37 Useful Road Trip Gift Ideas Travelers will Love

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Road trips are a great way to spend time with friends and family, but they can also be long hours in the car. I remember taking long drives into the mountains when I was younger and having so much fun because we were prepared!

If you’re looking for a gift for the traveler in your life or maybe even a little something to get yourself ready for an upcoming trip, I’ve got you covered! This list of 37 road trip gift ideas is perfect for you! From unique car gadgets to must-have apps, check out our list! Happy travels!

Essential Road Trip Gift Ideas

Car Roadside emergency kit

1. 118-Piece Car Roadside Emergency Kit

For peace of mind, this car roadside has everything you can think of in times of need – a snow shovel, jumper cables, and other sturdy accessories. Gift this emergency kit for your road-tripping travelers!

First aid kit

2. First Aid Kit

Always be prepared. Grab this first aid kit for the car to prepare for emergencies, disasters, and anything else that may come up on the road! This kit is compact, light, and even has a mini kit for ease of access (like when you decide to go hiking).


3. LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Have a flashlight ready for dark times! This flashlight is super bright and small, so it’ll fit perfectly in the glove compartment. It’s also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing dead batteries!

best road trips

4. Fodor’s Best Road Trips in the USA

Be prepared for any road trip in the United States with this book at your side. Prepared maps, recommended places, and a guidebook, this is the gift your road tripper needs!

yeti tumbler

5. YETI 20 oz Tumbler

This is the essential travel mug to keep your drinks cold or hot for long hours! Grab a Yeti tumbler or 2 for your next road trip and have your drinks at the ready all the time!

Road Trip Gift Ideas for Organization

Car vacuum

6. Handheld Car Vacuum

Grab this convenient and useful car vacuum for extra-long road trips, especially if there’s a stop at a sandy beach! The 16-foot cord plugs right into the car aux so you never need to worry about the battery going out!

car trashcan 1

7. Car Trash Can

On long road trips, there is bound to be endless trash from snacks and wrappers from new things. Get a car garbage can to hold all your trash until the next stop! This one can hang anywhere in the car and has support for trash bag handles on the side too!

road trip gift ideas trunk organizer 1

8. Trunk Organizers and Storage

For easy access to everything, grab this organizer for your road trip. The hooks help the box to stay sturdy and there’s plenty of room for all the things! There’s also a cover so you can feel safe leaving it in the car.

middle seat organizer

9. Organizer With Tray and Cooler Compartment 

Snag this handy organizer with a cooler compartment and sturdy tray top. You can pack your snacks inside the cooler and snack on the tray above… or if you think like me, play a card game on it!

backseat organizer

10. Car Backseat Organizer

With a long car trip, you’ll need all your essentials – from tablets to water bottles, there’s a pocket for everything! This backseat organizer is so useful to keep all your things in one place so they don’t roll around the car.

Road Trip Gift Ideas for Comfort in the Car

Memory foam pillow

11. Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

This memory foam travel pillow is different from the others because it’s twistable and can be used any which way! You can twist it to support your neck, back, legs, and more!

Inflatable car mattress

 12. Inflatable Car Air Mattress with Pump

A car air mattress is so convenient for when camping or needing to take a rest from a long drive. This particular mattress comes with an air pump you can plug into the car for ease of use!

Electric car blanket

13. Electric Car Blanket

This electric car blanket comes with a 96-inch long cord, stays warm, and can be plugged into the cigarette lighter jack. It’s the perfect gift for a night of stargazing off the beaten path.

sherpa blanket

14. Sherpa Blanket

If electric blankets aren’t your thing, then this sherpa blanket is for you! Keep warm while on the go, and even sleep snuggled up with this super soft blanket!

Crave box care pack

15. Cravebox Care Pack

This fun treat box is the perfect care package for you and your road-tripping friends! Filled with sweet and savory treats, there’s something for everyone. The best part is all 45 of them are individually wrapped!

Mini fridge

16. Mini Fridge, 4 Liter/6 Can Holder

Keep your drinks or food cold on the go with this mini-fridge. It plugs right into your car and you’ll have cold snacks for that long drive!

Road Trip Gift Ideas for Comfort Outside the Car

Dude wipes

17. DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes Dispenser

Let’s be real, the only comfort needed outside is for our bottom to feel good – grab these DUDE wipes for your favorite dude traveler! He’ll thank you for it… (Psst… it’s mint flavored!)

good wipes

18. Goodwipes: Flushable & Plant-Based

Ladies need wipes too and these are my favorite! I love the smell of Goodwipes, and they leave me feeling clean. Snag these plant-based wipes for your next road trip excursion!

Toilet Seat Covers

19. Toilet Seat Covers

If you are someone like me who is hesitant to use public restrooms anywhere, then this is the gift you need! Never worry about dirty toilet seats again with this 50-pack biodegradable, flushable toilet seat covers!


20. Sundome Tent

Now that we’ve got bathroom essentials covered, take care of your sleep with a tent, the perfect accompaniment to a long road trip into the mountains, ocean, lake, or anywhere else you find yourself!

camping char

21. Camping Chair with Built-In Cooler

Set up a chair next to your tent and enjoy that campfire (or the stars!). This chair is also perfect for a stop at the beach or lake as well!

road trip gift ideas rolling cooler

22. Rolling Cooler

This rolling cooler has saved me multiple times when I’m on the road. Use it to pack lunch for the beach (and easily rollable over sand), pack food after visiting a farmer’s market, or just to have cold snacks on the road.

Gadgets forRoad Trip Gift Ideas

dual cup holder

23. Dual Cup Holder Expander and Attachable OvalTray

For you water drinker with a large water bottle (like me), this is the gadget for you! Put your large water bottle down below, add another cup up top, and even save space for your snack! The perfect solution to have all your goodies within reach!

Backseat phone holder

24. Back Seat Mobile Phone Holder & Hanger

This mobile phone holder is perfect for your backseat friends! Let them rest their hands and practice ergonomics while watching their favorite show on a long road trip. It also has a useful hook for a backpack or snack bag too!

Power Inverter

25. 200W Power Adapter

For continuous power, while on the road, snag this useful power adapter to plug in your technology. You can work on your laptop, plug in multiple phones, and make sure everything is charged and ready to go when you get to your adventure!


26. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Though it’s small, this Bluetooth speaker is perfect for connecting to your playlist when taking a break from the car – think hiking, camping, or even stargazing.

drop stop

27. Drop Stop – The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler (2-pack)

It’s a small annoyance when your phone or food falls in the gap between the console and your seat on a long drive. This Drop Stop is your solution! It stops things from falling in. Grab it for a stress-free drive!

steering wheel desk

28. Steering Wheel Desk

On a stop for food or updates on your computer, this steering wheel desk comes in so helpful! Snap it into place and you have an office on the go!

Games forRoad Trip Gift Ideas

Puzzle ball

29. Rainbow Puzzle Ball

To play, push the buttons into the middle and try to match them back up with their colors. For endless fun, this magic ball will challenge and entertain you on a long car drive!

games on the go

30. Games on the Go

From “Find that Number” to word games, this little pack has it all! When everyone is awake on that long road trip, play these verbal games on the go!

family talk

31. Around the Table Games Family Talk

Family talk in the car is amazing because everyone is all together (and stuck) so conversations must go on. Grab this convenient list of questions for your next road trip!

paint by sticker

32. Paint by Sticker

First, I know it says “kids” on the front, but adults can also enjoy this fun paint-by sticker book too! Take a sticker and put it on the correct number – such a creative way to spend your long hours on a road trip!

30 sec mysteries

33. Red 30 Second Mysteries

Tease your brain with these interesting 30 Second Mysteries! Read the story and figure out what the mystery is… this is a great way to pass the time on a long road trip!

Out-of-the-Box Road Trip Gift Ideas

np pass

34. America the Beautiful Annual Pass

Gift an annual National Park pass to your road-tripper who loves stopping in America’s national parks! This gives free entrance to National Parks, Forests, and many more!


35. Audible

Gift credits to your favorite road tripper! Listen to books, podcasts, and Audible originals. Audible is a great gift to listen to while on a long road trip! The best part is they get to keep the books even if they don’t have a subscription! I loved listening to Love People, Use Things!


36. Spotify

The next best thing is to gift away a Spotify subscription! Listen to favorite tracks and podcasts on Spotify! There are even options to hear the news. (Of course, my favorites are currently all serial killer-related!)

apply music

37. Apple Music

For iPhone users, Apple Music is the gift to give! From here, listen to favorite artists and podcasts straight from the Apple Music app. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and road trippers will not miss out on their faves!

Rounding out the 37 Road Trip Gift Ideas

Whether you’re traveling solo, with a partner, or the whole family, I’ve got tons of great suggestions for gifts that will make your next road trip more enjoyable. If you want to be entertained and pass the time on long car rides better than ever before then consider picking up one of these 37 useful road trip gift ideas.

From games to comfort items and essentials like snacks and water bottles–there’s something here for everyone in every situation. What do you think is most important when it comes to what makes a good road trip? Let me know down in the comments section!

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