26 Light-Hearted Thai Romantic Comedy Movies

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Thai dramas or lakorns have their own special place in the world of Asian dramas. If you’ve never experienced a Thai drama before, you may want to check out some of these light-hearted Thai romantic comedy movies before committing to a multi-part soapy drama.

top 26 thai romantic comedy movies

If you’re a fan of light-hearted romantic comedies, you’ll love the Thai variety. The movies below are all really enjoyable and will have you laughing out loud in no time.

So grab some popcorn, get cozy on the couch, and prepare to be entertained for hours on end with these Thai rom-com movies!

Read more for the list of 26 Thai romantic comedy movies!

26 Thai Romantic Comedy Movies

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t understand the language! I’ve done the research so you can enjoy these films with English subtitles (eng subs). Just click on the link to watch!

1. Ai Love You (2022)

Quick facts: 95 minutes | Futuristic | Watch on Netflix

In a futuristic world, an AI building named Dob is managed by multiple humans. As Dob continues to be in contact with Lana, he starts to fall in love with her.

Due to a software glitch, Dob escapes his coding and goes into a human boy to pursue his love for Lana.

Watch this Netflix original to see how Dob and Lana’s relationship develops.

2. Low Season (2020)

Quick facts: 120 minutes | Supernatural, Scary | Watch on Dramacool

Heartbroken, Lin wants to get away from the big city to heal and find herself again. She decides to head north to a remote resort during the “low season” as she doesn’t want to meet other tourists and interact.

Lin has a unique gift though, of seeing ghosts, and she meets strange characters who have also come to the resort during low season to heal their wounds.

One such character is Pud, a screenwriter who wants to create supernatural stories. In the midst of staying at this resort, they’ll encounter ghosts… and possibly fall in love?

3. The Con-Heartist (2020)

Quick facts: 127 minutes | Revenge | Thai name: Aii Con Lor Luang | Watch on Bili Bili

Tower, a cunning con artist tries to swindle Ina out of money. She luckily catches Tower in the act by recording his voice and threatens to send him to the police.

However, Ina gives him an ultimatum. She was swindled before by her ex-boyfriend who left her with a mountain of debt.

Ina will hire Tower to catch her ex to get revenge and she won’t turn Tower into the police. Will Ina get her revenge and find love in this Thai film?

4. Classic Again (2020)

Quick facts: 123 minutes | Melodrama | Watch on Youtube

Dalah learns that her love story mirrors her mother’s very closely after finding her mother’s love letters in a box in the closet.

With flashbacks to her mother’s love story, Dalah learns that her mother was in a triangle relationship where a man was in love with her, but she was in love with a different man.

Back to the present, Dalah’s best friend also has an eye on her love interest, creating a similar love triangle to her mother’s past.

5. Tootsies and the Fake (2019)

Quick facts: 108 minutes | LGBTQ, Quirky | Watch on Netflix

While preparing the famous actress Cathy for an upcoming TV commercial, a group of friends accidentally causes Cathy to fall into unconsciousness a week before the commercial is set to film.

If Cathy doesn’t show up, they are faced with a million-dollar lawsuit. As the group starts scheming, they find Nam, a man who’s had enough surgery to look like a woman and has the exact features of Cathy.

Unfortunately, Nam’s personality is a nightmare so they prepare to teach Nam some manners to be Cathy’s stand-in.

6. London Sweeties (2019)

Quick facts: 123 minutes | Friendship | Watch on Youtube

A quirky group of Thai people is traveling to London for the first time to attend a friend’s wedding, however, none of them can speak English.

They have hilarious encounters with Londoners and soon meet other people on their trip. As relationships develop, will each of them find love even though they can’t understand each other?

7. Friend Zone (2019)

Quick facts: 118 minutes | Friendship | Thai Name: Rawang Sînsud Thang Pheuxn | Watch on Bili Bili

Palm has been secretly in love with his best friend Gink ever since high school! He once tried to confess his love to her, but she turned him down and friend-zoned him.

Even though they date other people, Palm and Gink still have each other’s backs. Palm will go back to Gink after a failed relationship only to be told off, and Gink will always call Palm when she’s stuck in another country after a fight with her current boyfriend.

Gink has called Palm to help with her current boyfriend as she thinks he might be cheating on her. Will Gink ever realize Palm’s love for her?

8. Bikeman (2018)

Quick facts: 105 minutes | Family | Thai Name: Rawang Sînsud Thang Pheuxn | Watch on Bili Bili

Sakkarin is the best motorbike taxi driver in town–he gets people to their destination on time no matter the circumstances! His only secret? His family doesn’t know.

Sak’s mother wants him to be a bank teller, which is way better than a lowly motorbike taxi driver. So Sak puts on a bank uniform and “goes to work” every morning to his motorbike day job.

It’s starting to get hard to keep his secret though, especially since he meets his childhood crush again.

9. Brother of the Year (2018)

Quick facts: 118 minutes | Family | Thai Name: Nong Pee Teerak | Watch on MyAsianTV

Chut and Jane are brother and sister. They’ve also been fighting with each other from childhood through to adulthood.

From academia to sports, Jane always does better than Chut. Except for when it comes to boys. Chut will intimidate all of Jane’s boyfriends, so she has decided to keep her romantic relationship with her Japanese-Thai boyfriend a secret.

However, what happens when Chut meets Jane’s boyfriend?

10. App War (2018)

Quick facts: 130 minutes | Tech, Competition | Watch on MyAsianTV

Bomb and June coincidentally meet at their favorite diner and have a meal together and have the possibility of falling in love. They discover that they actually have a lot in common, including both being web developers for apps.

From their night of the meeting, Bomb and June are inspired to each create an app where users can meet individuals with the same interests and hobbies.

However, their apps start to compete with one another in business and now they must participate in a competition to see who’s app is better. Will love or business win out?

11. Mr. Hurt (2017)

Quick facts: 130 minutes | Melodrama, Heartbreak | Watch on MyAsianTV

Don is a world-famous professional tennis player with a short temper. He also has a beautiful girlfriend, Anna who left Don heartbroken when she turned down his proposal and started dating someone new.

After months of misery, Don’s long-lost friend Dew shows up unexpectedly. However, she’s just the friend Don needs as Dew helps him move past his broken heart.

But will Don find love again?

12. Suddenly Twenty (2016)

Quick facts: 124 minutes | Strong Female Lead | Watch on KissAsian

Parn, a stubborn old lady in her 70s, is causing trouble for her son and his family. Parn is really proud that she raised her son to be a respected professor, but she treats everyone else in the family harshly.

Overhearing her son and grandchildren considering the idea of putting her in a nursing home, Parn leaves shocked and walks into a photography shop.

She gets her picture taken and surprisingly walks out of the shop 50 years younger.

13. A Gift (2016)

Quick facts: 138 minutes | Music Composition | Thai name: Pohn Jak Fah | Watch on KissAsian, Watch on Dramacool

A Gift is an end-of-the-year gift for the people of Thailand and is dedicated to King Bhumibol Adulyadej and his songs.

The film uses three degrees of separation to give us a film of 3 couples who are trying to figure out life and overcome challenges.

Each couple will have their own story directed by 3 different directors.

14. Back to the ’90s (2015)

Quick facts: 138 minutes | Time Travel, Family | Thai name: 2538 Alter Ma Jib | Watch on KissAsian

Kong’s parents are having a rough time. He tries to help, but his father doesn’t want Kong involved in “adult matters.”

Kong walks out when it’s thunder storming and tries to make a call from the phone booth, but is instead transported to 1990.

He meets his father and mother’s younger selves and tries to help their relationship then, falling in love along the way.

15. May Who? (2015)

Quick facts: 138 minutes | Teen | Thai name: Me Nai Fai Raeng Froe | Watch on Bili Bili

Every school has a girl named “May,” and this particular school has many, including “May Who.”

May Who has a secret and Pong, our narrator, finds out. He also learns that May Who has a crush on the cutest guy on campus.

Pong becomes May Who’s best friend and even encourages her to get a date with the cute guy.

16. Chiang Khan Story (2014)

Quick facts: 108 minutes | Young love | Thai name: Tookae Ruk Pang Mak | Watch on Dramacool

Tukkae has been in love with Pang forever, but they drifted apart as life went on.

When they meet again, Tukkae is trying to become a film director to get his message out and Pang is currently the biggest star in Thailand.

17. The Teacher’s Diary (2014)

Quick facts: 104 minutes | Teacher | Thai name: Khid Thueng Withaya | Watch on MyAsianTV

Song is a professional wrestler, but since his injury, he’s not able to wrestle anymore. To find a job, Song applies to be a teacher and is sent to a rural houseboat to teach a small class.

When he arrives, he is without electricity, internet, or cell phone signal. He becomes lonely but finds a previous teacher’s diary.

Ann was the previous teacher and left to be with her boyfriend. However, through reading her journal, Song is finding himself falling in love with Ann.

18. I Fine.. Thank You.. Love You (2014)

Quick facts: 116 minutes | Language, Teacher | Thai name: Ai Fai… Thank You Love You | Watch on KissAsian

Pleng is a beautiful English tutor. One of her students wants to dump her Thai boyfriend, Gym, and leave for America, so she asks Pleng to help her.

Gym can’t understand English so he asks Pleng to help translate. When he realizes that he’s being dumped, he forces Pleng to help him learn English so he can also head to America to find his ex.

19. Pee Mak (2013)

Quick facts: 104 minutes | Supernatural, Scary | Thai name: Pee Mak Phrakanong | Watch on Bili Bili

Set in the mid-19th century, Mak was recruited to serve in the war. He was married to Nak and had to leave her and their unborn baby to go to war.

After the war was over, it was time for Mak to return home. He also invited some friends that he made to go home with him.

When they return home, Mak’s friends hear about a rumor of a ghost haunting the area and the possibility that it may be Mak’s wife, Nak.

Originally a horror film, this version has added humor into the plot for viewers to enjoy!

20. ATM: Er Rak Error (2012)

Quick facts: 116 minutes | Office Romance | Watch on Bili Bili

Sua and Jib are in love. However, they have a problem. They are both bankers and their work has a strict “no fraternizing” policy.

This doesn’t pose a problem until they want to get married. But neither one wants to give up their job.

Coincidentally, there’s an ATM glitch where it’s dispensing double the money for the users. Sua and Jib propose a game of investigation. Whoever can not get all the money back will need to resign from work.

21. Love at First Flood (2012)

Quick facts: 102 minutes | Natural Disaster | Watch on Youtube

Set during the national flood of Thailand in 2011, two strangers meet while volunteering for flood relief and fall in love at first sight.

Although the film depicts the hardship of the Thai people during this flood, it also shows how love can come from such a disaster.

22. SuckSeed (2011)

Quick facts: 130 minutes | Teen Love | Thai name: Huay Khan Thep | Watch on Youtube

At a young age, Ped had a crush on Earn when he first saw her. When Earn and her family move away, Ped is heartbroken.

However, they have reunited again in high school when Earn returns. Koong, Ped’s best friend, decides to start a rock band called Suckseed to get girls’ attention, including Earn’s.

Even though they aren’t the greatest musicians, they do learn that Earn is a pro-guitarist and asks her to join their band.

Another young love film, follows Ped and Earn as they navigate high school drama, music, and falling in love.

23. Crazy Little Thing Called Love AKA First Love (2010)

Quick facts: 117 minutes | Teen Love | Thai name: Sing Lek Lek Tee Reak Wa Rak | Watch on Bili Bili

Ordinary Nam has been in love with Chone, an older high school student, for many years. Chone just happens to be the most popular boy in school with good looks and kindness.

Nam has done everything she can to get his attention, including joining school activities she would have never done before, but nothing seems to get his attention.

This is a coming-of-age story that provokes nostalgia for high school and all the awkwardness of trying to figure out friendships, love, and life.

24. Hello Stranger (2010)

Quick facts: 121 minutes | Strangers to Love | Thai name: Kuan Muen Ho | Watch on KissAsian

Two very different Thai strangers are vacationing in South Korea when they stumble upon each other. The man is on a tour guide alone and got left behind while the woman is a well-seasoned solo traveler.

As the man loses his tour group and tags along with the woman, they both decide to not share their names and keep their distance.

However, as they continue to spend time together, will love develop even though they know nothing about each other?

25. Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story (2009)

Quick facts: 121 minutes | Strangers to Love | Thai name: Rot Fai Faa Maha Na Ter | Watch on KissAsian

Clumsy and out of love Mei Ly is reaching spinsterhood at the ripe age of 30 and she is lonely. She unexpectedly meets Lung (also translated to Uncle), and finds this odd man interesting.

Mei Ly finds out that Lung works a night job as an engineer with the Bangkok transit system and wants to get to know him more. With an instant attraction to him, Mei Ly pushes aside doubts and starts pursuing Lung.

Mei Ly has no idea what she’s doing and stumbles her way to wooing Lung, even with her neighbor setting eyes on him.

26. Yes or No (2010)

Quick facts: 106 minutes | LGBTQ, Teen | Thai name: Yaak Rak Gaw Rak Loey | Watch on Dramacool

Pie doesn’t have a very positive opinion about tomboys and lesbians. She encounters Kim, her new college roommate, who is a girl that likes to dress like a tomboy.

As their relationship grows, Pie and Kim discover that they may have feelings for each other.

In this coming-of-age film, follow Pie and Kim as they navigate love and family.

Final Thoughts: Thai Romantic Comedy Movies

I hope you enjoy these Thai romantic comedies as much as I did! If you’re looking for more, be sure to check out the other posts in this series.

And if you have any recommendations of your own, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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