32 Top-Rated Slap Kiss Thai Dramas

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Slap kiss is a popular trope or genre in Thai lakorns where the male lead will force a kiss on the female lead, she slaps him, and he continues to kiss her. There are also plotlines where an aggressive male lead pursues a female lead.

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Slap kiss Thai dramas will most likely stem from revenge, jealousy, or the possessiveness of the male lead. There are typically intense feelings of hate and love between the 2 main leads.

Ultimately the couple always makes up in the end and falls deeper in love with one another.

This trope is popular because it shows the couple deeply in love with one another and willing to do anything for each other, even if it means crossing the line.

Trigger Warning: This genre is very controversial and isn’t for everyone as it hovers over the line of going too far–and then does actually go too far.

If you’re curious about this trope or want to watch some popular Thai lakorns in this genre, check out some of the popular slap kiss Thai dramas below!

Here are 32 popular slap kiss Thai dramas!

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32 Top-Rated Slap Kiss Thai Dramas

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You may want to consider signing up for a VPN, also known as a virtual private network if the drama you’d like to watch is not reachable in your country.

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1. Jao Sao Jamloei (The Defendant Bride) 2022

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Drama, Revenge, Forced Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

Jan runs away after she is drugged and was being forced to marry an older man to clear her family debts. While on the run, she bumps into Sichon, a young and rich vineyard owner.

Sichon helps Jan get away from the old man and takes her to his vineyard. Sichon actually knows Jan from a different time and was in love with her. Since Jan left him so abruptly, Sichon proposes a year of marriage together.

He will help Jan clear her debts and she will elevate his status. However, Sichon is really out for revenge since Jan broke his heart many years earlier.

2. Wong Wien Hua Jai (Revolving Hearts) 2021

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Romance, Drama, Deception, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

When Bow returns to Thailand, she learns that her boyfriend had cheated on her and impregnated another woman, Vithinee.

Brokenhearted, Bow heads to a bar to get drunk and forget her ex-boyfriend. She gets into a bad situation where she was almost drugged by a criminal.

Tos, the protective brother of Vithinee, fortunately, helps Bow in time but also chooses to take her for himself.

3. Sung Jai Hai Yood Rak Tur (Irresistible) 2021

Quick facts: 22 episodes | Romance, Drama, Revenge, Slap Kiss | Watch on Always Grumpy Cat, Watch on DramaCool, Watch 2015 on MyAsianTV

Kimhan and Mookarin are happily in love, but it’s cut short when Kimhan’s sister Mon was found dead.

Unable to believe that she killed herself without cause, Kimhan blames her husband, Mookarin’s brother for cheating on her which made Mon depressed and turned to suicide.

Mookarin believes that her brother is innocent and will stand by him as well. Though everyone gets caught in Kimhan’s path of revenge, he and Mookarin still can’t forget their love.

4. Wimarn Sai (Somewhere Our Love Begins) 2021

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Drama, Historical, Slap Kiss | Watch on Faladas Creations, Watch on MyAsianTV

Panin got hurt while running away from robbers. He runs into Arisara and she helps tend to him. While Panin is recovering, they both fall for each other even though Panin hasn’t revealed who he really is.

When Panin discovers that Arisara is the classmate that his brother Yoh is obsessed with and almost died over, Panin seeks revenge even though he still has feelings for Arisara.

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5. Mia Jumpen (Wife on Duty) 2021

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Slap and Kiss, Fake Marriage | Watch on Nekoland

Tawan is an online maid for hire who lives in the country with her mother. Tamorn is the CEO of a successful rubber company in Phuket. They have an online relationship where they talk about their love (and differing) opinions on Thai lakorns.

When Tamorn finds out that his parents have arranged for him to marry Yardfah, his dad’s best friend’s daughter, he doesn’t really want to marry her since he doesn’t love her.

But in respect to his parents, Tamorn decides to meet Yardfah before making his final decision. When Tamorn arrives at Yardfah’s house, he actually meets Tawan, who is the maid for Yardfah’s house but is dressed in Yardfah’s clothes.

Tamorn mistakes her for Yardfah and is willing to marry her. The real Yardfah doesn’t want to marry Tamorn, so Tawan plots to marry him in her place so she can get money to pay her mother’s medical bills.

6. Nabi Chan Ja Mai Rak Thoe (Nabi, My Step Darling) 2021

Quick facts: 22 episodes | Romance, Drama, Slap Kiss, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on Youtube

Sirin is the successful manager of Dubai Club and is highly regarded by her boss, Kawin’s father. When Sirin becomes pregnant, everyone believed it was the boss’s baby.

Kawin’s mother became depressed and drowned in the pool. He thinks her death is suspicious and blames Sirin.

A year after this incident, Nabi, Sirin’s younger sister, is now the manager of the Dubai club, Sirin has disappeared, and Kawin has returned from studying abroad.

Kawin was in love with Nabi but now thinks that Nabi is another one of his father’s mistresses so he treats her poorly.

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7. Payu Sai (Destiny of Us) 2021

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Drama, Action, Slap Kiss | Watch on DramaCool

When Narin, the billionaire owner of a golf club disappears, his half-brother Nares returns to help the investigation.

Nares meets Sai, Narin’s personal assistant and his first love from 7 years ago. Nares and Sai work together to find out what happened to Narin despite villains and problematic characters, like Narin’s mother.

8. Ruk Woon Wai Jao Chai Kob (The Frog Prince) 2021

Quick facts: 26 episodes | Romance, Business, Slap Kiss | Watch on Youtube

Kin is a cold-hearted businessman who has mortgaged a failing family resort. Lookpat, the daughter of the failing resort, has created a legend of the Frog Prince to save their resort by bringing visitors.

Kin has plans to expose this legend but was in an unexpected accident causing him to lose his memory. He is saved by Lookpat and her parents and his personality does a 180° shift to being warm and kind.

Lookpat’s mother lies to Kin saying that he and Lookpat are lovers in the name of saving the business.

Problems start arising though when Kin regains his memory and realizes he’s been lied to.

9. Rahut Rissaya (The Envy Code) 2020

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Slap Kiss, Revenge, Forced Marriage | Watch on OhSweetHaven

Palai loses both of her loving parents and her inheritance when they are found murdered in a car accident. In the midst of this Palai’s family takes all the money and starts selling all the assets.

Siwa is the man Palai’s cousin Jan is in love with. Palai also believes that Siwa’s father is involved in her parents’ deaths so she starts blackmailing him and forces him into a contract marriage.

Will Palai’s revenge plot ever find out what happened to her parents?

10. Prom Pissawat (The Destiny of Love) 2020

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama, Slap Kiss | Watch on Nekoland

Pol is half-Thai, half-Korean, and decides to head back to Thailand from South Korea to meet his new step-mother. Pol believes all women are gold diggers since his mother disappeared from his life early on.

Pol goes out to a bar while in Thailand and meets Pantawan, a beautiful and popular singer. Though he is developing feelings for Pantawan, Pol believes that she is also like all the other women.

As they grow closer together, Pol discovers that Pantawan’s mother is his new step-mom.

11. Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai (From Enemy to the Heart) 2020

Quick facts: 19 episodes | Romance, Action, Slap Kiss | Watch on Nekoland, Watch on MyAsianTV

Jett has a troubled past. When he gets out of prison, he chooses to become a hired gunman because of the target, Sophita.

Sophita is the older sister of his ex-girlfriend. She is also the boss of a large corporation and is very business-minded.

Though Jett was hired to kill Sophita, he turns out to be her protector instead. Through their ups and downs, will Jett and Sophita ever come to an understanding?

12. Fai Sin Chua (Flames of Vengeance) 2020

Quick facts: 22 episodes | Romance, Drama, Family, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Orawee and Tharn have everything except children. Because of their strong desire, they adopt 2 children, Aekaong and Atcharee.

Happily ever after doesn’t last long though as Tharn cheats on his wife. Both of them separate, with Orawee taking her daughter Atcharee with her.

Orawee forbids Atcharee to make contact with her brother and father, so she arranges a marriage between Atcharee and Ben.

Ben, a playboy, agrees to marry Atcharee to clear his family debts and isn’t really serious about his new wife. He even sleeps with her mother, Orawee.

Will happiness ever be found in this family drama?

13. So Wayree (Chain of Vengeance) 2020

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Parin falls in love with Paramita at first sight. His friend deceives him by drugging Paramita and selling her to Parin stating that she is a prostitute, when in fact Paramita is the daughter of a hotel mogul and is loved by many.

Paramita was on her way to study abroad when she was assaulted. She does leave after her encounter with Parin, and returns to Thailand 4 years later with a set of twins.

She discovers that Parin is the son of the other hotel mogul and their families have been sworn enemies since their grandparent’s time.

Paramita agrees to help her father exact revenge on Parin and his family, hoping to take over the hotel business.

14. Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang 2019

Quick facts: 34 episodes | Romance, Drama, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

As a news reporter, Nit follows Pawee and his father to the psych ward to find that his mother is still alive, not dead as the family had announced.

Pawee is upset that Nit has found out this news and reported it. They discover that Pawee’s mother went crazy because of her playboy husband (Pawee’s father).

When Pawee’s mother gets better, she is released to go home and hates Pawee’s girlfriend Pen at first sight. She forces Pawee and Nit to get married to each other even though they don’t love one another.

15. Hua Jai Sila (Heart of Stone) 2019

Quick facts: 27 episodes | Romance, Crime, Drama, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Tor is the love child of a wealthy man and his mistress. When his mother passes away due to neglect, Tor moves in with his father and his family. Tor’s new stepmother treats him poorly.

With no one to turn to, Tor becomes friends with the girl next door, Mingta, who also gets treated badly by her family.

When Tor falls into a river after being chased by his stepmother, he is presumed dead. But Tor is actually saved by another woman who knew his mother.

Years later, Tor returns under a new identity, Sila, to exact revenge on his father and his cruel family.

16. Game Sanaeha (Game of Love) 2018

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Enemies to Lovers, Revenge | Watch on KissAsian

Luckanai “Nai”, is a kind, young man who lives with Muaenchanok “Nok” and her family.

Within 2 years, Nok has lost everything: her parents have separated, her father is remarrying a younger lady, and her mother is a shameless flirt.

Though Nai has feelings only for Nai, she treats him poorly because she is jealous and fearful that her mother will start flirting with him.

Nok then starts a game of love to torture Nai, and they enter into a contract marriage together.

17. Ra Raerng Fai (Rapturous Flame) 2017

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Drama, Forced Marriage, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Chakrit seduces Yada’s sister and leaves her standing at the altar. When Yada returns home from being abroad, she intends to find out why Chakrit has done this.

Chakrit is on a path of revenge for his father. Yada’s father had framed Chakrit’s father and had him arrested, breaking their family apart.

Now that both Yada and Chakrit are vying for revenge, will love ever develop between these two?

18. Kleun Cheewit (Waves of Life) 2017

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Revenge, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Sathit is out for revenge when his fiance is killed in a car accident. Jeerawat was the person behind the driver’s seat, but she was drugged and running away from her smarmy stepfather.

When Sathit finds out that Jeerawat’s family hushed the incident using their money and influence, he becomes even more enraged.

Note: Kleun Cheewit is highly rated and one of the most popular Thai dramas from the slap and kiss trope. The 2 main leads have incredible chemistry on screen and the storyline doesn’t have as many plotholes as some other ones.

19. Rak Rai (Evil Love) 2017

Quick facts: 40 episodes | Romance, Revenge, Unrequited Love, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Win and Lek are best friends, however, Lek is actually in love with Win, but Win is already dating her older sister.

When Lek plans to go study abroad, she promises to return with her diploma in hand to show Win first.

Years later, Lek does return only to find out that Win and his family have died in a terrible accident.

Not believing this is true, Lek searches for Win until she finds him. However, Win is now seeking revenge on Lek’s family, who is believed to be the instigator of the accident years prior.

20. Game Payabaht (Game of Vengeance) 2017

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Romance, Drama, Revenge, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Akkee blames Chat for his parent’s bankruptcy and suicide. Both of them are business rivals and Chat is even dating Akee’s sister Wanisa.

When Chat’s mother disapproves of Wanisa and announces that Chat will marry another woman, Wanisa is upset and runs away. She gets sexually assaulted by a gang and turns insane.

Akkee is very angry at Chat and wants to take revenge. He does so on Chat’s sister Chabaa by taking her to a remote island to torture.

21. Raeng Tawan (The Burning Sun) 2016

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Drama, Mystery, Slap Kiss | Watch on Lakorn Galaxy | Watch on MyAsianTV

Suriyen, or Nai Pu, is a land owner who is seeking revenge on his sister’s killer. Tarntawan, or Kate, returns from being abroad after her brother is accused of killing his wife, Suriyen’s sister.

Suriyen believes that Kate is working with her brother to cover up his sister’s death and is unwilling to find out what happened to her.

While Suriyen is out seeking revenge, Kate is also stuck taking care of her little nephew, Peach.

22. Kon La Kop Fah (Different Lines of Horizon) 2016

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Mystery, Fake Marriage, Slap Kiss | Watch on Nekoland, Watch on MyAsianTV

Chanika returns home from being abroad because her father is sick and in the hospital. What Chanika doesn’t know is that her family is in large debt.

As Chanika tries to find work, she is hired by Chinapat, an owner of a large rubber factory, who is only doing favors for his cousin who asked Chinapat to hire Chanika.

Chinapat then asks Chanika to marry him in return for getting paid a large sum so he can avoid getting married to someone his mother arranged for him.

23. The Fire Series 2: Talay Fai (Ocean of Fire) 2016

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Melodrama, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Pasika was deeply hurt when she finds out her father is having an affair with his secretary. When Pasika’s mother finds out, she goes insane and loses her mind.

Pasika, not wanting to be near her father, runs away from home and meets Anupong, the owner of Andaman Pearl Resort and Hotel set on an island. Anupong has good feelings toward Pasika so he hires her to manage his hotel.

Unfortunately, Anupong dies in a huge explosion on his boat, which almost destroyed the island as well.

Techin heads to the island to take care of his father’s matters and the hotel, only to find Pasika. Mistaking her as his father’s mistress, Techin becomes angry and jealous.

He tries to banish her from the island only to find out that his father’s will states Pasika must help Techin run the hotel for another 2 years.

24. Petch Tud Petch (Eye for an Eye) 2016

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Action, Romance, Slap Kiss | Watch on Catattack

Chart and Yod are equally skilled at their jobs as hired hitmen. They work together under Trai who is the right-hand man of Madame Louise, which also encourages them to compete against one another.

Pai Lu is an undercover cop who is disguised as a diver. Her mission is to uncover the underground dealings of Madame Louise.

25. Leh Ratree (A Woman’s Trickery) 2015

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Forced Marriage, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

When Kate’s father steals money from Sake’s company and becomes hospitalized, Kate has to pay back her father’s sin.

He sells his daughter to Sake in marriage and as payment for clearing his debts and providing their family with an heir.

26. Roy Leh Sanae Rai (100 Tricks of Deceitful Passion) 2015

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Drama, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV, Watch 2015 on MyAsianTV

Kongpop and Namnueng’s fathers used to be really good friends who had invested in a business together. Because it was so successful, Kongpop’s father became greedy and took the business for himself.

Years later on his deathbed, Kongpop’s dad is feeling guilty so he wills a large amount of money to Namnueng.

When Kongpop comes back from being abroad for his father’s funeral and finds out about the money, he becomes angry. He plots to make Nameung fall in love with him and sign all the money over to him.

27. Hua Jai Teuan (Wild Heart) 2014

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama, Hidden Identity, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV, Watch on Lakorn Galaxy

Park ran away from home after his father mistreats him and he doesn’t feel the love from his mother. Park is helped by a rich man who takes him in as a son.

Amawasee is the niece of Park’s stepfather and was very sad when he ran away. She had feelings for him and he was kind to her.

Years later, Park purchases his old house back from his stepfather when it was put up for sale due to financial difficulties. Amawasee recognizes Park as her old friend, but he refuses to acknowledge her.

Amawasee is then forced to marry Park’s younger brother by her uncle (the stepfather). When Park learns of this, he becomes angry and kidnaps her.

28. Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (Bittersweet Promise of Revenge) 2014

Quick facts: 26 episodes | Romance, Revenge, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kin, the wealthy President of KTK Corporation just married his long-time, girlfriend of 7 years, Ganok. When Ganok realizes that she forgot her wedding gift to her new husband, she goes out to get it.

Tawan is heartbroken when she learns that her fiance has been cheating on her after using her for her money. She walks home in the rain, not really paying attention to where she was going.

Due to the rain, Ganok couldn’t see very well either. Both of them get into an accident. Ganok dies that evening in the hospital.

Kin, sad that he just lost his new wife, vows to get revenge on the person who caused her death.

29. Pin Anong (A Woman’s Hairpin) 2012

Quick facts: 22 episodes | Romance, Action, Comedy, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Yai, afraid that he caused the death of his stepmother’s love, runs away from home. When Yai learns that his father has died, he comes back to take his inheritance.

Yai also discovers that his stepmother may have been a part of his father’s death, so now he is also seeking revenge.

Upon his return, Yai falls in love with Pin, but she is already in love with someone else. He enjoys tormenting people and forcibly takes Pin with him.

30. Game Rai Game Rak (Game of Evil, Game of Love) 2011

Quick facts: 21 episodes | Romance, Amnesia, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Saichon is happily living on an island when he comes across an unconscious Fahlada. He takes her in and takes care of her, but Fahlada cannot remember who she is before she got to the island.

As Saichon and Fahlada live on the island together, they fall in love.

When her sister saw her in a magazine, she comes to take Fahlada away. Fahlada receives electric shock treatment to get her memory back but loses all memory of island life.

Saichon was hurt when Fahlada was taken away. Though he searches. for her, he cannot find her. But many years later, Saichon is now a business owner and meets Fahlada through his new business partner.

He is upset when she cannot remember him and their love, so he starts plotting his revenge based on anger.

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31. Mia Taeng (Wedded Wife) 2011

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Infidelity, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

In order to escape the terrible rumors that she is a homewrecker, Arunprapai agrees to marry Kongkai.

Kongkai, not able to go against his mother, agrees to marry Arunprapai. However, their marriage does not run smoothly as Kongkai’s ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture.

32. Borisut Bumbut Kaen (Revenge Therapy Company) 2009

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Revenge, Mental Illness, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV

Taywan and his family are in a terrible car accident where he loses his wife and child. Taywan barely escaped with his life and ends up with a scarred face from the fire.

He seeks revenge on Chanai, the person who caused him to lose his family. When Taywan returns from abroad after plastic surgery on his face, he opens up a spa near Chanai’s hotel.

Final Thoughts: 32 Top-Rated Slap Kiss Thai Dramas

I hope you enjoyed our list of the most popular slap kiss Thai dramas. It is truly a different kind of trope and will require a different mindset if this is not your usual go-to.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to check out some of our other posts for more great content from Thailand.

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