once heard someone say that language is the window to culture. Through language, you learn about the people and how their culture works.

When traveling to a new country, learn the local language if you don’t already know it. Do charades to communicate. Share some drinks over silence, or as we like to call it “making friends.”

It doesn’t matter how you engage, the important thing is that you do. Connecting with the people of the land opens your eyes to a new culture and the beauty of diversity.

And once that happens, part of you will never be the same because you’ve just gained the riches of travel.

Stay in the moment. Live the moment. And make the journey.

an asian woman getting fitted for a cultural Vietnamese costume by a local vendor
Trying to engage, living in the moment. Sapa, Vietnam

Do you have a top reason to travel? Comment below.

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My Favorite Travel Tips + Resources

Here is a quick glance at all my go-to travel tips and resources that I use to plan every trip! For more information, check out my travel resources page.

  • Booking flights: I use Google Flights to check all routes and find the best flights. Then I compare them with Expedia (for reward points) and Skyscanner (for the lowest prices) before I book.
  • Accommodations: I love budget-friendly rentals or booking at a hotel where I can earn points. For hotels, I go through Booking.com or book directly with Marriott (for points + rewards). When I travel internationally, I’ll book through Hostelworld for very budget-friendly stays. For vacation rentals, I usually look through Airbnb, but you could also use Vrbo. Expedia also has some great bundles for hotels, flights, and car rentals altogether.
  • Transportation: For travel in the United States, I love renting through Expedia with Enterprise or Thrifty. They have been consistent and provide the best customer service. For international travel, I’ll book through Rome2Rio or Eurail for trains or bus fares.
  • Travel Credit Card: I book all my travel (flights, hotels, car rentals) through my favorite travel credit card. I also use this card for everything on my trip including dining, excursions, and souvenirs. Apart from earning 5x more points towards free travel, there are amazing benefits: no foreign transaction fees, trip cancellation/interruption insurance, trip delay reimbursement (so I can book worry-free), fraud protection, emergency assistance – it’s really a great deal! Check it out here!
  • Vaccines and Medications: Check the CDC website for updates on necessary vaccines to enter a country, including updates on Covid-19 and recommended places to visit. I recommend getting all the vaccines you need before you go!
  • Tours + Experiences: I absolutely love my tours! Everything from eerie walking ghost tours to food tours, I’ll usually book something every trip either through Viator or GetYourGuide. I also love LastMinute.com for very affordable tickets to theaters and other experiences in Europe.
  • What to Pack: I almost always travel by backpack. For products I like, check out my packing guide page for all the things I take with me on different trips.


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