Top 27 Forced or Fake Marriage Thai Dramas

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One of the most interesting plot lines for Thai dramas also referred to as a Thai lakorn, is when the 2 main characters are forced into marriage or have signed themselves up for a fake marriage.

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When the 2 main leads enter into a contract marriage, it can be for various reasons such as verbal agreements between the parents, unexpected pregnancy (or some sort of compromising situation), faking it to make someone happy-usually an elder, or to gain an inheritance.

Contract marriages, either forced or fake, usually end up with funny scenes, romantic gestures, lots and lots of drama, and a journey of seeing the two leads fall in love, and hopefully continue to stay married. Are you intrigued yet?

Here are my top 27 picks for forced or fake marriage Thai dramas!

Forced Fake Marriage Thai Dramas

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1. Jao Sao Jamloei (The Defendant Bride) 2022

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Drama, Revenge, Forced Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

“Jan” Ingjan is being forced to marry an older man to clear her family of their debts. She refuses to do so and decides to run away on her wedding day.

Jan runs into Sichon who is a very young and rich vineyard owner and helps her run away. In return, he asks Jan to marry him for one year to elevate his status since she is of royal descent. They enter into a contract marriage.

2. Jaobao Glua Fon (Groom Afraid of Rain) 2021

Quick facts: 30 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on Nekoland

“Non” Chanon, a rich playboy, is getting marriage proposals left and right. He has declared that he won’t marry for love but wants to continue his playboy ways.

“Paeng” Tunpaeng is a student studying videography and has a poor background. Her father has a heart attack and is in need of surgery, but Pang and her mom don’t have the means to pay. She holds various jobs to try and make ends meet.

Because Non’s mother is unrelenting in wanting him to get married, Non agrees to marriage only by choosing the woman he wants. So he proposes to the feisty Paeng and enters into a contract marriage.

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3. Mia Jumpen (Wife on Duty) 2021

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Slap and Kiss, Fake Marriage | Watch on Nekoland

Tamorn is the CEO of a famous rubber company in Phuket. Tawan is a maid for hire. They both come from different backgrounds, but keep bumping into each other due to their love of lakorns (Thai dramas).

Tamorn finds out that he has been arranged to marry the daughter of his dad’s best friend, Yardfah, since before he was born. Tamorn isn’t really willing to marry, but because Yardfah’s father has helped out his dad in the past, he decides to at least meet her.

While Tamorn goes to meet Yardfah at her house, he runs into Tawan who is the hired maid for Yardfah’s family. At this time though, Tawan is playing dress-up in Yardfah’s clothes, and not wanting to get into trouble with her boss, pretends to be Yardfah.

Yardfah knows about this arranged marriage and doesn’t want to marry Tamorn so she forces Tawan to marry him instead.

4. Praomook 2021

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Superstitious, Forced Marriage | Watch on Dramacool

“Mook” Praomook is a good luck charm to “Lun” Chalantorn who has bad luck. Lun’s superstitious parents had them get married in high school and Mook had loved Lun since then.

Lun, on the other hand, despises Mook and believes her to be an ugly duckling. Years pass and they meet again in Korea where Mook helps Lun escape a gunman who is looking to shoot him.

Back in Thailand, Lun’s parents ask Mook to marry Lun again to dispel the bad luck of this shooter who is looking to kill Lun. Mook agrees to marry Lun if only to make him suffer having to be married to her.

5. Sapai Jao Sua (Daughter-in-War) 2021

Quick facts: 28 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Action, Fake Marriage | Watch on ElleSubs

A Chinese-Thai businessman, Tien, and his wife, Liu, have 4 children who they planned everything for down to who their wives will be. The two eldest sons got married and the third chose to stay single for religious reasons, but all 3 of them help Tien with his textile business.

Traiwit, the youngest son, has dreams of his own and goes back to Thailand to become a police officer. Here he meets Faisha a feisty country girl. Traiwit decides to hire her to marry him and brings her back home for his father to accept.

Watch the fan sub OST here: Sapai Jao Sua OST by Colorpitch

6. Sapai Import (Imported Bride) 2020

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Farm life, Fake Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV, Watch on Youtube

Lisa is a new graduate returning home from overseas. She comes home to find her parents are in debt to a loan shark who is planning to seize their house if they don’t pay.

Don’s grandfather, who was a wealthy and well-known farm owner, just passed away. Don will inherit the family farm if he gets married and produces a child within the year. If this doesn’t happen, the farm will pass to another family member.

In the midst of this, Don’s mother sees Lisa, who once helped her when she was overseas, and really wants Lisa to marry Don. Both Lisa and Don disagree, of course.

Don’s mother doesn’t want the farm to pass on so she schemes to marry her son off. She announces that she has cancer and only has a few months to live forcing Don and Lisa to agree to a fake, contract marriage to make his mom happy.

7. Ok Keub Hak Ab Ruk Khun Samee (My Husband in Law) 2020

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on Lakorn Galaxy, Watch on MyAsianTV

Muey has lived with her crush, Thein, for 7 years, but he has never seen her in a romantic light. Instead, he has always teased and bullied her. Muey has resolved to love him from afar.

Thein, being the playboy that he is, gets involved with the wife of a mobster. In order to save his life, Thein’s mother forces him to marry Muey to fake their marriage in order to save his life.

Thien had always imagined his wife to be perfect and never saw Muey as that but agrees to enter into a contract marriage with her to put himself out of danger.

If you’re interested in reading honest reviews first, check out MyDramaList or WynnesWorld.

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8. Rahut Rissaya (The Envy Code) 2020

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Drama, Revenge, Forced Marriage | Watch on OhSweetHaven

“Pa” Palai, an heiress to billionaire parents, loses both her parents and her inheritance when they are found murdered in a car accident. Pa’s aunt and cousin Jan have taken all the money and are selling off her parent’s assets.

With the suspicious circumstances around her parents’ deaths, Pa discovers that Siwa’s (who is also dating Jan) dad is possibly involved in nefarious activities.

Pa blackmails Siwa into a forced contract marriage so she can find out more about his father’s dealings.

9. Kao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub (My Secret Bride) 2019

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Action, Fake Marriage | Watch on Nekoland, Watch on Bili Bili

Sassy Suam is a young girl from the slums who loves the people in her community and stands up for them. Danurut is a police officer trying to keep the peace and wants to root out the mafia boss who’s running the town.

Although they bicker every time they meet, Suam has held a secret crush on Danurut for many years. On the other hand, Danurut believes that Suam is the mistress of his cousin’s fiance.

Suam is approached by an undercover cop to spy on Danurut, while Danurut proposes a fake marriage to keep Suam away from his cousin’s fiance.

10. Sapai TKO (Bride in Disguise) 2019

Quick facts: 20 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Family, Fake Marriage | Watch on OhSweetHaven, Watch on MyAsianTV

Ravit has just returned home from being overseas and is bombarded with his interfering mom who wants him to marry Pimduean.

Ravit takes a trip to visit his nanny and gets ambushed by thieves. Rakfah sees that he’s in trouble and uses her skills in boxing to fight the thieves away. After Ravit recovers, he accuses Rakfah of stealing from him.

Rakfah and her family are in debt due to an alcoholic uncle, which is why Rakfah’s younger brother stole Ravit’s wallet. When Ravit comes to their home to get his wallet back, he unwittingly gets involved with the loan sharks who came to collect the debt or kill Rakfah’s uncle. Ravit helps pay off some interest to save their lives, causing Rakfah to be indebted to him.

In the midst of this mess, Ravit keeps getting calls from his mother wanting him to marry someone. Tired of it all, Ravit hires Rakfah to become his wife to stop his mother’s matchmaking ways and in return, he’ll clear the debt he just paid to her debt collectors.

11. Poobao Indy Yayee Inter (Indy Boyfriend Inter Darling) 2019

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Intense Bickering, Forced Marriage | Watch on OhSweetHaven, Watch on MyAsianTV

“Chilo” Chalothorn is a headstrong and spoiled Hi-So (high society) orphan girl who will inherit her late father’s business when she turns 25. “Pol” Tossapol is an Isan police officer trying to keep the peace and catch drug dealers in his countryside hometown.

Chilo was swindled out of her inheritance by the people who raised her, and so moved to live in the country with her aunt Nuan who had always watched out her for. Aunt Nuan is also very close to Pol, who had confided in her that he wants a wife to avoid getting married to 2 sisters.

From their very first encounter, Chilo and Tossapol have always had a tumultuous relationship, but they pretend to be in a relationship to avoid his impending nuptials.

For an English subbed OST, watch here: Poo Bao Indy Yayee Inter OST eng sub

12. Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Maturot Lohgan (Gentleman Theif) 2019

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Action, Fantasy, Forced Marriage | Watch on Nekoland

Seua Pha wants to impress his outlaw father and lead the next robbery/raid, so he sets out to steal a valuable possession of Lieutenant Phet: his fiance, “Petch” Nampeung.

Suea Pha was successful. He brings Petch back to their campground of bandits and presents her to his father. His father wanted to show the Lieutenant that they can’t outdo the group of bandits, and forces Suea Pha and Petch to get married.

13. Jao Sao Jum Yorm (When I Marry a Stranger) 2018

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama, Fake Marriage | Watch on Dramacool

“May” Maysarin is preparing for her wedding when her fiance Sarut abandons her at the altar with Pin, who incidentally was also getting married the same day to her fiance “Kade” Kadethaen. Both May and Kade randomly find each other in a bar on the beach commiserating about their failed wedding days.

Because they are both still in their wedding garb, the people on the beach think they are together and congratulate them. May and Kade decide to have a little fun and pretend they are married for the evening.

They both get drunk, one thing leads to another, and they sleep together. May would rather forget the whole encounter altogether, but it seems Kade would like to work something out.

As the main couple start to intertwine their lives together – will love will blossom?

14. Tur Keu Prom Likit (You’re my Destiny) 2017

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Forced Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

The Thai adaptation of the popular Tawainese Fated to Love You brings the storyline of Pawut and Wanida who are found sleeping together on a cruise under questionable circumstances.

Pawut is the CEO of a large corporation whereas Wanida is a secretary who is taken for granted and does everything to please everyone.

They both sign up for the same cruise–Pawut to propose to his long-time girlfriend and Wanida to lose her virginity to her boyfriend. As fate would have it Pawut is drugged and Wanida took the cold medication as she was feeling under the weather.

Wanida finds out that she is pregnant and enters into a fake marriage with Pawut.

15. Ra Rerng Fai (Rapturous Flame) 2017

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Drama, Revenge, Fake Marriage | Watch on DramaCoolTV

Chakrit is out to get revenge on Yada’s family because her father had accused his father of a crime and was now in prison for it. So Chakrit seduces Yada’s younger sister (as Yada is currently overseas), proposes to her, and purposely stands her up on their wedding day.

This causes severe heartbreak for Yada’s sister and Yada returns just in time to see the mess that’s left behind of the wedding day.

Yada finally discovers that it was Chakrit who left her sister at the altar, but no one in the family understood why. Chakrit was also tightlipped and continues to bring havoc to Yada’s family.

Chakrit decides that marrying Yada would cause the most pain to her father, so he proposes marriage. Yada’s father was not doing well and her sister was on the brink of a mental breakdown, so Yada reluctantly agrees to marry Chakrit so he would stop pursuing revenge on her family and would turn to her instead.

16. Koo Za Rot Zab (Spicy Flavor of Love) 2017

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Forced Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

“Rose” Rosirin’s family owns the largest Isan fermented fish factory. When she returns home, she finds that the company is in deep debt so she wants to help her mom and aunt find a way to get the business back up again.

“Korn” Kornpope is a useless playboy who isn’t ready to settle down and has no plans for his career. His father is tired of Korn’s careless ways and wants a change. He is also a good friend of Rose’s dad, so when her mom calls to ask for help with the debt, he agrees–with a proposition.

He wants Rose to marry his son Korn so that she can tame him and help Korn to find a purpose in life. Both Korn and Rose do not want to marry each other, but they decide to anyway for their own personal reasons.

17. Princess Hours 2017

Quick facts: 20 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on Dramacool

King Thada of the fictitious country Bhutin wants his son, the Crown Prince In to get married. King Thada’s father had made a promise with his loyal guard to have their families intertwined through marriage one day.

Cheerful Kaning, the only female relative of the royal guard, is found in Thailand and asked to become the cold-hearted Prince In’s wife. Since Prince In was rejected by his love interest, he is willing to enter into this arranged marriage.

Kanning, wanting to save her parent’s marriage, also agrees to marry Prince In.

18. Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised (When a Man Loves a Woman) 2016

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Fake Marriage | Watch on WatchAsians

Sattawat is a doctor whose mother has a gambling addiction and put them into debt. Anusaniya’s family is a wealthy family who owns a large corporation and has helped Sattawat’s mother get out of debt.

In return for this help, both of their mothers want Sattawat and Anusaniya to get married. Anusaniya doesn’t want to get married, but because her uncle is romantically pursuing her, she agrees to get married to dissuade her uncle from wanting to marry her.

19. Padiwarada (Beloved Loyal Wife) 2016

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Historical, Drama, Fake Marriage | Watch on DramaCool, Watch on MyAsianTV

Saran came from a rich family in society and had everything: money, a beautiful girlfriend, and a happy family. When his dad committed suicide due to debts that he couldn’t pay back, Saran and his mother took on the debts and soon became ignored by their societal friends.

Saran was hoping to marry his girlfriend but found out that her parents are having her marry another man instead. With her son being heartbroken, Saran mother remembers that they had made a promise long ago with their best friends to have their children marry each other later in life.

Rin, who is an orphan and the adoptive daughter of the best friends agrees to become Saran’s wife to pay back their kindness. She moves in with Saran and begins her new life as his beloved wife.

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20. Jao Sao Chapor Kit (Specific Bride) 2015

Quick facts: 27 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fake Marriage | Watch on Nekoland

Poom is the CEO of a large company and is in love with Deurnchai, who is currently studying abroad in Japan. His mother wants him to get married soon to someone she chooses so Poom schemes up a plan to not get married until his love Deurnchai returns.

Yai Mangeaw’s family is planning an arranged marriage for her, but she also refuses to marry and runs away from home. Not having a place to stay, she starts to look for a job.

At the same time, Poom and his friend are looking to hire a hire stand-in wife. Yai Mangeaw misunderstands that the job is to be a maid and applies. She soon discovers their plan and profusely declines.

She overhears Poom talking about Deurnchai and realizes that he is talking about her dear friend who is studying in Japan. Because Deurnchai has helped her in the past, Yai Mangeaw agrees to be his fake wife and enters into a contract marriage until her friend Deurnchai returns.

21. Leh Ratree (A Woman’s Trickery) 2015

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Drama, Forced Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kate is a cheerful young lady who is living her life when she finds out that her father has stolen money from Sake’s company. Sake and his family are all very upset and storm to Kate’s home only to find her father and mother gone.

When they do catch up to Kate’s parents, they find her father in the hospital with a very bad heart condition. Kate’s father decides to sell his daughter Kate to Sake’s family as their daughter-in-law with the understanding that they want an heir for Sake, the only son.

22. Woon Nuk Ruk Tem Barn (Full House) 2014

Quick facts: 20 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on Youtube

Full House follows the familiar storyline as its many adaptations from other Asian dramas.

Aom is a cheerful writer who lives with her sister in the house their dad left for them when he passed. Aom’s sister and fiance tell her that she has won a first-class flight and a prize to visit South Korea. Aom is so excited to go since it’ll be her first time out of the country.

When she flies, she encounters Mike, who is a Thai superstar on his way to South Korea as well. When Aom returns home, she finds out that she is swindled out of her home and Mike is the new owner.

She doesn’t have enough money to pay him and get her house back, so they enter into a marriage contract for a year so she can work her way to getting the house back in her name.

23. Samee (The Husband) 2013

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on Dramacool

Khun Ying “Ai” Rasika comes from a royal family line and was taught from a young age to respect her pedigree and background. When her father passed away, Ai and her mother were left with a lot of debt.

In order to keep the house and clear the debts, Ai’s mother accepted marriage to the new emergent wealthy Chinese businessman, Jao Sua.

Though Ai doesn’t agree with her mother’s decision and she is put in harm’s way, her new stepfather Jao Sua wants to protect her by having Ai marry his son, Rab.

24. Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Trickery of Love) 2011

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

Bua is the daughter of a wealthy business family. Her mother has always wanted to break into the high society of the city and asks Bua to marry a man she doesn’t know or love.

Coincidentally, Ran, who is a good friend of Bua’s brother, is in need of a woman to masquerade as his girlfriend so his mother won’t force him to get married.

Bua and her friend come up with the idea to have Bua be the fake girlfriend so she doesn’t have to get married and gets to be next to her childhood crush, Ran.

25. Mia Taeng (Wedded Wife) 2011

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Drama, Forced Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV, Watch on LakornGalaxy

Kongkai is a playboy and his mother really wants him to settle down. She is reminded of “Prai” Arunprapai, the daughter of a friend she helped in the past, and asks if Prai would be willing to marry her son.

Prai, wanting to get away from an ex who impregnated another woman, agrees to marry Kongkai. She also wants to repay Kongkai’s mother who helped her own mom in the past.

26. Wanida 2010

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Historical Fiction, Forced Marriage | Watch on Dramacool

The younger son of the old and proud Mahasek family owes money to the loan shark Dao who became rich from collecting debts. Because they don’t have any money to their name, the youngest Mahasek son runs away to try and find enough money for his family and pay back his debts.

Dao, who loves his daughter Wanida more than anything, proposes a marriage between the Mahasek family and his so that Wanida can have the best life and a title to her name. With only Prajek, the eldest Mahasek son still in the house, Dao forces Prajek to marry Wanida and Dao will clear their family debts.

Dao informs Wanida that Prajek, the eldest Mahasek son, has fallen in love with her from afar and wants to marry her. Being naive and believing her father, she agrees to marry Prajek.

27. Wiwa Wah Woon (Chaotic Wedding) 2010

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on Dramacool

Airada is a popular fortune teller who goes on television shows and is hired by the rich to tell their fortunes. Pavee is a rich playboy whose mother really wants to settle down and start a family.

Pavee’s mother hires Airada to tell her fortune. Airada tells Pavee’s mother that her whole family will die, but they can have the most auspicious event of all to save their family-a wedding!

Pavee is forced to marry Airada and soon finds out that she had lied to them. Their marriage soon becomes a chaotic competition of who calls divorce first.

Forced Fake Marriage Thai Dramas Pending English Subtitles

28. Koei Baan Rai Sapai Hi So (My Beloved in Law) 2022

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romantic Comedy, Fake Marriage | Watch on Nekoland

“Chom” Chomsopa has just returned home from studying overseas and is forced by her Hi-So mother to choose a man to marry. Not wanting to be forced into marrying someone, Chom runs away from home.

Chom decides to run away to her father’s hometown in the country, she bumps into “Nin” Chaninthorn and they start off on the wrong foot. Nin has also just returned from being overseas and his father, the town’s headman, wants him to pursue something serious for his career.

As the story unfolds, Nin and Chom figure that a fake marriage would benefit both of them. Through bickering, slapstick humor, and growing closer to each other, will we see them fall in love and stay married?

Final Thoughts on Forced Fake Marriage Thai Dramas

Of all the Asian dramas, Thai dramas are set apart from Korean dramas and Chinese dramas. They have their own cultural twists to draw you in.

Do you have one of these recommended Thai dramas on your to-watch list? Which one did I miss? Comment below!

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