Top 33 Hate to Love Enemies to Lovers Thai Dramas

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Have you ever watched Asian dramas and fallen in love with the enemies to lovers trope? If so, you’re not alone!

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There are numerous Thai dramas featuring this popular plotline. Whether you’re looking for light-hearted fun or intense emotional rollercoasters, these dramas have it all.

So get ready to start falling for your favorite bad boys and girls and finding a great drama!

Here are the top 33 hate to love or enemies to lovers Thai dramas!

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33 Hate to Love Enemies to Lovers Thai Dramas

Note: This blog post only includes Thai dramas that have been released online with English subtitles. When you find the one you’d like to watch, you can click on the link and it’ll take you there directly! Happy Watching!

1. Hua Jai Ruk See Duang Dao (F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers) 2021

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Enemies to Lovers, Teen | Watch on KissAsian

Gorya is on an athletic scholarship at an elite international high school for the wealthy. Though it looks like a nice private school on the outside, the school is run by a school gang called F4.

F4 consists of 4 wealthy high school boys, with Thyme as their leader. They choose who to bully and the whole school, including teachers, does not stand up to them.

Gorya is tired of the bullying and is the only one who stands up to F4 and their school gang violence. Thyme is immediately impressed by her, but Gorya has her eyes set on Ren, who seems the most different in the group.

Will the two main leads, Thyme and Gorya let go of their hate for each other and fall in love in this popular series?

2. Praomook (Proud Mook) 2021

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Superstitious, Forced Marriage, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on Dramacool

“Lun” Chalantorn has always had bad luck, so his superstitious parents found a girl with the right star alignment to be Lun’s good luck charm, “Mook” Praomook.

Mook and Lun get married in high school. Even though Mook was ready to be his wife, Lun hated Mook and considers her an ugly duckling.

Years pass and they meet again in South Korea where Mook helps Lun escape a gunman who is looking to shoot him. Lun doesn’t recognize Mook, but she knows who he is right away.

When they return to Thailand, Lun’s parents ask Mook to marry Lun again to dispel the bad luck of this shooter who is looking to kill Lun. Mook agrees to marry Lun to get her revenge for him treating her poorly during their high school days.

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3. Wong Wien Hua Jai (Rotation of the Heart) 2021

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Romance Drama, Mystery, Deception, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on OhSweetHaven, Watch on MyAsianTV

Click for English Subtitled Teaser

Bow discovers her boyfriend has impregnated a woman, Vithanee, and so she decides to return to Thailand.

Heartbroken, Bow heads to a club to drink her woes away and ends up in a sketchy situation. She is saved by Tos, who happens to be Vithanee’s brother.

Being the overprotective brother that he is, Tos schemes to marry Bow, and their romance drama of enemies to lovers begins.

4. Nabi Chan Ja Mai Rak Thoe (Nabi, My Step Darling) 2021

Quick facts: 22 episodes | Romance, Drama, Mystery, Deception, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on Youtube

Kawin’s father owns Dubai Club and has entrusted the management to Sirin, Nabi’s older sister. When Sirin became pregnant, everyone suspected the father was Kawin’s dad.

In the midst of this, Kawin’s mother drowned in the pool and passed away. He has always believed that her death was suspicious.

Now a year later, Nabi is currently the manager, her sister Sirin has disappeared, and Kawin is newly returned from England.

He holds a grudge against Nabi because he believes that she is another one of his father’s mistresses. In this thick plot of hate, will their love emerge?

5. So Wayree (Chain of Vengeance) 2020

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on NekoLand

Paramita is beautiful and loved by everyone. She is also the heiress to one of the highest-earning real estate companies, The Emperor. Before she leaves Thailand to go study abroad, she has a terrible encounter.

Parin works for a competing hotel that’s trying to be at the top in the hospitality industry. When Paramita returns and meets him again, she is reminded of their one-night stand.

She becomes even more enraged when she finds out that Parin works for their competitor. Will these two find love in a competitive business world?

6. Trab Fah Mee Tawan (My Forever Sunshine) 2020

Quick facts: 19 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on MyAsianTV

Paeng comes from a wealthy family but was neglected in her childhood due to her parents being so busy. Because of this, Paeng becomes very spoiled.

When her parents tragically pass away, Paeng’s childhood friend Arthit has sympathy for her and invites her to stay with him and his family. Paeng developed an obsession with Arthit and wants to marry him, but Arthit refuses.

Paeng causes Arthit to get into a bad accident, so she is asked to leave their property. In the years that they are apart, Paeng learns who she is and develops herself immensely.

When Arthit’s father asks her to come back, she finds that Arthit still holds a very deep grudge against her.

7. Payakorn Sorn Ruk (Prophecy of Love) 2020

Quick facts: 19 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Crime, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on MyAsianTV

Rosita gets into a terrible car accident and recovers with a special ability: she can now tell the future when she touches a rose.

She tells a fortune that Theeruth, a famous actor will have a baby in secret and gets him into trouble, which also starts his hate for her.

Years later, Rosita is telling fortunes for famous celebrities when she has a prophecy of Theeruth. She keeps this a secret, but it seems that someone wants to know the truth and even wants Rosita dead.

Theeruth coincidentally saves her from a bad situation and invites her to stay with him to keep her safe since everyone knows they hate each other anyway.

8. Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai (From Enemy to the Heart) 2020

Quick facts: 19 episodes | Romance, Action, Slap Kiss, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on NekoLand

Jett hates Sophita because she interfered with his relationship with Rin, his ex-girlfriend. Sophita, a manager at a large corporation has a target on her back.

Jett has just gotten out of prison and became a gunman for hire. He took the job when he realized the target is his ex’s sister, Sophita.

Once Jett kidnaps Sophita, he’ll need to decide if he’ll kill her or keep her safe.

Click here to watch the OST (Original Soundtrack)

9. Fah Mee Tawan (The Sky Has the Sun) 2020

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Romance, Family, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on MyAsianTV

Paul is on a binge for revenge. His father left him and his mother for Net and took the company business with him, which actually belongs to Paul’s mother.

In pain, Paul’s mother passes away. Many years later, Paul has returned to claim his right to the company. Paul also struggles to gain his father’s approval who shows more love to Nainapha, Net’s adopted daughter.

In Paul’s revenge, he needs to determine who the true villain is and whether he’ll find love or not.

10. Marn Bang Jai (Hearts in Veil) 2020

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Romance, Drama, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on NekoLand

Click for English Subtitled Teaser

Fuenglada is a beautiful high school student who has a really close relationship with her father. While on his way to see her at school, Fuenglada’s father gets hit by Taen’s car and dies.

Taen is a rich widower with a daughter. After learning that Fuenglada will be sold to a criminal, he decides to marry her even though there is a huge age gap.

Fuenglada hates Taen for what he did to her father and Taen doesn’t trust her family. As they both start their lives together in an older man younger woman relationship, what will happen to their marriage?

11. Prom Pissawat (The Destiny of Love) 2020

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on NekoLand

Plapol does not have a good opinion of women. He believes all women are gold diggers especially when his father re-married a woman that Plapol believes is after his father’s money.

When Plapol returns to Thailand, he is attracted to Pantawan, a beautiful singer at a bar, and believes that she’s also after his money from his preconceptions of women.

Pantawan’s first impressions of Plapol aren’t great either because she is hardworking and not a gold digger at all.

Things take a turn for the worse when Plapool discovers that Pantawan’s mother is his new stepmother. Will these two main leads find an equal footing?

12. Love at First Hate (2018)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on Youtube

When smart, playboy, and foul-mouthed Dr. Pup meets beautiful, sexy actress Kluay, it is hate at first sight! They aren’t each other’s types and this immediately causes them to not like each other.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Dr. Pup and Kluay will have to pretend they are in a relationship together and appear to be in love.

Will these two continue hating each other or will they finally confess their love?

13. Game Sanaeha (Game of Love) 2018

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on KissAsian

Nok is a wealthy heiress who had studied abroad. While she was away, her parents got divorced because her father is marrying a much younger beauty queen, which made Nok very angry.

Nai comes from humble beginnings, but he has risen to leadership in Nok’s father’s company. Since he began living in Nok’s house, she despises him because she thinks he is out to get her money.

Nok starts a game of love to see who will win!

14. Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Love Destiny) 2018

Quick facts: 40 episodes | Historical, Romance, Time Travel, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on Dramacool

In present day, Kadesurang is doing archeological research in Ayutthaya with her friend Reungrit when they encounter a vengeful ghost, Karakade.

As Kadesurang and Reungrit return home on a late-night drive, they become scared that the ghostly Karakade is following them home. In the midst of their fear, Reungrit crashes the car.

Karakade dies and Kadesurang enters her body. Unknowingly Kadesurang wakes up in historical Ayutthaya to everyone hating her, including her fiance, Por Date.

Will the new Karakade/Kadesurang win everyone’s hearts and find true love?

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15. Tra Barb See Chompoo (Pink Stain) 2018

Quick facts: 24 episodes | Romance, Drama, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on NekoLand

Kiew’s mother is diagnosed with cancer and through circumstances, she and her mother both end up moving to live at Peat’s house.

Peat, angry that his father brought home a mistress, especially as his mother just passed, hates Kiew and her mother. Without trying to understand his father or the situation, Peat moves to study abroad.

When he returns 4 years later, he plots his revenge against Kiew at his father’s company.

16. Nakark Kaew (Glass Mask) 2018

Quick facts: 24 episodes | Romance, Drama, Plastic Surgery, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Lookkaew, a hi-so lady, was caught cheating on her fiance Ratt. He becomes angry and walks away from the relationship.

When Lookkaew realizes what happens, she chases after him and gets into a terrible car accident with Nadta. They are both taken to the hospital only to find out that Lookkaew has fallen into a coma.

Lookkaew’s mother, not wanting to lose Ratt as her son-in-law, orders Dr. Goson to perform plastic surgery to make Nadta look like Lookkaew.

When Nadta wakes up, she has amnesia and a new face. She is also told that she is engaged to Ratt, who is still angry at the real Lookkaew for cheating on him.

17. Game Payabaht (Game of Vengeance) 2017

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Romance, Drama, Slap Kiss, Hate to Love | Watch on NekoLand

Click for English Subtitled Teaser

Akkee lost both of his parents to suicide from bankruptcy. He blames his rival Chat for causing his parent’s death. Even more than this, Chat is also dating Akkee’s sister, Wanisa.

Chat’s mother doesn’t approve of Wanisa so she announces that Chat will get married to another woman. This causes Wanisa to run away and encounter terrible men, causing her to go insane.

Akkee becomes so enraged because his whole family is destroyed, goes after Chat’s sister, Chabaa. Akkee kidnaps her to a remote island and tortures her with violence.

18. Rak Rai (Evil Love) 2017

Quick facts: 40 episodes | Romance, Revenge, Family, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Lek returns home with her diploma from studying abroad ready to show it to her best friend, Win. In the time that Lek was away, Win’s parents died and he himself got into a horrific car accident and was presumed dead.

Lek was heartbroken when she heard the news. In actuality, Win has been alive and in hiding for the past 3 years. He is waiting to get revenge on Lek’s family who was at fault for his parents’ deaths.

Now that Win has returned to seek his revenge, will he use Lek as a tool for his vengeance even though they had been best friends in the past?

19. Kluen Cheewit (Waves of Life) 2017

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Revenge, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Jeerawat is a beautiful actress and model who worked hard for her fame. Her mother married a rich man who has his eyes set on her.

Successfully getting away from her stepfather after he tried drugging her, Jeerawat drives and hits a young woman, who later passes away in the hospital.

Sathit, a lawyer and the fiance of the young woman, is heartbroken and vows to get revenge on the person who caused his lover to die.

Sathit discovers that it was Jeerawat who hit his fiance and he starts plotting his revenge.

20. Game Maya (Superstar’s Game) 2017

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Revenge, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Right before their wedding day, Gun’s fiance dies. She does leave him a message first letting him know that her accident was caused by Kawin.

Pim, a famous actress, is engaged to Kawin. Since Gun wants to get closer to Kawin and get revenge on him for killing his fiance, Gun poses as Pim’s bodyguard.

In this plot of revenge, will Gun find love again?

21. Ra Rearng Fai (Rapturous Flame) 2017

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Revenge, Family, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on MyAsianTV

Chakrit is seeking revenge on Yada’s family because her father accused his father of murder and Chakrit’s father was arrested.

In his plot for revenge, Chakrit seduces Yada’s sister then leaves her at the altar, and shames her in front of their guests.

Yada becomes angry and also wants revenge on the man who has hurt her family. With so many plots of revenge in this family drama, will love ever emerge?

22. Ngao Asoke (Love Under the Shadow) 2016

Quick facts: 19 episodes | Romance, Historical, Family, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Young and orphaned Bpee goes to live with Viyada and her family after a car accident kills her only living relative, her grandmother.

At Viyada’s house, Bpee meets Monthai who is engaged to Viyada. Not able to take the jealous tendencies of his mom, Monthai decides to move abroad to study.

He does keep in contact with Viyada by sending her letters. Little did he know, it was Bpee who has been responding to his letters.

When Monthai learns that his mother is sick and asks for his return home, Monthai comes back to find that it’s Bpee and not Viyada taking care of his mom.

He becomes enraged and thinks that Bpee only wants their money. As his hatred for Bpee grows, will Monthai ever learn the truth of who has been writing him letters?

23. Rang Tawan (The Sun’s Power) 2016

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Mystery, Hate to Love | Watch on DramaCool

Suriyan, also known as Pu, is angry and wants to bring justice to his sister’s killer. He believes that her husband, Nopasit, is responsible for her death.

Tarntawan, also known as Kate, returns from being abroad to help sort out the trouble her brother Nopasit is going through.

She runs right into the hatred of Suriyan when he believes that Kate is trying to cover up an evil deed.

24. Nueng Nai Suang (Only You in My Heart) 2015

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Historical, Comedy, Hate to Love | Watch on NekoLand

Neung is the handsome son of an important diplomat and he has just returned to Thailand. Although girls are clamoring for his attention, he only has eyes for Poom–he fell in love at first sight!

Poom on the other hand remembers that Neung used to bully her and call her names when they were young, so she definitely does not like Neung and gives him the cut direct!

This embarrasses Neung and when he discovers who she is, Neung only increases his teasing ways.

25. Mafia Luerd Mungkorn: Suer (Dragon’s Blood: Suea) 2015

Quick facts: 9 episodes | Romance, Historical, Action, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

This historical drama is in the 50s. Wanvisa makes a young mafia man angry and when he tries to take revenge on her, Wanvisa doesn’t back down easily.

Through their chaotic pranks and bickering, Wanvisa also saves his life many times. She later comes to find out that his name is Prapop and he is the heir to a rich family.

With all the times that Prapop has escaped with his life, a fortune teller informs his parents that he has extremely bad luck. He’ll need to find a woman born on a full moon on a Monday.

Coincidentally, Wanvisa is such a woman, but will they be able to get past their history to be in each other’s lives?

26. Leh Nangfah (Fairy Magic) 2014

Quick facts: 28 episodes | Romance, Fantasy, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Even though Teepot and Lallalit “Beauty” grew up together, he really hates her! Beauty is a spoiled brat who is selfish and only cares about how beautiful she looks.

Looking down from heaven, 2 angels want to teach Beauty a lesson. They cast a spell on her to where Beauty is a human by day and a bird by night. Only true love’s kiss can break the curse.

Beauty thinks this will be an easy task as she believes everyone loves her. However, she finds out that she is actually hated when she overhears people talking behind her back.

Can Beauty break free?

27. Ya Leum Chan (Forget Me Not) 2014

Quick facts: 28 episodes | Romance, Drama, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Khem and Wadee are college sweethearts. Khem gave Wadee an engraved ring with the words “Forget Me Not” and secured a promise that she wouldn’t take it off unless she wants to forget him.

In the midst of their studies, Wadee had to return home due to a family emergency. She left without telling Khem and married an elderly rich man to help her family.

Years later, Khem and Wadee meet again. Wadee was curious about Khem and wanted to know if he still loved her. However, she found that Khem had turned into a vengeful person full of hate for her.

Can these two main leads get past their history and find true love again?

28. Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (Bittersweet Promise of Revenge) 2014

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Heartbroken, Tawan leaves the airport after discovering her long-time fiance had cheated on her and impregnated that woman. In her grief, Tawan walks home in the rain.

She is hit by a car driven by Ganok who was on her way back to see her newly wedded husband. Both Tawan and Ganok were taken to the hospital, but unfortunately, Ganok passes away from her injuries.

Kin, Ganok’s husband, is devasted and demands to know who caused the love of his life to die. After finding out it was Tawan, Kin plots heavy revenge on her for killing his new bride.

29. Rang Pratana (Heated Desires) 2013

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Family, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Thae, a spoiled rich girl, treats Pittaya very poorly because she doesn’t see him in the same status as her. With Pittaya being an adopted son, Thae feels that she can demand anything from him.

Pittaya on the other hand obeys what Thae asks of him in respect to her father, but he takes his time doing what she says which makes her really angry.

When Pittaya rejects an offer of marriage to Thae because he has a girlfriend already, Thae becomes enraged and plans to get back at him since he doesn’t have the right to reject her.

Thae and Pittaya’s hostility towards each other starts to get out of hand when Ravee believes they are truly a couple.

30. Samee (Husband) 2013

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Family, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Khun Ying Ai comes of royal descent. From a young age, her father has taught her to respect pedigree and ancestry.

When he passes away, Khun Ying Ai’s mother chooses to marry a wealthy Chinese businessman to pay off their debts. Khun Ying Ai despises the Chinese man and his family–she wants nothing to do with them because of their ancestry.

Even though he’s impressed by her temper and mindset, Khun Ying Ai’s new stepfather does not back down. In fact, he wants her to marry one of his sons to be protected from people who may want to harm her.

Will this marriage of hate ever find love?

31. Duang Jai Akkanee (2010)

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Family, Country Farming, Enemies to Lovers | Watch on MyAsianTV

Fai and Jeed are on neighboring farms and their parents are sworn enemies. Fai is one of the quadruplets and he has a heart for managing the family farm.

Jeed on the other hand also has a passion for farming so her father allows her to make big decisions for the farm.

A classic Romeo and Juliet story, chaos ensues each time Fai and Jeed meet. However, they may need to partner up to discover who is out to destroy their farms.

Will Fai and Jeed come to terms with love for each other in this romantic comedy?

32. Borisut Bumbut Kaen (The Revenge Therapy Company) 2009

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Revenge, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Taywan loses both his wife and son in a car crash. Having survived with burns on his face, Taywan is seeking justice for his family’s death.

Chanai, the owner of a hotel, was the cause of the car accident. After getting plastic surgery on his face, Taywan opens a spa next to her hotel.

He plans to get his revenge on Chanai, but feels conflicted when he believes he needs to protect her from her husband.

33. Sawan Biang (Paradise Diversion) 2008

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Family, Revenge, Hate to Love | Watch on MyAsianTV

Leela and her fiance got into a car accident with Kid and his wife. Both of their significant others pass away and Leela is hospitalized. Kid visits Leela every day and even pays for her medical treatments.

Leela soon finds out that Kid has a son named Kawee, whom Leela was in love with when she was young. Kawee, however, had always rejected her.

Kid proposes to Leela and, though she doesn’t love him, she accepts with the plan to get revenge on Kawee. Leela’s whole family moves into Kid’s home.

This is when things go a little crazy as Kawee seduces Leela’s sister Narin to make her jealous.

Final Thoughts: Enemies to Lovers Thai Dramas

So there you have it! Our list of the 33 best hate-to-love and enemies to lovers Thai dramas with English subtitles and couples with amazing chemistry!

I hope you’ve found a new favorite drama or two (or three) from our list.

Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite and why?

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