65+ Best Travel Gifts for Her

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You’re looking for the perfect gift. You want it to be unique, thoughtful, and fun. What better way to find what you need than with this list of 65+ best travel gifts for her? From luggage tags and passport covers to personalized mugs and world map scratch-off, I’ve got you covered!

There are so many amazing options out there that it can be hard to pick just one. That’s why I’ve narrowed down my favorite picks of travel gifts for her below. Check it out and get shopping!

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Organization Travel Gifts for Her

Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag

1. Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag

A hanging toiletry bag is the best way to keep all your items together and organized. This travel hanging toiletry bag has a large main compartment that can hold everything you need. It’s perfect for a long trip or a weekend away!

Leather Makeup Bag

2. Leather Makeup Bag

A makeup bag is one of the best ways to keep your cosmetics organized when you travel or go out. This one has a large main compartment to fit makeup items while the small pockets are perfect for smaller items. It’s perfect for the traveler who travels light on makeup and toiletries.

Small Travel Jewelry Box

3. Travel Jewelry Box

It can be difficult to keep all your jewelry in one place. The travel jewelry box can hold all kinds of accessories. With its velvet fabric, it keeps your jewelry safe from scratches and the compact design makes it easy to carry in a purse or bag. This small jewelry organizer is great for traveling or everyday use at home.

Waterproof Travel Cord Organizer

4. Travel Cord Organizer

The electronic organizer travel cable pouch is a practical and convenient solution for everyday use. It can be used as a cell phone bag, a tablet case or a portable charger, power bank holder. The small size and lightweight design durable cable organizer pouch is so handy for going on holiday, a business trip, or travel — and keeps your cords from getting tangled!

Zipper Mesh Pouches

5. Zipper Mesh Pouches

When balancing multiple documents for trips, it can be difficult to keep it all in order. These mesh pouches are great for storing important documents, currencies, receipts, etc. The material is sturdy mesh PVC with metal zipper closure, come in various sizes, and the best part, they are see-through for easy access!

Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

6. Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

A passport and vaccine card holder combo is a great way to keep your identification in one place. This passport holder is equipped with advanced RFID blocking technology for protection against theft. It has a slim and light design, so it’s easy for you to carry around without any hassle.

Stow-N-Go Travel Organizer for luggage

7. Stow-N-Go Travel Organizer

This revolutionary new travel accessory will save you time, money, and frustration by allowing you to pack all your essentials into one compact bag. It also helps reduce wrinkles and keeps clothes looking fresh when unpacking after traveling. The Stow-N-Go is the ultimate travel organizer for people on the go.

Travel Shoe Bags

8. Travel Shoe Bags

Travel shoe bags are the perfect travel accessory for packing shoes. They protect your clothes from dirt & dust when packing! Available in two sizes, these bags are made of a lightweight, yet durable nylon fabric that’s water-resistant and easy to wipe clean. Plus, they fold down compactly so they can be easily stored in luggage or even packed in your carry-on bag!

13.3 inch Laptop Sleeve Carrying Case

9. Laptop Sleeve Carrying Case

A laptop sleeve carrying case is the perfect fit for keeping your laptop safe. This case has a fully lined interior and interior border that helps shield your device from damage. The front 2 zip pockets are also large enough to hold chargers, mobile phones, headphones, USB drives, external hard drives, and more. The handle allows you to easily carry it around or pull it out when needed.

Fashionable Laptop Bag with USB Charging Port

10. Laptop Bag, USB Charging Port

This fashionable women’s black tote bag is made of high-quality cross pattern PU leather and polyester lining. It is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and anti-wrinkle. This laptop backpack has many pockets to keep your accessories organized. It’s a perfect companion for work or travel–it can even work as a personal item for the plane!

Foldable Lightweight Backpack

11. Foldable Lightweight Backpack

One of my favorite ways to travel is by backpack, and I use a hiking backpack for all my travels. The perfect size is around 40L Internal Capacity, and when stuffed, it’ll be around the carry-on size. This backpack includes a bottom main compartment and a top pouch, which can hold things like mobile phones, keys, and more.

Black 26-Inch Hardside Suitcase

12. 26-Inch Hardside Suitcase

My preference when traveling with luggage is a hard side suitcase. The 4 double spinner wheels ensure smooth-rolling mobility in any direction (which is always preferred!), and the sturdy telescoping handle securely mounted short handle makes it easy to maneuver. It’s also expandable for up to 15% more packing space if needed as well.

Accessories Travel Gifts for Her

Friendship Good Luck Elephant Pendant Chain Necklace

13. Friendship Good Luck Elephant Pendant Chain Necklace

Celebrate your friends with an elephant pendant chain necklace. Give it as a reminder of all the magical moments you have experienced together. The chain length is 16.5 inches long + 1.9-inch extension chain. This necklace makes a great gift for your best travel buddy!

Custom Skyline / City Necklace

14. Custom Skyline / City Necklace

This gorgeous cityscape necklace is a special custom design. The seller has a huge collection of cities to choose from. It uses only the finest materials like solid 925 sterling silver or 14K gold, which makes the jewelry extra shiny and durable. Order your custom design as the perfect travel lover’s gift!

Travel Buddy Necklace

15. Travel Buddy Necklace

Travel the world in style with this handmade, minimalistic necklace. The world map pendant necklace is a unique, delicate piece of jewelry that will remind you to always follow your dreams and to travel as much as possible! The necklace has a diameter of approximately 1.3cm and comes on an adjustable chain so you can wear it at different lengths. It comes with a message that you can give to your favorite travel buddy.

Custom Skyline / City Ring

16. Custom Skyline / City Ring

Another unique gift is this modern and minimalistic-styled cityscape ring. The cityscape ring is made with high-quality solid 925 sterling silver that will not tarnish or fade over time. The workmanship is guaranteed to be very durable and long-lasting, as they use only the finest materials available on the market. Gift your travel friend their favorite skyline!

Flying Flex Flap adjustable holder for tablet and phone

17. Flying Flex Flap

The Flex Flap Cell Phone Holder is a uniquely designed phone holder that will allow you to watch movies and TV shows on long flights with your personal device. Made of black leather materials for great phone grip, aluminum alloy core for adjust-ability, This cell phone holder will become one of your essential airplane travel accessories.

Chestnut Wanderchain Keychain with travel tokens

18. Chestnut Wanderchain

The Chestnut Wanderchain is one of the highest quality keychains. Made with genuine leather, it comes with a slider box to hold up to 40 travel tokens. It’s also available with 2 split rings for holding 80 travel tokens. You can slide all the places you’ve visited so you’ll never forget your most precious memories again! (Note: Travel tokens sold separately.)

Personalized Luggage Tags

19. Personalized Luggage Tags

Personalized luggage tags are the perfect way to add a touch of personality and elegance to your travels. This custom tag is also the ideal gift for anyone on the go. Make it your own with a name or title monogrammed in metallic gold or silver.

Scratch Off World Map Poster

20. Scratch Off World Map Poster

This scratch-off world map poster is detailed and beautiful. Printed on thick art paper and protected with laminated finishing, the map arrives without scratches and ensures quality. US state lines are clearly outlined for you to track your adventures with precision. It also comes bundled with a complete set of accessories to complete your scratching experience.

1. The Greatest 100 World Destinations Scratch Off 

21. The Greatest 100 World Destinations Scratch Off 

Scratch off your bucket list and track your world adventures with this beautifully crafted poster print. It features illustrations of the most iconic spots for each of the 100 world destinations, covered in gold foil, with a “sneak peak” airplane-shaped cutout in the foil. This comes ready to hang right out of the box with a decorative gift tube that can be used as storage for future travel souvenirs.

Personalized Camping Mug

22. Personalized Camping Mug

Personalized mugs are the perfect gift for your favorite adventurers! This 11oz travel mug is made of stainless steel, so it’s sturdy enough to take anywhere. The design area is large enough to fit any name or saying you want to put on it. Get a pair for you and your favorite person!

Insulated Coffee Mug, 14oz

23. Insulated Coffee Mug, 14oz

This vacuum insulated coffee mug is the perfect companion for your outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, and cycling. It keeps beverages hot for 3+ hours and cold for 9+ hours. It is made of premium 18/8 Stainless Steel, the lid is BPA-free, and the handle has a full loop design for an easy grip. This is a great gift idea!

Personalized Leather Journal

24. Personalized Leather Journal

A travel journal is a great gift for anyone who loves to travel. This one can be personalized with a laser so the engraving will not wear off. It is stain resistant to finger oils and can handle regular wear & tear. The inside features 240 lined pages that are acid-free and made from recycled paper – perfect for the travel writer!

Adventure Travel Gifts for Her

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

25. Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The right pillow can make or break a trip. Unlike most traditional airline travel pillows, the twistable travel pillows contour to almost any shape and position you want to provide you personalized support and pain relief. Use it to support your head, back, shoulder, or cervical spine during a long trip!

LifeStraw Water Filter

26. LifeStraw Water Filter

LifeStraw is the award-winning personal water filter, designed to provide you with safe, clean drinking water in any situation. Ideal for hiking, travel, emergency preparedness, and more! The LifeStraw Family includes a portable straw that removes bacteria and parasites from contaminated water sources in seconds. It also filters out microplastics down to 1 micron so it’s perfect for outdoor activities like camping or fishing.

100 Piece First Aid Kit

27. 100 Piece First Aid Kit

Put safety first by getting a First Aid Kit. This one is equipped with all the essential items you need to treat minor injuries on the road. The kit is packaged in a rugged, waterproof case that can be easily stored in your car glove box, backpack, or purse. With this first aid kit, you’ll be prepared for any situation that may arise!

50 Challenges Travel Game

28. 50 Challenges Travel Game

The Wanderlust travel card game is a great way to explore any destination of the world. Get to know the locals and create a lot of new friendships. The challenges on every card will bring you joy, unique memories, and many adventures. You can leave your comfort zone at home because you will not need it.

Survival Bracelet (2 Pack)

29. Survival Bracelet (2 Pack)

The Paracord Survival Bracelet is a multifunctional 5-in-1 survival bracelet that includes a compass, fire starter, whistle, knife, and paracord. It’s the best choice for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, climbing, or hunting, and perfect for the outdoor enthusiast!

Mountain Trekking Poles

30. Mountain Trekking Poles

Whether you are hiking, backpacking, camping or just out to enjoy the outdoors, these trekking poles provide the support you need for all types of walking. The quick lock and adjustable poles give you the freedom to adjust your pole height when needed. These trekking poles are lightweight and compact making them easy to carry in a backpack.

Camping Cookware

31. Camping Cookware

This camping cookware set is perfect for outdoor cooking. The portable stove folds to save space and the handles on pots are foldable too. The non-stick surface makes it easy to clean up after cooking, and the pot lid can be used as a plate, which is very convenient during camping trips. It comes with all the utensils you’ll need to enjoy your outdoor meal!

Portable Door Lock

32. Portable Door Lock

When traveling or living in a hotel, you may worry about the security of your room. The Portable Door Lock is designed to help you get additional security on your door when it’s not possible to install a more permanent lock. It can be installed in seconds without any tools required and can lock most types of doors securely. Help your travel enthusiast feel safe with this lock!

Pepper Spray Keychain

33. Pepper Spray Keychain

This maximum strength formula contains 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids (MC) and has a range of 12 feet to stop an attacker immediately. The dye marks the assailant for identification by police and leaves them burning if they come into contact with it. It’s easy to use; simply point and spray at your target up to 12 feet away. This pepper spray is super cute as well!

She’s Birdie –The Original Personal Safety Alarm

34. She’s Birdie –The Original Personal Safety Alarm

Birdie is the original personal safety alarm for women by women. When threatened, activate Birdie’s LOUD siren and flashing strobe-light to create a diversion and to help deter an attack. Birdie’s modern design is easy-to-use. Safety-first! Carry Birdie from day to night.

Inflatable Car Air Mattress

35. Inflatable Car Air Mattress

This inflatable car bed is a great way to have a comfortable place to sleep during long road trips. The innovative design offers added comfort and support for the head. The bed can be used in small cars or trucks with trunk space. It also comes with an air pump that makes inflating quick and easy!

Steering Wheel Desk Black

 36. Steering Wheel Desk Black

This desk is very light to carry but sturdy enough to support a laptop, lunch, or notepad. You mount it on the steering wheel can be stowed when not in use. It’s perfect for when you take a break from your long road trip and need a car office!

*Only suitable for steering wheel circumference between 10.3cm-11cm(4.06-4.33inch); This size accounts for 90% of all steering wheels.

Lifestyle Travel Gifts for Her

Minimalist Mountains Graphic Tee

37. Minimalist Mountains Graphic Tee

Get ready for your next hike up those mountains with this cute mountain tee. This comfy, true-to-fit tee is perfect for an early morning hike up those mountains. If you’re not planning to go on your usual hike, show off your love of mountains with this trendy tee!

Personalized Favorite European Cities Graphic Tee

38. Personalized Favorite European Cities Graphic Tee

This Favorite European Cities shirt brings only good vibes as you trek through all your favorite European cities. Snag this soft, true-to-fit tee for your big trip to the EU. The Favorite European Cities tee is super comfy for long walks across town so that you can enjoy your time sightseeing.

Spread Kindness Graphic Tee

39. Spread Kindness Graphic Tee

Spread kindness wherever you happen to find yourself. Kindness can grow like wildflowers – gift this tee as a reminder for yourself and others.

Soft-Brushed Shacket

40. Soft-Brushed Shacket

This Soft-Brushed Shacket is a classic style with a soft, cozy feel for transitional temps. This overshirt has got you covered from the hotel to the sights! Layer it away with your favorite shirt underneath and look cute while traveling!

Cute Jean Jacket

41. Cute Jean Jacket

A jean jacket is a staple in fashion. Grab this distressed boyfriend-style jean jacket as you walk the streets for sightseeing or flying through the air.

Cozy-Knit Cardigan

42. Cozy-Knit Cardigan

This cardigan sweater will keep you warm when the weather gets cold! Pair it with your favorite pants or jeans for a stylish look that’s perfect for any occasion. It’s my favorite to fly with – so soft and warm!

Long-Sleeve Fit & Flare Jean Mini Dress

43. Long-Sleeve Fit & Flare Jean Mini Dress

A fitted dress to accentuate an hourglass shape (and comfy) is a staple of a travel wardrobe. This one from Old Navy is great for your travel essentials!

High-Waisted Ripped Jeans

44. High-Waisted Ripped Jeans

The perfect jeans for a day out on the town. These jeans feature a contoured extra high-rise waistband, with button closure and built-in belt loops. It has 3 cleverly concealed buttons at front pockets to give you that sleek look. The sky is the limit when it comes to styling these ripped jeans!

Sunzel Leggings with Pockets

45. Sunzel Leggings with Pockets

These leggings with pockets have a high waistband and two side drop-in pockets to hold all of your necessities. The flat seam process reduces friction and tearing, providing maximum comfort. With a buttery soft feel and lightweight design, you’ll love the way you look in these women’s leggings. They are perfect for an airport outfit!

Bob's Walking Shoes

46. Bob’s Walking Shoes

Bob’s shoes are the classic slip-on, perfect for airport security. The shock-absorbing midsole will help reduce fatigue from long walks or standing for extended periods of time, also perfect for travel. They also match most outfits, which makes them awesome for the minimalist traveler.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

47. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

These hiking boots are high-quality boots with an advanced technology midsole for long-lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return. It is created to be the hiking boot ideal for treacherous days out on the trail and keeps you comfortable and safe.

Birkenstock Sandal

48. Birkenstock Sandal

The Birkenstock sandal is a classic sandal with a simple, modern design. The upper is made of soft suede and features a footbed lined with cork and latex to offer long-lasting comfort. Available in black or brown, Arizona is an ideal choice for everyday wear.

Nintendo Switch - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition 

49. Nintendo Switch – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition 

The Nintendo Switch system is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from a home console to a portable system in a snap. It’s the perfect travel companion to keep you entertained on those long-haul flights and trips!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game

50. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game

The world’s most popular life simulation game is back, and it’s bigger than ever. Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes place on a deserted island where you can build your own community filled with the characters you love. As the mayor, it’s up to you to make decisions about how things should look and function in your new town – the perfect game for your switch!

Compact Binoculars 

51. Compact Binoculars 

Bring binoculars with you on your next trip! These are perfect for bird watching, ocean seeing, and much more! While sitting down to relax, pull out your binoculars to peep nature’s best.

Digital Portable Handheld Suitcase Weight for Travel

52. Digital Portable Handheld Suitcase Weight

Traveling is a lot of fun, but it can be stressful for you if you don’t prepare. One of the most important things to do before traveling is to make sure your luggage is within the right weight limit. The Digital Portable Handheld Suitcase Weight for Travel will help you weigh your luggage with ease.

Universal Travel Adapter

53. Universal Travel Adapter

The Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter is a unique and universal travel adapter that allows you to charge your devices in over 150 countries. It features 5 different input plugs tightly connected into 1 adaptor, which makes it the perfect gift for the avid traveler.

Portable Solar Power Bank, Charger

54. Portable Solar Power Bank, Charger

A portable power bank is great for those times when you are in need of a charge on the road. This solar power bank is even better for the outdoors when there are no outlets around. Use the sun to help power your electronics!

Power Bank Built-In Cords

55. Power Bank Built-In Cords

On the other hand, this power bank is great for when traveling long-haul flights or road trips. Keep your phone, tablet, or laptop fully charged while you’re on the go! A power bank has saved me many times when my phone was down to 5%!

Apple AirPods

56. Apple AirPods

Headphones are a necessary travel item. Wear them on your flight, while on the subway train, or on self-guided tours. Wireless AirPods make it so easy to be hands-free and ready for being on the go!

Apple iPad Air

57. Apple iPad Air

An iPad or tablet is the perfect solution to a slim and lightweight travel companion. You can download entertainment (movies and games) and use it for last-minute searches while on the road.

Gold Apple Watch SE

58. Gold Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch is the most powerful way to stay connected to the people and information you care about. It’s designed for users looking for a smaller watch with all-day battery life, a built-in heart rate sensor, GPS, and is water-resistant. And it’s packed with features you already love on your iPhone. Track your steps and everything you need on the road.


59. Kindle

Kindle is a purpose-built reading device. Indulge your love of reading without interruptions like email alerts and push notifications. The glare-free display reads like real paper—even in bright sunlight—and won’t leave you tethered to an outlet. Download all your favorite books and take them with you on the road!

Mini Retro Fridgidiare

60. Mini Retro Fridgidiare

This is a great little beverage refrigerator. Use it for keeping beverages cold when on the road. It’s small enough to fit anywhere but has plenty of room for 6 cans or bottles of soda, juice, etc. It comes with a 12V car power cord so you can keep your drinks cold on your road trip!

Selfie Ring Light

61. Selfie Ring Light

The Selfie Ring Light is the perfect accessory for your iPhone or Android smartphone! It comes with a gel-based phone ring light that you can attach close to the camera and adjust to any angle. It’s lightweight and helps take that Instagrammable selfie.

51" Extendable Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote

62. 51″ Extendable Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote

This is a selfie stick tripod combo that includes Bluetooth remote control. You can use it to take photos and videosfrom distance with the Bluetooth function. It is perfect for trips without having to ask a stranger to take your photos for you!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera 

63. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera 

The Mini 11 is the latest addition to the popular line of instant cameras that allows you to capture photos on a film based on your creativity. This camera features an automatic flash, which is useful for backlit and dark scenes, as well as a selfie mirror that will help you get the perfect shot every time. Return home with a polaroid memory of your trip!

GoPro HERO7 Black

64. GoPro HERO7 Black

The GoPro HERO7 Black is the most powerful and easy-to-use GoPro ever, thanks to its 4K60 and 1080p240 video, 8x hyper smooth stabilization, waterproof design up to 33ft (10m), built-in touch display, and more. With its tiny size and features, capture your trip through video to show friends and family!

50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit

65. 50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit

The 50-in-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit is the most comprehensive kit on the market, and it includes everything you need to take professional shots of your favorite outdoor activities. The kit features a head strap, chest harness, helmet strap, floating handle grip, wrist strap with a 360° rotatable mount, and a handlebar mount for capturing action from every angle, and the perfect partner to the GoPro!

Waterproof Cellphone Dry Bag

66. Waterproof Cellphone Dry Bag

These dry bags are the best waterproof cases for your phone. The clear window allows you to take pictures, videos and check emails on one side of the pouch while keeping your device dry on the other side. It is ideal for use in water parks, swimming pools, kayaking, fishing, or any water sports activities. Gift it for your friend traveling to the water!

Portable External Hard Drive

67. Portable External Hard Drive

The Portable External Hard Drive is a high-capacity, hard drive that makes it easy to store and transfer files. The sleek design of the portable hard drive features an LED activity light for quick status checks and a three-year limited warranty. It comes with a 3.0 USB cable for fast file transfers and can be used with Windows or Mac computers. The perfect item to hold all your extra videos and photos!

Rounding Out the List of 65+ Travel Gifts for Her

I hope these gift ideas have been helpful in your search for the perfect travel-themed gift to give your favorite travel people!

What are some of your favorite gifts you’ve given or received? Leave a comment below and let others know what they should add to their wish list!

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  • Booking flights: I use Google Flights to check all routes and find the best flights. Then I compare them with Expedia (for reward points) and Skyscanner (for the lowest prices) before I book.
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