24 Popular Weir Sukollawat Kanarot Drama List

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Sukollawat Kanarot, better known as Weir, is a Thai actor, singer, and model. Born in Khon Kaen, Thailand on April 18, 1985, Weir has been in the Thai entertainment industry for a very long time.

Weir was scouted during his sophomore year of university for an acting job in a commercial. Soon after, he received acting roles with his first main lead Thai series in Plik Din Su Dao (2006).

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From there, Weir has starred in many Thai lakorns primarily with Thailand’s Channel 7 and multiple standalone films.

Today, Weir has received many awards including “Best Leading Actor” and “Leading Actor of the Year.” Although Weir has played in so many more Thai lakorns than are listed here, these are his lakorns with English subtitles.

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Weir Sukollawat Kanarot Drama List

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1. Dung Duang Haruetai (Princess of My Heart) 2007

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Historical, Fantasy | Watch on Always Grumpy Cat

In this fantastical drama, Weir plays the role of King Rungsimun, a ruthless and cold man who wants to expand his kingdom with a sea route. Because of this, King Rungsimun wants to marry Princess Munisala and unite their kingdoms.

Princess Munisala doesn’t want to marry King Runsimun because she’s heard of how ruthless he can be. To get out of marrying the King, Princess Munisala runs away and is rescued by Prince Tiyuttithorn.

With the news of Princess Munisala running away and knowing the personality of King Rangsimun, Princess Tasika rushes out to speak to Prince Tiyutthithorn because she fears there would be a war.

However, Princess Tasika is abducted by King Rangsimun who falls in love with her at first sight. How will these 3 kingdoms reconcile?

Note: There is a 2020 remake of this Thai drama series where Kimberley Anne Woltemas plays the main female lead.

2. Wong Wien Hua Jai (Revolving Hearts) 2009

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama, Forced Marriage, Slap Kiss | Watch on Always Grumpy Cat

Weir plays the character of Tos, a grape plantation owner who is very protective of his younger sister Vithinee. Vithinee is in love with Pong, who already has a girlfriend named Bow.

When Pong cheats on Bow and impregnates Vithinee, Tos doesn’t want Bow to ruin his sister’s happiness. He then plots to force Bow to marry him and create a terrible life for her on his plantation.

However, the more Tos learns about Bow, the more he starts to fall for her.

Note: There is a 2021 remake of this Thai drama series English subtitled by Oh Sweet Haven.

3. Ngao Kammathep (Cupid’s Shadows) 2010

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Hidden Identity, Age Gap Love, Switched at Birth | Watch on Nekoland

Weir co-stars with Mai Davika Hoorne and plays the role of Rome. Rome saves Tien (Mai) from a bad situation, not knowing that she is a girl disguised as a boy.

Tien is actually the heir to a wealthy family. Her father had switched her at birth with a boy because the family only wanted boys to carry the family name.

When Rome takes Tien home and finds out her true identity, he plots revenge because the wealthy family had financially ruined him in the past.

4. Nang Fah Kap Mafia (The Angel and the Mafia) 2011

Quick facts: 20 episodes | Romance, Action, Comedy | Watch on Lakorn Galaxy

Weir stars as a CIA agent named Ram who just returned to Thailand from America. He is sent on a mission to uncover the mafia group in Thailand.

Ram hesitates to return to Thailand because he believes that his mother took part in having his twin brother Ruk murdered.

While on the plane Ram somehow switches his spy pen with Maekala, the flight attendant’s pen. Having no other choice, but to follow Maekala around South Korea, Ram will need to find the perfect opportunity to switch the pens back.

5. Pin Anong (A Woman’s Hairpin) 2012

Quick facts: 22 episodes | Romance, Action, Comedy, Drama, Forced Marriage | Watch on Lakorn Galaxy, Watch on MyAsianTV

Weir plays the character of Yai who runs away from home because he caused the death of his stepmother’s lover.

Years later, Yai returns to the family farm to claim his inheritance from his father. Yai falls for the innocent servant’s daughter, Pin. However, she is already in love with Yai’s stepmother’s son, Na.

Will Yai reveal his true self to Pin and get to marry the love of his life?

6. Roy Lae Sanae Luang (Charming Deceptions) 2013

Quick facts: 18 episodes | Romance, Drama, Slap Kiss, Forced Marriage | Watch on MyAsianTV

Weir reunites with Mai Davika Hoorne to give us a slap kiss Thai drama. Weir is the character Krao who hates Nuch (Mai), the daughter of a wealthy family.

What Nuch doesn’t know is that Krao’s mother committed suicide after she was sexually assaulted by Nuch’s father. Because of his mother’s death, Krao’s father had a heart attack and left Krao an orphan.

Krao is so angry that he bides his time getting revenge on Nuch and her 2 siblings.

7. Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah (Chasing Love to the Final Horizon) 2014

Quick facts: 20 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Action | Watch on Lakorn Galaxy, Watch on MyAsianTV

Weir plays a royal bodyguard named Kamin. When Mattana, a beautiful young woman who is of royal descent is arranged to marry Prince Rakee of Raya, she wholeheartedly disagrees.

Since both of their parents have made a promise, neither can get out of the arranged marriage.

Prince Rakee sends his royal bodyguard Kamin to pick up Mattana who has disguised herself as Kaew and tries everything to get out of marrying Prince Rakee.

While transporting her back, Kamin and Mattana start to get to know each other better and start falling for each other.

8. Prao (Proud) 2014

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Action, Drama | Watch on OhSweetHaven

Weir plays another bodyguard role as Somchai to an arrogant superstar name Prao, which actually does mean proud.

When Prao witnesses a murder and is in fear for her life because the culprits are coming after her, Prao hires Somchai to be her bodyguard.

This causes an uproar in her social life though as her fans are wanting to know what happened to her. Prao’s manager Frank decides to hire a poor Prao look-alike to stand in for the time being.

9. Morrasoom Sawat (A Tale of the Little Deer and Her Hunter) 2015

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama | Watch on MyAsianTV

Weir plays the role of Sayumphu, the CEO of a corporation. However, Sayumphu comes from a gangster background and wants to leave it for good.

Sayumphu meets Kwang and falls for her, but due to many misunderstandings, they both separate. Will Sayumphu and Kwang ever find their happily ever after?

10. Petch Tud Petch (Diamond Cuts Diamond) 2016

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama, Action | Watch on Catattack

Weir co-stars with Mik Thongraya in this action Thai drama series. Chart (Weir) and Yod (Mik) are both very skilled hitmen who work for Madame Louise and are supervised by her right-hand man, Trai.

Because of the nature of their work, Both Chart and Yod are very competitive. They are then sent by Trai to deliver a new drug that just came on the market and have to make sure they aren’t being followed by the police.

Pai Lu is an agent working for the DEA and finds Chart unconscious on the beach. He is now turned against Madame Louise and partners up with Pai Lu to break up the underground drug deals.

11. Koo Za Rot Zab (Spicy Flavor of Love) 2017

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Forced Marriage | Watch on Lakorn Galaxy, Watch on MyAsianTV

Weir stars as Korn who is a useless playboy. He has no prospects for work nor is he thinking about settling down anytime soon.

When his father is tired of his careless ways, he plots different ways to get Korn in line. At the same time, his good friend’s wife calls to ask for help with debt regarding their factory.

Korn’s father proposes that her daughter Rose marries his son and help tame him to find a purpose in life. Neither wants to marry the other, but in the end, chooses to do so for personal reasons.

12. Paragit Ruk Series: Niew Hua Jai Sood Glai Puen (The Spirit of the Ruler) 2017

Quick facts: 10 episodes | Romance, Action, Military | Watch on MyAsianTV

Weir stars as Captain Puri, a military man, and skilled sniper. When Dr. Napaschon was volunteering in a village near the Thailand-Burma border, she and a friend get abducted by a rebel group.

Captain Puri’s mission is to bring Dr. Napaschon and her friend back safely home. However, he is struggling with this mission because his heart is fluttering again for the first time in a long time — Dr. Napaschon is his first love.

However, she is now dating his best friend. As Captain Puri and Dr. Napaschon escape together, will love blossom between these two?

Note: Weir does play a support/guest role in the other parts of the series, however, this one is solely his story.

13. Sampatan Hua Jai (Occupied Heart) 2018

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama, Action | Watch on MyAsianTV

Weir plays an islander and owner of Nara Hotel, Naboon. He saves Rattawan and her son from getting murdered after they were kidnapped.

At first, both of them didn’t trust each other, but as they continued living on the island, they started opening up and falling in love. However, Rattawan was still married, so Naboon couldn’t do very much except protect her.

They decide that it’s time for Rattawan to go back to Bangkok and face her husband, who she suspects is behind her abduction.

14. Pachara Montra (Mystery of the Pink Diamond) 2019

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery | Watch on Nekoland

Weir plays the role of Nadon Supanich, a successful businessman. While traveling with his friend, they are both saved by a boy named Petch.

Nadon then takes Petch home with him, not knowing that Petch is actually a long-lost girl that is being searched for.

Propoth had gone on a treasure hunt 20 years ago and killed Petch’s father out of greed. Now that he is on his deathbed, he wants to rid of his guilt and sins by paying her a large sum of money.

15. Poobao Indy Yayee Inter (Indy Boyfriend Inter Darling) 2019

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Intense Bickering, Forced Marriage | Watch on OhSweetHaven, Watch on MyAsianTV

Weir stars as Tossapol, an Isan police officer trying to keep the peace and catch drug dealers in his countryside hometown. He grew up with Chilo, but she has since moved to Bangkok and is living the Hi-So life.

Chilo is set to inherit her father’s business from her uncle when she turns 25, but she is swindled out of her fortune. With nothing left, she moves back to the countryside to live with her nanny Nuan.

From their very first encounter, Chilo and Tossapol have always bickered. But both of them start working together when Chilo wants to find out what happened to her inheritance and Tossapol wants to evade impending nuptials.

16. Yodrak Nakrob 2019

Quick facts: 14 episodes | Romance, Action, Mystery, Crime | Watch on Oh Sweet Haven

Weir plays the character of Yodrak, an Isan singer who takes the role of a missing marine officer since they both look alike.

Yodrak tries to find out what happened to the missing officer when people start to suspect him because their personalities are different, especially the officer’s fiance.

17. Marn Bang Jai (Hearts in Veil) 2020

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Drama, Older Man Younger Woman | Watch on Nekoland

Weir plays a widower with a daughter. Taen hits Fuenglada’s father as he is on his way to watch her sports festival at school.

After her father’s death, Fuenglada’s stepmother schemes to sell her off to a bad man to pay off the family debts. Not wanting this to happen to Fuenglada, Taen offers to marry her instead.

18. Bangkok Breaking 2021

Quick facts: 6 episodes | Action, Thriller, Mystery, Crime | Watch on Netflix

Weir plays in this short-action Thai drama series as Wanchai, a new road rescue service agent in Bangkok. As he starts working, he realizes that there is a conspiracy in the city.

19. Krong Namphueng (Sweet Prison) 2022

Quick facts: 17 episodes | Romance, Drama, Mystery | Watch on OhSweetHaven

Weir is Chalumpol, the grandson of a successful businessman in Phuket. When his grandfather is murdered, Chalumpol must find out what happened to him.

As he’s seeking the truth, Chalumpol also needs to protect “Young Madam” who also happens to have the title of his grandmother.

As Chalumpol continues his investigation and gets closer to Young Madam, they start to develop feelings for each other, resulting in forbidden love.

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot Movie List

20. 11-12-13 Rak Kan Ja Tai (Ghost Is All Around) 2016

Quick facts: 98 minutes | Horror, Comedy, Supernatural | Watch on Youtube

Weir stars as a young man who is experiencing paranormal activity during the Songkran festival in Thailand. Due to certain events during this time, he is seeing many ghosts appear everywhere.

21. Malila: The Farewell Flower 2017

Quick facts: 95 minutes | Romance, Drama | Watch on Youtube

Weir stars as Shane in this bittersweet boy love story. He is healing from his tragic past of losing his daughter and entering into monkhood.

When Shane reunites with his past love, Pich, and finds out that he is suffering from a terminal illness, he dedicates the rest of his time to making the Malila farewell flower.

22. Dew the Movie 2019

Quick facts: 123 minutes | Romance, Youth, Drama | Watch on MyAsianTV

In another boy love story, Weir plays the character of Pob, a young many who studies with Dew and both become friends. As they develop their relationship, feelings of friendship turn into something more.

However, in the times they were living in, society was not very open to homosexuality. Because of their desires, both Pob and Dew are separated for more than 20 years.

23. Love U Kohk-E-Kueng 2020

Quick facts: 96 minutes | Romance, Horror, Supernatural, Comedy | Watch on Always Grumpy Cat

Weir plays the character of Pol who returns to his hometown only to find his secret love Mam arranged to be married to a half-westerner half-Isan man.

Not wanting her to marry the man her father has for her, Pol and Mam elope to Bangkok, leaving her father drunk. When they return to their hometown to ask for forgiveness, they find out that her father has died and is now haunting the village.

Pol will need to accept a boxing challenge so as to not lose his dignity to a ghost.

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot Drama List – No English Subtitles

24. Peuan Paeng (The Sisters) 2015

Quick facts: 15 episodes | Romance, Historical, Drama, Tragedy | Watch No Eng Subs on MyAsianTV

Weir is cast as Lor who is stuck in a love triangle with 2 sisters, Puean and Paeng. Lor is an adopted son of a distant uncle and comes to live with Puean, the older selfish sister, and Paeng, the younger tag-along sister.

In their childhood, Lor took care of Paeng because she was attached to him. But as they grew up, Lor fell for Puean and vowed to love her only.

When he becomes sick with malaria and is taken to get care in Bangkok, Puean and Paeng followed along to take care of him.

Which of the 2 sisters will Lor end up with after all?

Final Thoughts: Weir Sukollawat Kanarot Drama List

With so many titles to choose from, you’ll have a blast browsing through Weir’s drama list.

Let us know if we’re missing one from the list! Share your favorite Thai drama of Weir’s below in the comments, too!

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