18 Top-Rated Yaya Urassaya Sperbund Drama List

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Born in Pattaya, Thailand on 18 March 1993, Urassaya Sperbund is a Thai-Norwegian actress and model. Better known as Yaya, she started her career in 2008 but rose to fame after her performance in Duang Jai Akkanee with co-start and current boyfriend, Nadech Kugimiya.

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund Drama List Featured Photo
CLEO Thailand, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Since then, Yaya has played many roles in several Thai dramas including, Kleun Cheewit (2017), The Crown Princess (2018), and Brother of the Year (2018).

Today is one of the most well-known actresses in Thai entertainment receiving many accolades for her performances and is loved by her fans.

Read more about Yaya’s drama list below with English subtitles!

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund Drama List

1. Kularb Rai Narm (A Rose Without Thorns) 2010

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Drama, Family | Watch on MyAsianTV

In one of her early roles, Yaya plays Nucharee a hi-so girl who grew up with a good background. Her half-sister Nantawadee, on the other hand, was not accepted by Grandma because her mother was a bar girl.

Since her mother had nowhere to go, Nantawadee also grew up with a bar girl background. When their father dies, Nucharee’s mother wants to share a part of the inheritance with Nantawadee and invites her to come and live in the house.

Jealous and petty, Nantawadee tries to take everything away from Nucharee, including her boyfriend.

2. Maya Tawan (3 Musketeers: Tawan’s Deception) 2013

Quick facts: 13 episodes | Romance, Drama | Watch on MyAsianTV

Yaya plays Mattana, a young reporter who is sent to the country to research Tawan, a used-to-be actor, and now a famous fashion designer.

Tawan is a man with a very deep thorn. Tawan and his sister grew up together in the temple with other kids, one namely Shane, who was adopted by Westerners.

Shane turns out to be a terrible man who takes young women to be sold into brothels — Tawan’s sister being one of them. Although Tawan saves her, she passes away from a drug overdose.

Angry, Tawan doesn’t want to see anyone, least of all a nosy reporter sniffing at his door!

Note: Yaya does play support roles in the other 2 parts of the 3 Musketeer Series (Mon Jun Tra and Fah Krajang Dao); however Maya Tawan is solely focused on Yaya’s story.

3. Dao Rueng (Marigold) 2013

Quick facts: 11 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Countryside | Watch on MyAsianTV

Yaya stars as a playful and creative prankster, Dao Rueng who lives in the countryside. She is at war with another leader in town and they are always creating chaos.

When Jin, a young and naive Sheriff is assigned to Dao Rueng’s village, he also gets pranked by her. However, he has lofty goals of putting a stop to all the chaos and hopefully creating peace in the village.

4. Neung Nai Suang (Only You in My Heart) 2015

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Drama, Enemies to Lovers, Historical | Watch on MyAsianTV, Watch on NekoLand

Yaya’s role is Poom, a young orphan girl who is now living with her aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins.

Growing up, Poom has always been bullied and teased by Neung (James Jirayu). She doesn’t like it so she gives it right back to him.

As the years passed and Neung went away to study abroad, Poom is now all grown up–beautiful and kind.

When Poom finds out that Neung is returning to town for good, she has no intentions of wanting to reconnect. But they meet each other at a dance function where Neung falls for her at first sight, not knowing who she is.

When he does find out, Neung increases his teasing ways making Poom hate him even more. Will these two enemies ever become lovers?

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5. Kleun Cheewit (Waves of Life) 2017

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Revenge | Watch on MyAsianTV

One of her more popular Thai lakorns, Yaya co-stars with Mark Prin in this revenge drama.

Jeerawat (Yaya) is a very beautiful and famous model. She encountered a terrible situation where she was drugged and almost raped. Still having some control over her actions, Jeerwawat escapes and drives away.

As she was en route to safety, Jeerawat hits a young woman who later dies in the hospital. This young woman’s fiance, Sathit, was devasated and heartbroken over the news.

He vowed to get revenge on the person who killed the love of his life. When he finds out that the money and influence of Jeerawat’s family hid the truth, he becomes even more angry.

As he follows Jeerawat and takes revenge on her, will the truth of what really happened come to light?

6. Klin Kasalong (Scent of Love) 2019

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Historical, Supernatural | Watch on MyAsianTV

Yaya plays the roles of separated twins spanning a few lifetimes in this Thai drama.

The first twin raised by the mother, Kinsalong, is sweet-natured and gentle. She was also obedient and learned how to house work and take care of chores, which is why everyone loves her.

Kinsalong’s twin sister Songpeep was raised by the father and turned out cruel, selfish, and jealous. She always thought her mother loved Kinsalong more and always played the victim.

Both of the twins die a tragic death, but only Songpeep was reborn. Kinsalong is now a vengeful spirit and is plotting to how Songpeep how terribly she treated Kinsalong in the past.

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Yaya and Nadech Drama List

7. Duang Jai Akkanee (Akkanee’s Heart) 2010

Quick facts: 10 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Family, Enemies to Lovers | Part 2 of a Series: 4 Hearts of the Mountain | Watch on MyAsianTV

In part 2 of the Addisuan Family series, Yaya and Nadech star together for the first time as Jeed and Fai.

Jeed loves taking care of her family’s farm and will do anything to help her father and brother.

Next door, Fai’s family is also running their own family farm. But both Jeed and Fai’s fathers have had bad blood between them since before the kids were born.

Naturally, Jeed and Fai do not get along either. When one huge misunderstanding and family issues start arising, will Jeed and Fai need to band together to keep the peace?

Note: Jeed has a support role in 2 other parts of the 4 Hearts of the Mountain series (Pathapee Leh Rak and Wayupak Montra), but Duang Jai Akkanee is her story. This was also the drama that boosted Yaya into popularity.

8. Game Rai Game Rak (Evil Game, Love Game) 2011

Quick facts: 21 episodes | Romance, Drama, Slap Kiss | Watch on MyAsianTV, Watch on Youtube

Yaya stars as 17-year-old Fahalada who is found unconscious by Saichon (Nadech) on a remote island. He takes her in and cares for her, but Fahlada cannot remember who she is or how she ended up on the island.

As they live together, Fahlada and Saichon fall in love. When Fahlada’s sister spots her in a magazine, she comes to forcibly take Fahlada back home.

In the middle of the chaos, Saichon gets hurt, so he isn’t able to help her. At home, Fahlada also goes through electric shock therapy and completely forgets her time on the island, but regains memory of her life before.

Years pass and Saichon is now a business owner seeking to partner with Fahlada’s sister. Coincidentally, he meets Fahlada, but she can’t remember who he is.

Angry and hurt, Saichon begins to torture Fahlada, thinking that she had left him on purpose.

9. Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (Who Does the Land Belong To) 2012

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Family, Farm Life | Watch on MyAsianTV

Yaya stars as Duranee, a young adopted girl of Grand Daeng. Since Duranee only has Grandma Daeng to lean on, she doesn’t want to share her with anyone else.

When Athit, one of Grandma Daeng’s blood-related grandsons, comes to live on her farm, Duranee doesn’t like him very much.

But Grandma Daeng is happy because not many of her grandchildren enjoy agriculture and taking care of the land.

When Grandma Daeng passes away, Athit starts taking care of Duranee. As they both work the land, will love eventually grow?

10. Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Part 2: The Rising Sun) 2014

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Romance, Drama, Action | Watch on MyAsianTV

In part 2 of the series, Yaya plays Mayumi, a strong and independent woman who is starting to gain the attention of many men.

Ryu has been engaged to Mayumi at a very young age but had always stayed away thinking she wasn’t old enough for him. Now that she is older, he doesn’t want her to belong to anyone else.

Mayumi and Ryu will have to start working together as villains start to rise up and threaten them.

11. Leh Lub Salub Rarng (A Secret Trick While Bodies Switch) 2017

Quick facts: 10 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Action, Fantasy | Watch on MyAsianTV

Yaya and Nadech star together in this film about selfishness and arrogance. Petra (Yaya) is a beautiful superstar and actress, loved by all. But what the people don’t know is that she is actually very self-absorbed.

Ramin (Nadech) is a very proficient police officer and catches all the bad guys, but he is also a playboy who will seek the attention of any girl even if he already has a girlfriend.

In a terrible accident, both Petra and Ramin switch bodies to regain life. They then have to start understanding what the other person is going through and support each other so that they don’t lose their jobs.

12. Likit Rak (The Crown Princess) 2018

Quick facts: 12 episodes | Action, Romance, Drama | Watch on MyAsianTV

The Crown Princess was a very popular Thai lakorn, which helped boosted Yaya and Nadech’s popularity among their fans.

Yaya plays Princess Alice whose life is in danger from unknown villains in her country. Many people want to kill her and take her crown.

Since Lieutenant Davin had helped save Princess Alice’s life previously, everyone comes up with a plan to have them both get married and live a commoner’s life in Thailand.

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund Movie List

13. Brother of the Year (2018)

Quick facts: 118 minutes | Family | Thai Name: Nong Pee Teerak | Watch on MyAsianTV

Yaya plays Jane, the sister of Chut, who believed that she was going to come out a boy. As she turned out to be a girl, both of them have been fighting since childhood.

Jane always outperforms Chut, from academics to sports. But Chut has the upperhand because he always intimadates all the boys Jane wants to bring home.

Jane keeps her boyfriend a secret from Chut, but will her boyfriend be able to survive if her brother finds out?

14. Nakee 2 (The Serpent Queen 2) 2018

Quick facts: 92 minutes | Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery | Watch on KissAsian

Nakee 2 is the sequel to the lakorn series (trailer) following Nadech’s character Pongprap and Yaya’s character Sroi.

Sroi lives in the village and has always believed in Jao Mae Nakee, the Serpent Queen.

When deaths keep piling up in her little village, many are attributing it to the Serpent Queen come to take her revenge.

Pongprap is then called to investigate all the deaths. He doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but these deaths are curious. What’s more is that the deaths keep pointing back to a connection Sroi may have with Nakee.

15. Undefeated 2021

Quick facts: 15 minutes | Short film, Action, Video Game Adaptation | Watch on Youtube

Yaya stars in this adapted video game short film, where she is trying to save the world from evil.

16. Fast and Feel Love 2022

Quick facts: 131 minutes | Sports, Comedy | Watch on DramaCool

Yaya plays Jay, the girlfriend of Kao, who is a sports competitor in cup stacking. He is always practicing to shave a milllisecond off his time, never caring to take time for Jay.

She gets tired of waiting for him so she breaks up with him and leaves. Although Kao takes Jay for granted, he never knew how much she meant to him until she leaves.

Now there is new and faster competitor and Jay is unsure if he will be able to win.

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund Drama List – No English Subtitles

17. Tawan Deard (Boiling Sun) 2011

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Revenge, Action, Historical | Watch No Eng Subs on Youtube

After rising to popularity in Duang Jai Akkanee, Yaya stars in this Thai drama with Mark Prin as Phet Roong, his childhood friend.

When Tawan (Mark) returns to the family farm for revenge after years of being away, he unexpectedly finds Phet Roong running the farm.

Tawan’s father was murdered in a plot by his business partner, which is why he’s looking for revenge. However, Shakta, the business partner has fled and Charan, the hired hitman is now the big guy in town.

Will Tawan partner up with Phet Roong to get justice for his family?

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund Drama List – Pending English Subtitles

18. Bad Romeo 2022

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Drama, Melodrama | Watch on DramaCool, Watch on Bilibili

Still being released on air today, Yaya’s Bad Romeo is partially subbed.

Yaya plays Saikim, a girl who grew up priviledged and had all her needs met. She meets Kaokla, a poor automechanic and garage owner. They grow in their feelings for eaach other, but don’t meet again for another 7 years.

When they do meet again, Kaokla is now the adopted son of a millionaire and Saikim is now taking care of her father’s hotel empire.

Final Thoughts: Yaya Urassaya Sperbund Drama List

Yaya is a very loveable and a great actress! She plays her roles well, showing emotion, chemistry, and understanding of her characters.

After reading through (or watching) a few of her Thai dramas, what do you think? Have you found a new favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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