43 Thai Historical Drama Series [All Genres and Tropes]

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Are you looking for a good historical Thai drama series to watch? Look no further! I’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the best Thai historical dramas out there, including every genre and trope imaginable.

Top 43 Historical Series Thai Dramas - woman standing in ancient Ayutthaya

Whether you’re into ancient period pieces, romances, comedies, or war dramas, there’s something here for you. So get cozy on the couch and prepare to be entertained!

Here are 43 Thai historical drama series featuring various genres and tropes! There are also honorable mentions at the end!

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43 Thai Historical Drama Series

Note: This blog post only includes Thai dramas that have been released online with English subtitles. When you find the one you’d like to watch, you can click on the link and it’ll take you there directly! Happy Watching!

1. Kaew Lerm Korn (The Two Fates) 2021

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Family, Drama, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kaew and Nok are twin sisters with very different lives. Because their greedy uncle wanted their father’s money, Kaew and Nok were separated at birth and only a handful knows about their existence.

Kaew grew up in poverty with their cruel mother in Thailand while Nok and their father fled to France.

Years later, Nok returns to Thailand to find her mother and meets her twin instead.

Note: This drama has 2 versions, 2005 and 2021. However, I could only find the 2021 version with English subtitles.

2. Wimarn Sai (Somewhere Our Love Begins) 2021

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Forced Love, Family, Drama | Historical Time Period: 1960s | Watch on Youtube

Arisara is beautiful and talented. She coincidentally meets Panin when she saves him from a gang of thieves.

Panin is surprised by her generosity and feels good that she doesn’t know he comes from wealth. Arisara is impressed with his authenticity. Without knowing each other’s identities, they fall in love with each other.

When they both return to Bangkok, Panin discovers that Arisara was the young woman who rejected his brother’s proposal and caused him to hurt himself.

Angry, Panin seeks revenge for his brother.

3. Katha Singh (The Wand Warrior) 2021

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Historical, Action, Fantasy | Watch on NekoLand, Watch on MyAsianTV

Sirinda is the adopted daughter of a hotelier and mafia leader, Suttha. Suttha has protected himself with warriors who have magic. His goal is to find the Singha Scepter, which is able to reverse black magic.

Trai is a man who attained his magic from a monk where he basically can’t get hurt by using weapons. When Sirinda encounters Trai, she has a flashback memory of knowing him from her past.

As Trai and Sirinda try to figure out the evil and good forces of magic of the past, will they be able to save the nations and find true love?

4. Leh Bunpakarn (Mist of Love) 2020

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Action, Time Travel, Fantasy, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

From a young age, Plerngfah can see people and their previous lives. His parents, wanting to help and eliminate this ability, take Plerngfah to America for treatment.

When they return to Thailand many years later, Plerngfah meets Sitang while working as a reporter for Channel 6.

Meeting Sitang brings back all of Plerngfah’s abilities and he sees that they are soulmates from multiple lifetimes. However, they have to take care because the same people who wanted to hurt them resurface again.

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5. Dung Duang Haruetai (As One’s Heart) 2020

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama, Political, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

King Rangsimun rules Kasit and is the wealthiest of the 3 kingdoms. However, they don’t have access to water, which is why King Rangsimun wants to marry Princess Maneesala of Tanta.

However, this would leave Puntoolat to become isolated from the agreement. Princess Maneesala doesn’t want to marry the king anyway because of his ruthlessness, so she runs away and is rescued by Prince Tiyuttithorn of Puntoolat.

Hearing the current affairs and fearing war, Princess Tatsiga makes her way to talk to Prince Tiyuttithorn to release Princess Maneesala, but is instead taken hostage by the ruthless King Rangsimun.

How will the orders of these 3 kingdoms work out for peace?

6. Likit Haeng Jan (Destiny of the Moon) 2019

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Time Travel, Romance, Comedy, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Duangkaew is a conservative and quiet girl who lives in ancient Thailand. She’s also smart but doesn’t assert herself at all.

Opal is outspoken and tomboyish living in present-day Thailand. She is smart, bold, and doesn’t back down from a fight.

On the night of a full moon, both of these ladies are destined to switch places and live each other’s lives. What happens when they each fall in love?

7. Klin Kasalong (Scent of Love) 2019

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Family, Supernatural, Suspense, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

This film covers the multiple lifetimes of 2 twin sisters. Kasalong was beautiful and sweet and raised by their mother while her twin sister Songpeep was selfish and cruel just like their father.

Both of the girls died tragically in their first life. Songpeep, the selfish one, is reborn as Pimpisa who is now the daughter of a wealthy doctor. Pimpisa is confident but also has a temper.

Kasalong never got reborn so she became a vengeful spirit haunting Pimpisa to make her remember their old life. Kasalong finally is reborn again as Pimpisa’s daughter… but will they ever find true love?

8. Thong Ek: Herbal Master 2019

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Medicine | Historical Time Period: Reign of Rama 5 (Chulalongkorn) | Watch on MyAsianTV

Chaba is not into traditional roles such as cooking or sewing. She would prefer to practice sword fighting. Chaba does love her family though, so when her mother becomes sick, she seeks out an herbal master.

Thong has practiced medicine for years when one of his patients dies causing him to step away from medicine. He has a grandson Thong Ake who loves medicine though and can’t understand why his grandfather won’t let him practice.

When Chaba seeks out Thong and Thong Ake, she wants to learn more about medicine and asks Thong Ake to teach her.

9. Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Duang Jai Kabot (Gentleman Theif Series 1) 2019

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Historical, Action | Watch on MyAsianTV

This is a 2-part series following twin boys who were separated at birth. Gentleman Theif Series 1 is about the younger twin, Pasu, who grew up to become a lieutenant.

He is sent on a mission to save Princess Saengjunta where the royal seat has been overthrown.

As they become closer, will Pasu and Princess Saengjunta have a successful love story despite their differing statuses?

10. Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Maturot Lohgan (Gentleman Theif Series 2) 2019

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Historical, Action, Supernatural | Watch on Nekoland

The second part in the 2-part series, Gentleman Theif Series 2 follows the older twin, Seua Pha, who wants to prove his leadership to his father.

Seua Pha’s mission was to kidnap Nampueng, who is the fiancee of their number one enemy, Lieutenant Khun Phet. Having successfully kidnapped her, Seua Pha brings her back to their bandit village.

Seua Pha’s father wants to show the lieutenant that he can’t hold a candle to their band of thieves, and forces Seua Pha to marry Nampueng.

11. Look Mai Laai Sonthaya (Twilight Bond) 2018

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Historical, Alternate World | Watch on Nekoland

Duenpattra receives notification that her grandmother committed suicide, but this doesn’t seem believable. So she moves into her grandmother’s house to see if she can help with the investigation.

While living in her grandmother’s house, Duenpattra meets a mysterious man wearing a white outfit in her grandmother’s mirror. Intrigued, she finds out his name is Hem Hiran, and is from a different universe.

Hem starts helping Deunpattra solve her grandmother’s case and they begin to fall in love. But what happens if they’re both from parallel universes?

12. Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Love Destiny) 2018

Quick facts: 40 episodes | Romance, Time Travel | Historical Time Period: Ayutthaya | Watch on Dramacool

In ancient Ayutthaya, Karakade is a selfish and evil person. She is hated by everyone including her betrothed, Por Date. When Por Date finds out about a terrible thing Karakade did, he curses her to death.

Kadesurang is doing archeological research in Ayutthaya with her friend Reungrit in present-day Thailand when they encounter a vengeful ghost, Karakade.

Afraid of ghosts, Kadesurang and Reungrit hurry to drive home late at night. They see Karakade following them and in the midst of their fear, Reungrit crashes the car.

Karakade, fearing death, appeals to Kadesurang and asks her to return to ancient Ayutthaya to atone for her evil deeds. Kadesurang is looped into Karakades body in ancient times and starts living her new life in Ayutthaya.

Will the new Karakade/Kadesurang win everyone’s hearts and find true love?

13. Nueng Dao Fah Diew (One Land One Sky) 2018

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Action, Political | Historical Time Period: Ayutthaya | Watch on MyAsianTV

Mang Mao is the daughter of a self-made wealthy man, Ming. She was also well-known for her mischievous ways of eluding arranged dates.

On one of these dates, Mang Mao runs into Sri Khan Thin who is actually the son of a notorious bandit.

Sri Khan Thin had disguised himself as a eunuch in the royal palace to investigate his parents’ deaths. In all of their, Mang Mao instigates Sri Khan Thin and he is annoyed by her tactics.

What will come of these two main leads?

14. Sai Lohit (Heritage) 2018, 1995

Quick facts: 27 episodes | Romance, War | Historical Time Period: Ayutthaya | Watch on Nekoland

2018 Trailer

Ayutthaya was a period of wealth and success, but there was also war. Krai’s family history is building up soldiers to fight for the country.

Dao is the youngest daughter of the village chief and has a very optimistic attitude. When her older sister marries Krai’s brother, their families were tied together.

Krai helps take care of Dao whenever he can and brings her gifts from any trips he takes. When Krai is called away to war, he promises Dao that he’ll return to take care of her.

Krai does indeed return, only to find that Dao is now a beautiful young lady. Their relationship from before resurfaces and transforms into love.

15. Massaya (Irresistible) 2017

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Forbidden Love, Family, Drama | Historical Time Period: 1950s | Watch on NekoLand, Watch on KissAsian

The Rattanamahasarn family is run by the matriarchal grandmother. She has three children, 2 biological and 1 adopted.

The adopted son, who is also Massaya’s father, was exiled from the family because he had married a “low class” Thai-Malay woman.

Years later, Massaya is all grown up and free-spirited. When her grandmother started feeling guilty about the past, she asks her grandson Lak to bring Massaya back into the family.

When Massaya returns to the Rattanamahasarn, whose lives are located in the city, she feels like an outcast. She doesn’t have the same etiquette or mannerisms her family has.

Note: Massaya has two versions: 2000 and 2017. However, I could only find the 2017 version with English subtitles.

16. La Ong Dao (Stardust) 2017

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama | Historical Time Period: 1960s | Watch on MyAsianTV

Korakot returns home to Thailand upon hearing about his father’s death. When he gets home, the family lawyer informs Korakot that he will only receive all of his father’s assets if he marries La Ong Dao, a young girl his father adopted.

Karakot already has a girlfriend and besides, he remembers La Ong Dao as a grumpy and chubby little girl.

To his surprise, Karakot finds that La Ong Dao has grown up to be a beautiful young woman full of generosity. Will these two find love?

17. Tae Pang Korn (The Past Lives) 2017, 2005

Quick facts: 29 episodes | Romance, Supernatural, Mystery, Historical | Watch 2017 on MyAsianTV, Watch 2005 on Youtube

Though there are a few remakes of this Thai lakorn, the premise of the story is similar following the lives of 2 lovers over the span of several lifetimes.

The story started when Chai returns home from England and finds out he is to be married to a Thai princess. However, he sets eyes on Nang Noy and falls in love at first sight.

However, Nang Noy is not treated well because of her Laotian background. Nevertheless, Chai does indeed marry Nang Noy only to find her poisoned and dying on their wedding night.

The story follows the lifetimes of Chai finding his one true love, appearing to Nang Noy in whichever lifetime she is living.

18. Luerd Rak Toranong (The Blood of Love and Pride) 2016

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Family, Drama, Historical | Watch on Always Grumpy Cat

PutKrong left her husband to marry Seua Gat believing that he is a wealthy man, when in fact he is a lowly thief. Angry and unsatisfied, she plots his arrest even though she is pregnant with a baby girl, Gratin.

Uncaring, PutKrong finds a wealthy man, Prasan, who falls head over heels for her and marries her, accepting her daughter from her first marriage as well.

Prasan has a son named Ram who is gentlemanly in all ways and refuses to accept PutKrong and her daughter as his family. When Seua Gat hears about her new marriage, he breaks out of prison, finds his daughter Gratin, and confronts PutKrong.

When Seau Gat dies, PutKrong has no choice but to take in Gratin, but she treats Gratin very poorly. Having compassion for her, Ram tries to help her out, inevitably falling in love with her.

How will everyone’s lives turn out?

19. Sarb Dok Soi (Deal with a Devil) 2016

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Historical, Horror, Supernatural, Romance | Watch on MyAsianTV

Dok Soi, a sweet and innocent young lady, made a deal with a ghost to save her father’s life. In doing so, the ghost now possesses her body at night to kill people.

Dok Soi endures this torment, until she meets Krai, a young officer, and falls in love.

However, what will he think when he finds out that Dok Soi killed his father under possession?

20. Naree Rissaya (Envious Woman) 2016

Quick facts: 33 episodes | Historical, Drama, Family, Revenge | Watch on Youtube

Saiparn is a very angry woman.

Her father cheated on her mother with her aunt because he believed that her mother cheated on him. That was also the day Saiparn’s mother dies.

Growing up, Saiparn’s father always treated his other daughter Nida, Saiparn’s half-sister, much better than her because he believed that Saiparn was born from a different man.

Unhappy with her whole family, Saiparn plots to revenge her father, aunt (second wife), and half-sister, Nida.

21. Padiwaradda (Beloved Loyal Wife) 2016

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Historical, Drama, Fake Marriage | Watch on DramaCool, Watch on MyAsianTV

Saran came from a wealthy family, but when his father committed suicide due to being in debt, Saran and his mother fell from society’s good graces.

When his mother remembered that her husband had made a promise to his best friend to have their kids get married, she reaches out to them.

However, their daughters were not willing to get married to someone they didn’t know. They did, however, have an adopted daughter Rin, who agreed to marry Saran to pay back the kindness her parents have always shown her.

Rin moves in with Saran and his mother and begins her new life as his beloved wife, encountering several obstacles such as his jealous ex and a gang of bandits.

22. Ngao Asoke (Love Under the Shadow) 2016, 2008

Quick facts: 19 episodes | Romance, Historical, Family, Hate to Love | Watch 2016 on MyAsianTV, Watch 2008 on MyAsianTV

Monthai has moved abroad to escape his engagement to Viyada and his jealous mother. He chooses to keep in contact with his fiance by writing her letters.

Little does Monthai know, Viyada would rather catch the fancy of local men than write letters to her betrothed. Instead, it’s Bpee who returns all of Monthai’s letters.

Young and orphaned Bpee lives with Viyada and her family after a car accident kills her only living relative, her grandmother.

Monthai finds out that his mother is very sick and is asking for him to come back home, Monthai returns to find Bpee taking care of his sick mother instead of his fiance, Viyada.

He automatically becomes angry and thinks that Bpee only wants their money after his mother’s death. But will the truth come out?

23. Nakee (The Serpent Queen) 2016

Quick facts: 11 episodes | Romance, Historical, Supernatural | Watch on MyAsianTV

Kumkaew was born under the solar eclipse and has a mysterious past. She is also the reincarnation of Nakee, who was a goddess.

Tossapol, an archeology student, fell in love with Nakee and vows to stay by her side. He also recognizes her from his dreams and knows that they are supposed to be together.

However, will their love endure all the hardship and obstacles they will face?

24. Nohra 2016

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Romance, Historical, Drama, Family | Watch on MyAsianTV

Norah’s father was a very talented dancer but was framed by a judge for a crime. He was sent to prison and the judge swooped up his wife and daughter.

Years later, Norah does not know about her biological father, but she does fall in love with the Manorah dance.

Will Norah ever find out the truth?

25. Cheun Cheewa (Sweetheart Delighted) 2016

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Hidden Love, Historical, Drama, Family | Watch on OhSweetHaven

Chuen lives with her mother and grandfather when she is told by her grandfather that she needs to get revenge for her mother.

Chuen’s father doesn’t know about her so when she shows up at his house in Bangkok, she finds even more trouble.

Ton falls in love with Chuen, but needs to hide his love away to make way for his brother to pursue her.

26. Neung Nai Suang (One in My Heart) 2015, 2005

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Comedy Historical, Hate to Love | Watch 2015 on NekoLand, Watch 2005 on Youtube

Boom does not like Neung because he treats her poorly and always makes fun of her. Neung is a man who always wants his own way.

As the years pass, Neung is returning home from studying abroad and Boom has just finished her training as a private tutor.

Boom hears that Neung is returning and does all in her power to avoid him. However, when Neung lays eyes on Boom at a party, he immediately likes her.

She rejects him and when he finds out who she is, he mercilessly continues his teasing (or bullying) ways.

27. Luead Mungkorn: Singh (Dragon’s Blood: Singh) 2015

Quick facts: 10 episodes | Romance, Action | Historical Time Period: 1950s | Watch on MyAsianTV

Tik is the current heir to the Lion Gang. When he and Jirusaya are both kidnapped, they believe it’s the work of the Turtle Gang.

However, both gangs don’t want to war with each and believe that someone else is at fault. To help discover the truth, Tik and Jirusaya take on the guise of husband and wife.

28. Luead Mungkorn: Seua (Dragon’s Blood: Seua) 2015

Quick facts: 9 episodes | Romance, Action, Hate to Love | Historical Time Period: 1950s | Watch on MyAsianTV

Prapop is the heir to a wealthy family. Because of his bad luck, his parents seek out a fortune-teller who tells them to find a girl born on Monday with a full moon.

Wanvisa only knew Prapop as a mafia man. She makes him angry and now he’s trying to get revenge. However, she doesn’t back down easily.

Coincidentally, Wanvisa is a woman born on a Monday with a full moon. She suspects though that some of Prapop’s bad luck is due to someone plotting his death.

Can she help him escape with his life?

29. Luead Mungkorn: Hong (Dragon’s Blood: Hong) 2015

Quick facts: 9 episodes | Romance, Action, Crime | Historical Time Period: 1950s | Watch on MyAsianTV

Hong is the beautiful and only daughter of the Swan Gang. But because she’s a woman, many people don’t want to accept her as their new leader.

The leader of the Dragon Gang, Ah Long, who has ties to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, sees her beauty and leadership nature and starts to fall for her.

Will a headstrong Hong accept his love?

30. Luead Mungkorn: Krating (Dragon’s Blood: Krating) 2015

Quick facts: 10 episodes | Romance, Action, Crime | Historical Time Period: 1950s | Watch on MyAsianTV

Seven years ago, Thyme’s family was murdered and burned to death. He escaped, but with a burn on his face. After many years, plastic surgery, and a new name, Thyme has returned as the Mad Bull, mafia leader of Chinatown to seek revenge.

Yayah is a waitress for a restaurant, but Thyme suspects she’s a spy as she’s too skilled to just be a waitress. As he sticks close to her, they both start to fall in love.

But what will Thyme do when he finds out that Yayah may have caused his family’s death?

31. Plerng Chimplee (Flame of Chimplee) 2014

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Nuea Nang is the granddaughter of a village elder and she has been living with him ever since her mother died. Neua Nang’s grandfather doesn’t want her to become abandoned like her mother so he is protective and only wants her to marry someone within the village.

Natrai is the owner of a large logging corporation. He wants a closer look at his employees on the ground, so he disguises himself as a manager and heads to the village.

He falls in love with Neua Nang at first sight, but these two have a long way to go before their love can blossom.

32. Khun Chai Taratorn (Five Brothers Part 1) 2013

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Mystery, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Khun Chai Taratorn is the oldest of the 5 brothers and has been taking care of them since his parents passed away. Taratorn is an archeologist who studies many historic sites.

As one of Thailand’s most noted antiques is stolen, Taratorn will need to uncover who is behind the robbery… will he also find love in the process?

33. Khun Chai Pawornruj (Five Brothers Part 2) 2013

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Adventure, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

The second oldest of the brothers, Khun Chai Pawornruj is a government employee who works in the Foreign Affairs office.

Khun Ying Rasa takes a trip to Switzerland to surprise her long-standing boyfriend only to find him cheating on her.

As Pawarnruj and Rasa explore Switzerland, they bump into each other and spend their vacation time together. With many hardships coming their way, will Pawarnruj and Rasa’s love overcome?

34. Khun Chai Puttipat (Five Brothers Part 3) 2013

Quick facts: 10 episodes | Romance, Drama, Medical, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Khun Chai Puttipat is a young medical doctor and has no time set aside for love. Even as his grandmother is trying to arrange a marriage for him, Puttipat is not interested!

His brothers, wanting to know if there’s any girl who can sway Puttipat’s heart, sends him to be a judge in a beauty pageant. He falls in love instantly with the winner, Krongkaew.

But Krongkaew has her own problems trying to escape the clutches of the general who wants to make her another one of his many concubines.

Will these two main leads find the path to true love?

35. Khun Chai Rachanon (Five Brothers Part 4) 2013

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Isaan, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Khun Chai Ratchanon is the brother of Khun Chai Puttipat. Ratchanon is a young engineer bent on making his own destiny happen.

He is sent up north to an Isaan community to check on the progress of production and meets a beautiful forest dweller, Soifah.

When he discovers she’s actually the princess of a neighboring country, Ratchanon does his best to return her to her rightful throne… falling in love in the process.

36. Khun Chai Ronapee (Five Brothers Part 5) 2013

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Military, Action, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Khun Chai Ronnapee is the youngest of all 5 brothers. He is a noble Airforce pilot and has the chance to meet a beautiful celebrity.

She by chance fell right into his arms while filming one of her scenes. Ronnapee doesn’t reveal his noble status but tests her heart to see if she would love him if he was only a common pilot.

37. Sud Sai Pan (End of the String) 2013

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Slap Kiss, Twins, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Gandaomanee is posing as her older twin sister Gandaowasee. When Tithit meets her, he instantly falls in love with her. Gandaomanee then leaves Tithit after finding out that he’s the son of a poor merchant.

A year later, Tithit sees his love again at an event, who is the real Gandaowasee. When he approaches her with proclamations of love, she says she doesn’t know him.

He assumes she’s denying it because he’s poor, so he does all he can to get her back.

38. Sao Noi (Little Girl) 2012

Quick facts: 34 episodes | Romance, Amnesia, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

San is the son of a wealthy and upon his return to Thailand after studying abroad, San is very angry that his father has remarried a nightclub singer.

San runs away from home and gets attacked. When he wakes up, he finds himself on an island with no memory of who he is.

Nid is a beautiful woman who lives on this remote island. When she sees San drowning in the ocean, she goes out to save him. They fall in love and get married.

However, when San returns to the city, he gains back all of his old memories, forgetting all about Nid. Will San and Nid be able to have a happily ever after?

39. Kehas See Dang (The Red Mansion) 2011

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Family, Drama, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV

Rujiroj is the only son of a high-ranking general. When his father brings home Ampa and her daughter Araya, Rujiroj becomes angry misunderstanding that Ampa had seduced his father into bringing her home.

Because of his anger, Rujiroj asks to leave home and study abroad, never stepping foot in the Red Mansion again.

Several years later after his father and Ampa have passed, Rujiroj returns and finally steps foot in the Red Mansion once again. Here he meets Araya and his grudge against her and her mother comes back.

What will happen when these two start living together in the Red Mansion?

40. Chaloey Sak (Prideful Prisoner) 2010

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Family, Drama | Historical Time Period: World War II | Watch on MyAsianTV

Lieutenant Yothin Warat is a war hero for what he did during World War II. Upon his return home, he finds that his father is having financial issues with their shipping business.

At this time, Atisak a wealthy businessman offered to buy stocks in the shipping business to help them out. He only asks that Yothin Warat move to live with them for 1 year.

Atisak has darker plans to take revenge on Yothin Warat and his family for slandering their name from years ago. From here, Yothin Warat meets Atisak’s sister, Alisa, and becomes involved in their lives as a prisoner.

41. Wanida 2010

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama, Arranged Marriage | Historical Time Period: 1940s | Watch on Dramacool

The prideful Mahasak family comes from nobility and wealth, but they are currently going through a financial crisis. The youngest Mahasak son, Lek, takes out loans from Dao, a big loan shark who’s making dollars with interest.

When it comes time to pay the Mahasak family isn’t able to get the cash they need for all the loans the Lek had taken out. He runs away from home hoping to find a job that will pay well enough to clear his debts.

In the meantime, Dao schemes up a plan. He asks the oldest Mahasak son, Prajek, to marry his daughter and he will automatically clear their debt. Dao loves his daughter Wanida very much and wants her to have a noble name.

When Wanida discovers that she is part of a loveless arranged marriage, she becomes angry and headstrong… which is how Prajek starts falling for her.

42. Botan Gleep Sudtai (The Last Peony Petal) 2008

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Drama, Arranged Marriage | Historical Time Period: 1940s | Watch on MyAsianTV

A married Chinese couple, Ah-Cheng and Meiling, run a restaurant in Thailand. They have three sons–the older two have jobs and are well-liked by their father. However, the 3rd son Ah-Joo never had favor from his father.

Ah-Joo does have one thing going for him though – he is the secret author of a popular book that was just released. And his father enjoys reading it.

Ah-Joo believes he can communicate with his father through his writing, so he decides to write a new book featuring 3 daughters.

There is a Chinese Opera House where the family has 3 daughters. To do research for his book, Ah-Joo applies to do labor for the family. The youngest daughter, Tanyong doesn’t believe he’s just a day worker, so she tries to drive him out.

43. Buang Banjathorn (Love Beyond Time) 2002, 2017

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Time Travel | Historical Time Period: Ayutthaya | Watch 2002 on Youtube

Praenuan is heartbroken when she finds her husband cheating on her. She decides to visit her estranged father’s estate that he left to her in his will.

While at his estate, Praenuan sleeps in an enchanted bed and is taken back to ancient Ayutthaya, filled with war and betrayal.

Here Praenuan meets Laoperng and falls in love with him. However, her life in the present day is getting stressful as her husband comes back asking for a second chance.

Honorable Mentions for Thai Historical Drama Series

Koo Gum (Sunset at Chaopraya) 2013+

Quick facts: Romance, War | Historical Time Period: WWII | Watch 2013 on MyAsianTV

Official OST 2013 | Trailer for 1988 | OST for 2004 | Official OST 2013 Series

A classic Thai film, Koo Gum has many adaptations from a novel. The story is set during World War II when Japan invades Thailand and sets up a base camp at Chaopraya River.

Because of this, Angsulamin, who lives near the Chaopraya River, hates the Japanese and is very angry that they have come to be near her home.

Kobori is a Japanese soldier who was stationed at this camp and falls in love with Ang at first sight! Even though he knows she hates him, he still loves her and treats her with respect.

Rumors start flying about Kobori and Ang along with desires to strengthen the Thai-Japan bond, Kobori and Ang both get married. She starts to warm up to Kobori, but her lover has returned to Thailand.

Personal Note: I absolutely love this film and all the adaptations. I first saw the 1988 movie and fell in love even though this is a tragic love story. In my research, only the 2013 movie has been English subtitled online. Enjoy!

Fah Pieng Din (Sky’s Only Land) 2001, 2022

Quick facts: 11 episodes | Romance, Family, Drama, Historical

Celica is the daughter of a wealthy man. Although he owns many houses, Celica and her father would prefer to live alone in the country.

Tewarat is Celica’s cousin. He and his family enjoy the wealth. They plan to go and prepare a place for Celica and her father to move into. However, during the transition, Celica and her father are ambushed.

Before he dies, Celica’s father imprints her with a mark in case anyone doubts that she is truly his daughter. The Mayor of the city takes in Celica when he finds her in the aftermath. To protect her, he changes her name and raises her as his daughter.

Things start to get hairy when it’s time for Celica to go back and claim her right as the owner’s daughter. What will Tewarat think about losing his inheritance?

Personal Note: Another favorite of mine, but unfortunately there aren’t any English subtitles for this drama. There is, however, a 2022 remake. Let’s hope it gets picked up by our amazing fan subbers!

Ban Sai Thong (Golden Sand House) 2000, 2015

Quick facts: 33 episodes | Romance, Family, Drama, Historical

After her father passes away, Pojaman wants to obey his wishes and moves to Ban Sai Thong to live with her aunt Phanarai.

Though she is technically family, they all treat her terribly except for the oldest son Chai Klang and the youngest son Chai Noi.

When Chai Klang discovers that their house actually belongs to Pojaman, he does all he can to return the house to her.

In the midst of obstacles, Chai Klang and Pojaman fall in love – but what price will they have to pay?

Personal Note: Ban Sai Thong is one of the first Thai dramas I remember watching as a kid with my parents. This was the start of the drama loving! Unfortunately, there aren’t English subtitles released online, but fingers crossed that someone will pick it up! Ban Sai Thong is clearly a classic!

Final Thoughts: Thai Historical Drama Series

Thai historical dramas are a great way to learn about the history and culture of Thailand.

They can also be very entertaining, with all sorts of different genres and tropes. You may find your new favorite show!

Have you seen any listed here? What else did I miss?

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