28 Popular Thai Dramas on Netflix to Watch [2023]

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If you’re looking for a great way to escape, Netflix has some of the best Thai dramas to offer. From heart-wrenching love stories to nail-biting thrillers, these shows are sure to keep you entertained.

These TV shows are different from the typical Thai lakorns I have written about, as they aren’t soap operas and with familiar tropes. They also are very different from the Korean dramas you might find on Netflix as well!

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However, after binge-watching a few of these Thai series, you might find them so entertaining (or scary) as you go through your Netflix Thai drama options that you’ll want to come back for more!

To watch, simply log into your Netflix account after clicking the link provided. The best thing about streaming on Netflix is having guaranteed English subtitles!

Here are 28 of the most popular Thai dramas on Netflix to watch right now!

Romantic Thai Dramas on Netflix

This post is written with my personal access to U.S. Netflix and the romantic Thai dramas that are currently available in my country.

If you are not finding these same titles when you access Netflix, then they may not be available in your country.

You may want to consider signing up for a VPN, also known as a virtual private network if the drama you’d like to watch is not reachable in your country.

🚨🚨 I highly recommend and use Express VPN as they are one of the best virtual private networks globally, defeats censorship and has reliable service. You can use it on any streaming service to watch your favorite drama!

1. I Need Romance (2021)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Charming | Watch on Netflix

I Need Romance is a Thai drama on Netflix about an older woman dating a younger man. Najai is a 33-year-old marketing director. After multiple failed relationships, Najai has fully given up on the idea of finding romance.

Tofu, a 26-year-old songwriter, was raised by Najai and her mom and has been abroad for 17 years. After coming back home to find Najai’s perspective on love, Tofu hopes to change her mind.

2. Let’s Eat (2021)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Charming | Watch on Netflix

Toy is an insurance agent who blogs about food on the side. As he moves into his hometown, he meets everyone and reconnects with Meow, who was his childhood friend.

Toy starts selling insurance to Meow’s co-workers and soon finds out that she has a crush on Panthep. He starts to give her dating advice so she can date the man of her dreams.

Let’s Eat is a romantic drama on Netflix that focuses on relationships and uses food to connect everyone.

3. Unlucky Ploy (2020)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Feel-Good | Watch on Netflix

Unlucky Ploy shares the same exact name as pretty Ploy and has been compared to her from their childhood and time in school. Later in life, both Ploys work in the same company with pretty Ploy being higher in management and unlucky Ploy thinking that the other girl has taken everything from her.

On the day of her wedding, pretty Ploy runs away from her wedding leaving her groom, Naii, very upset. He soon meets unlucky Ploy, mistaking her for his ex-fiance, and starts causing havoc for her.

Unlucky Ploy is also an adaptation of its Korean counterpart.

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4. Hook (2020)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romantic, Charming, Dramedy | Watch on Netflix

Hook is a Thai drama on Netflix that focuses on 2 friends, Man and Saifah whose fathers have a rivalry with each other. Saifah’s father is a famous boxer, though it doesn’t show that Saifah follows in his father’s footsteps. Man’s father, on the other hand, was also a famous boxer but had given up on boxing after some match-fixing.

Despite their fathers’ history, Man and Saifah become good friends in university, helping one another out as they start to work out their family drama, romance, and life problems together.

5. The Charming Stepmom (2019)

Quick facts: 26 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Family | Watch on Netflix

Tammy, a fashion student, is asked by her sister Cherry to pretend to be Cherry and become the house nanny for widower Treeloj’s 3 kids. Her sister wants Tammy to train his kids to not be so unruly.

Tammy is introduced to Treeloj’s kids as his new girlfriend and they scheme and play tricks with her at first because they didn’t like Tammy. But as the kids grew in their affection for Tammy, they began to accept her into their lives and home.

Treeloj on the other hand has been away on a secret mission and hasn’t met the new nanny or seen his kids in a while.

6. Miss Culinary (2019)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Cooking | Watch on Netflix

Miss Culinary is a Thai drama on Netflix similar to “How I Met Your Mother.” Chen is telling enticing stories to his girlfriend Kelly about his mother who left her hometown to pursue her dreams to become a chef to keep Kelly from leaving him.

While he is telling these stories, he is also cooking all the recipes his mother taught him as well. Chen goes through all the sweet and spicy stories of his mother’s life, including how she found love along the way.

7. Bangkok Buddies (2019)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Dramedy, Friendship, Relationships | Watch on Netflix

Bangkok Buddies follows 5 friends who live under the same wooden roof in Bangkok. All of the 5 men have different personalities and professions that bring excitement to the house.

As they continue to live together, they experience life together through work issues, developing romance, and everyday problems.

8. Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection (2019)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Drama, Psychological | Watch on Netflix

One part of a 4-part Bangkok Love Stories on Netflix, Jess is a graffiti artist who has a disassociative disorder. While working one night, witnesses a double murder. She meets Q-10 who is a kind tech repairman when Jess brings her broken phone in for him to fix.

However, after witnessing the double murder, Jess’s mental health starts to worsen and Q-10 meets her many personalities as he tries to fix her phone.

9. Bangkok Love Stories: Plead (2019)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Drama, Spiritual | Watch on Netflix

Another part of the Bangkok Love Stories on Netflix, Tee takes on fortune-telling for his father and tells the fortune for Elle who walks in after a night of partying. Tee tells Elle that something tragic is going to happen to her, and being the skeptic she is, doesn’t believe him.

As Elle goes home, she finds that Tee was telling the truth, however, he also lost his vision for giving her fortune. As Tee and Elle’s fates are tangled together, will romance develop between these two?

10. Bangkok Love Stories: Innocence (2018)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Drama, LGBTQ, Goofy | Watch on Netflix

This part of the Bangkok Love Stories on Netflix features an eclectic group of people living together in Bangkok. The main storyline is of Simon and Keaton who have known each other since childhood.

Keaton is a physical trainer who used to be chubby when he was younger. He was friends with Simon and had a crush on him, but didn’t think that Simon was interested.

As they meet again, Keaton now thinks that Simon is very shallow, but he can’t let go of his feelings for Simon.

11. Bangkok Love Stories: Hey You! (2018)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Drama, Swoonworthy | Watch on Netflix

In this last independent part of the Bangkok Love Stories, Belle has just opened up her own fusion restaurant next door to her ex-boyfriend Kram’s traditional Thai restaurant.

As Belle and Kram run their restaurant next to each other in Bangkok, will their love reignite or will it be lost forever?

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Thriller Thai Dramas on Netflix

12. Girl from Nowhere (2021)

Quick facts: 2 Seasons | Teen, Ominous, Dark, Thriller | Watch on Netflix

A popular Thai drama on Netflix, Girl from Nowhere is about the mysterious Nanno who transfers from school to school exposing everyone’s secrets from teachers to other high school students.

This thriller dives into the supernatural regarding predatory teachers, cheating in academia, bullies, and much more! No one really knows where Nanno comes from or if she’s even human.

Girl from Nowhere has taken society by storm. Each episode has a different director and is said to represent true scenarios.

13. Remember You (2021)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Suspenseful, Crime, Gritty | Watch on Netflix

Remember You is a suspenseful Thai drama on Netflix that is an adaptation of the Korean Hello Monster. Thanwa is a genius inspector who is assigned a case of serial murders with a colleague.

However, instead of solving the case, it seems that the team is drawn into a cat and mouse game instead.

14. Bangkok Breaking (2021)

Quick facts: 6 episodes | Suspenseful, Crime, Gritty | Watch on Netflix

Bangkok Breaking is a short 6-episode Thai drama on Netflix. Wanchai is visiting Bangkok for the first time to see his brother. While he is waiting, he witnesses a terrible accident.

Jo is an up-and-coming journalist who wants to write big stories, but her boss keeps turning her down for the popular ones. As her and Wanchai’s path intertwines through the tragic car accident, they both believe there may be more than meets the eye.

15. Sleepless Society Series: Two Pillows & a Lost Soul (2020)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Suspenseful, Drama, Crime | Watch on Netflix

Two Pillows and a Lost Soul is a part of the 4-part Sleepless Society Series. Two Pillows and a Lost Soul follows Kate who is a motivational speaker in the middle of a messy divorce. After a night of partying and drinking, she wakes up to find a dead body in bed with her.

In the middle of the investigation, a man confesses to the murder. However, his brother Chatchai doesn’t believe he did it. In order to find out the truth, Chatchai must get to know Kate more.

16. Sleepless Society Series: Insomnia (2019)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Suspenseful, Thriller, Gritty | Watch on Netflix

Insomnia from the Sleepless Society Thai thriller series is about a woman, Aya, who has terrible nightmares and can’t tell the difference between reality and dreams. Her nightmares seem to stem from childhood trauma as she keeps seeing her mother murder someone.

She takes a trip back to her island home to see if she can resolve her past and move on from her nightmares to pursue her dreams as a model.

17. Sleepless Society Series: Nyctophobia (2019)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Ominous, Suspenseful, Thriller | Watch on Netflix

Nyctophobia, meaning fear of the dark, is about a grief-stricken mother whose son dies from an asthma attack. Not being able to make peace with his death, she becomes afraid of the dark due to sleepless nights.

One day a boy shows up claiming to be her son reincarnated. From all the questions that she can think to ask this boy, he is able to answer them all correctly. The story then follows the investigation into whether or not this boy is truly her deceased son, Am.

18. Sleepless Society Series: Bedtime Wishes (2019)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Suspenseful, Ominous, Thriller | Watch on Netflix

Another independent part of the Sleepless Society Series, Bedtime wishes follow the story of Nara and Rain. Nara is invited by billionaire Rain to visit his personal resort. As they meet and stay together, they start to fall in love.

However, Nara starts receiving threats and soon Rain starts to act strangely as if he has something to hide from her.

19. Voice (2019)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Suspenseful, Mystery, Crime | Watch on Netflix

Voice is a suspenseful Thai drama on Netflix featuring Irin who can detect frequencies and sounds others cannot due to a childhood accident. As she is working, she takes an emergency call where she hears her father being murdered.

There are several calls that follow which are similar to this call. As Irin tries to investigate, she finds more corruption and lies in the police world.

20. The Stranded (2019)

Quick facts: 7 episodes | Teen, Suspenseful, Thriller | Watch on Netflix

Students who are studying at an elite private school on an island are about to say goodbye when the island is hit by a tsunami. Separated from their families and not able to make communication with the mainland, it seems as if rescue is not coming for the students, and so they make plans to get away.

It seems however that forces are working against them and there’s also some mystery behind the teens on the island as well.

21. Tunnel (2019)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Suspenseful, Mystery, Crime | Watch on Netflix

Another adaptation of the Korean version, Tunnel, a Thai drama on Netflix is about a detective who tried to catch a serial killer through a tunnel and jumps 30 years into the future.

As they do so, the murders start adding up again and Thanthai must catch him before he can return to his timeline and solve the cases. In addition to the mystery and crime, there is also budding romance, too!

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More Thai Dramas on Netflix

22. Let’s Fight Ghost! (2021)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Spiritual, Scary | Watch on Netflix

Aof is a young student who discovered from an early age that he can see and fight ghosts. He does exorcism on the side whenever he’s in need of quick cash.

During a job, Aof confronts a girl ghost, Jeen, and while fighting her, they accidentally kiss and sparks fly! Follow Aof as he continues to fight ghosts and possibly falls in love.

23. The Underclass (2020)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Teen, Drama, Understated | Watch on Netflix

When Pang who was in class A, the elite class on campus, fails her course and falls into Class F, the substandard class, she needs to work hard to get back to Class A.

Struggling to fit in and trying to get back into the elite class, Pang gets involved with a high school gang and works through finding her own identity.

24. My Dear Warrior (2019)

Quick facts: 20 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Swoonworthy | Watch on Netflix

This fantasy Thai drama on Netflix follows Sky who is an astronomer at the planetarium. She receives a unique birthday gift from her aunt Vanda.

Vanda is also an author of a comic book story featuring the handsome warrior, Hoshi. On her birthday, Sky makes a wish to fall in love with someone like Hoshi; her wish comes true when Hoshi jumps out of the pages of her aunt’s book.

However, all the other characters of the book become very real, too, from the evil villain to Hoshi’s lover Luna.

25. Answer for Heaven (2019)

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Supernatural, Exciting, Crime | Watch on Netflix

Tep is a righteous angel from heaven who has come to earth to see why people are doing less good deeds. He meets Ad, who is the exact opposite and a crime reporter with high-ranking articles.

As Tep and Ad start to work together, they might just have something to learn from each other and Tep might just find out more about the morality of human beings.

26. Oh My Ghost! (2018)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Supernatural, Off-Beat | Watch on Netflix

Another supernatural Thai drama on Netflix, Oh My Ghost features Jiew who works as a dishwasher at a restaurant, and her love interest, Artit, who is a skilled chef.

Jiew is very reserved and doesn’t want to approach Artit, but is possessed by a sassy ghost, Khaopun. Khaopun is a virgin and believes that losing her virginity will help her go to heaven.

So as she possesses Jiew’s body, she tries to seduce Artit to lose her virginity so she can finally leave earth.

27. Monkey Twins (2018)

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Action, Crime, Drama | Watch on Netflix

Monkey Twins is an action-packed Thai drama on Netflix about a cop Mawin and a martial artist Neua who team up together to break a drug ring. Although they partner up together, there is still drama surrounding Neua’s past.

With developing relationships and power struggles from multiple mob groups, this action drama brings out Muay Thai and the martial arts of the culture.

28. The Judgement (2018)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Teen, Dark, Drama, LGBTQ | Watch on Netflix

The Judgement is a very dark teen Thai drama about Lookkaew, a young college student, who was taken advantage of by her rich boyfriend Aud and is shamed for it by her peers. In her toxic school environment, Lookkaew wants to change the narrative.

Don’t See These Options in Your Netflix?

There’s a chance that you might not see these Thai Dramas on your Netflix. I am currently on Netflix in the United States and these options are what is available to me.

If you are not located in the United States and don’t see one of these Thai dramas listed on Netflix, you might want to try using a free VPN like ProtonVPN and route your internet through the US.

You can also pay for a VPN such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN for an even better experience!

On the other hand, you might have even more options than what is listed here for your Thai drama options as well!

Final Thoughts: Thai Dramas on Netflix

Netflix has a wide variety of Thai dramas to offer its viewers. If you’re tired of the usual K-dramas on streaming services, venture into Thai dramas on Netflix and experience a new culture.

What did we miss? Did you have a favorite Thai drama on Netflix? Comment below!

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