18 Top-Rated Hyun Bin Drama List

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Hyun Bin is a South Korean actor born on September 25, 1982, in Seoul. Although Hyun Bin started his acting career in 2003, it wasn’t until his drama series My Lovely Sam Soon in 2005 that he gained recognition.

After his return from his mandatory military service in South Korea, Hyun Bin chose to film Fatal Encounter in 2013 and made a comeback with his Korean drama series Hyde, Jekyll, Me in 2015.

Hyun Bin has won many awards including Grand Prize (Daesang) for TV at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards. In 2022, Hyun Bin married his real-life fiance and Crash Landing on You co-star Son Ye Jin.

For his top-rated films, read more for Hyun Bin’s drama list with English subtitles!

Hyun Bin Drama List

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1. My Lovely Sam Soon (2005)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Food, Comedy, Boss Employee Relationship | Watch on Viki, Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun Bin stars as Hyun Jin Heon, the owner of Bon Appetit in need of a baker. Luckily for him, he meets Kim Sam Soon and hires her as his new baker.

Sam Soon had just broken up with her cheating boyfriend and she was unemployed, so a new job was just what she needed. But Sam Soon and Jin Heon are always bickering.

Though they fight all the time, Jin Heon asks Sam Soon to pose as his girlfriend so that his mother would stop asking him about girls. Their relationship gets complicated when Jin Heon’s ex-girlfriend comes back.

2. The Snow Queen (2006)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Drama | Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun Bin plays the role of Han Tae Woong who is a 17-year-old math genius. Tae Woong’s best friend, Kim Jeong Kyu, is also a classified genius. When Tae Woong beats Jeong Kyu in an international math competition, Jeong Kyu takes his own life.

At the same time, Tae Woong meets a little girl who develops a crush on him. Without knowing her name, Tae Woong loses touch with her. These tragic events take a toll on his life.

Fast-forward 8 years later, Tae Woong is now 25 years old and boxes. He also meets Kim Bo Ra, who just happens to be the little girl he knew in his youth. Will meeting Bo Ra help bring happiness to Tae Woong?

3. The World That They Live In (2008)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Business, Life | Watch on MyAsianTV, Watch on DramaCool

Hyun Bin stars as Jung Ji Oh who used to date Ju Jun Young. When Jun Young decides that she wants to become a producer in a male-dominated world, her new mentor is none other than Ji Oh.

Ji Oh makes Jun Young’s life miserable at first, but the more they interact, the more he finds himself caring for her.

4. Friend, Our Legend (2009)

Quick facts: 20 episodes | Action, Military, Crime, Romance | Watch on Youtube, Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun Bin stars as a hardened mobster, Han Dong Soo in this gritty gangster classic. The premise of the story is 4 childhood friends who grow up to become enemies and rivals.

5. Secret Garden (2010)

Quick facts: 20 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Fantasy | Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun plays an arrogant CEO named Kim Joo Won. When he meets Gil Ra Im, he mistakes her to be the actress Park Chae Rin.

In truth, Ra Im is a poor stuntwoman whose beauty and body top actresses desire. Because of their accidental meeting, Joo Won and Ra Im are always bickering.

However, things get even more complicated when strange events cause them to swap bodies.

6. Hyde, Jekyll, Me (2015)

Quick facts: 20 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Psychological | Watch on Viki, Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun Bin stars as Gu Seo Jin who runs a theme park called Wonder Land that’s been in his family for 3 generations. Seo Jin seems to have it all: he’s handsome, smart, and has a fortune to boot!

But when he was young, a traumatic event caused Seo Jin to have a split personality. One part of Seo Jin is cold and ruthless while the other is kind and gentle, so Seo Jin vows that he won’t date or get married.

At the family theme park Wonder Land, Seo Jin would like to take out the circus show because it’s not making money as it should. Jang Ha Na, the circus master insists on saving the circus and wants to bring it back to its former glory.

The more Ha Na interacts with Seo Jin, the more she finds herself falling for both of his identities.

7. Memories of the Alhambra (2018)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action | Watch on Netflix, Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun Bin plays the role of a spirited CEO named Yoo Jin Woo who runs an investment company. Jin Woo has a degree in engineering and a talent for creating video games.

After his best friend betrays him, Jin Woo travels to Granada, Spain to find the mysterious creator of an innovative augmented-reality video game. In Granada, Jin Woo finds himself at a hostel and meets Jung Hee Joo, the owner.

Hee Joo is a classical guitarist who wants to further her studies in Spain. When her parents passed away, she had to take several jobs and run the hostel to support herself.

As Jin Woo and Hee Joo’s lives are intertwined, they must face strange and unexpected events revolving around the reality video.

8. Crash Landing on You (2019)

Quick facts: 16 episodes | Romance, Comedy, Military, Political | Watch on Netflix, Watch on MyAsianTV

In one of his highest-rated Korean dramas to date, Hyun Bin plays the role of a North Korean officer Ri Jung Hyuk. While out patrolling, Jung Hyuk meets Yoon Se Ri, a South Korean heiress who crashed her paraglide over the North Korean border.

Understanding that she wasn’t there to make trouble, Jung Hyuk agrees to help Se Ri return to South Korea. Even though both countries are experiencing political turmoil, Jung Hyuk and Se Ri can’t help falling in love.

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Hyun Bin Drama Movie List

9. A Millionaire’s First Love (2006)

Quick facts: 112 minutes | Romance, Drama, Melodrama | watch on Youtube, Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun Bin plays a spoiled and arrogant rich kid, Kang Jae Kyung. As he approaches his 18th birthday, he’s about to gain the inheritance left to him by his grandfather.

However, there are a few conditions Jae Kyung must fulfill before he gets his money. He must transfer to a school in Gangwon Province and must graduate from school. He also cannot access anything he previously had access to such as his penthouse, cars, or credit cards.

As Jae Kyung sets out to fulfill his grandfather’s wish, he meets Choi Eun Hwan in the countryside. She just happens to be a girl he met previously in Seoul. Will Jae Kyung be able to survive?

10. I Am Happy (2009)

Quick facts: 113 minutes | Drama, Life | Watch on DramaCool

Hyun Bin stars as Man Soo, a man with a difficult past. After living with his mother who suffered from dementia and dealing with a brother addicted to gambling, Man Soo finds himself in a psych ward.

While living in the institution, he finds himself falling in love with nurse Su Kyung.

11. Late Autumn (2011)

Quick facts: 115 minutes | Romance, Melodrama, Language Barrier | Watch on MyAsianTV, Watch on DramaCool

Hyun Bin stars as Hoon, a companion for hire to older and lonely women. When he is on the run from a client’s angry husband, he meets Anna on the bus, who is on her way to Seattle to attend her mother’s funeral.

Anna is actually on special release from prison where she is serving time for the manslaughter of her abusive husband.

While Hoon and Anna spend a day together, they both find understanding in one another in the city of Seattle.

12. Come Rain Come Shine (2011)

Quick facts: 105 minutes | Drama, Life | Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun Bin stars in this Korean drama about the spiraling details of his divorce. He has been married to his wife for 5 years, but both of them are not in open communication, which causes more harm than good.

13. The Fatal Encounter (2014)

Quick facts: 135 minutes | Historical, Thriller, Political | Watch on BiliBili

Hyun Bin stars as King Jung Jo who reigns in the late 1700s. During the time of his reign, his palace life is perilous as many would like to kill him and take over his throne.

King Jung Jo has a dedicated court servant, Gap Soo, who admits to being part of a secret assassin group, sent to kill the king. After his confession, King Jung Jo allows Gap Soo to leave.

When Gap Soo finds out that the secret assassin group had sent out another member, Eul Soo, to kill the king, Gap Soo hurriedly returns to the palace.

14. Confidential Assignment (2017)

Quick facts: 125 minutes | Action, Thriller, Comedy, Drama | Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun Bin plays the role of North Korean detective Im Chul Ryung. His commander sends him to South Korea to arrest Cha Ki Sung, the leader of a crime organization in North Korea who is seeking refuge in South Korea.

While in South Korea, Chul Ryung meets detective Kang Jin Tae and they partner up to catch Ki Sung. For the first time, the 2 countries work together to capture a criminal.

15. The Swindlers (2017)

Quick facts: 116 minutes | Action, Thriller, Business, Crime | Watch on Viki, Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun Bin stars as con man Hwang Ji Sung who partners up with prosecutor Park Hee Soo to track down Jang Doo Chil.

Doo Chil is also a con artist who had been reported dead. But when a grand fraud case is rumored to be Doo Chil’s work, prosecutor Hee Soo wants to catch him.

Ji Sung is also after Doo Chil for personal revenge, which is why he agreed to work with Hee Soo. As they continue gathering other swindlers, with their plan be successful?

16. The Negotiation (2018)

Quick facts: 114 minutes | Action, Thriller, Crime, Political | Watch on MyAsianTV

Hyun Bin stars as cold-blooded Min Tae Goo who has taken the supervisor for the Metropolitan Police Agency.

A crisis negotiator, Ha Chae Yoon is called in to talk with Tae Goo to get her supervisor back safely. As she tries to figure out what Tae Goo wants, she is also under a 21-hour deadline.

Between Tae Koo and Chae Yoon, who will win out?

17. Rampant (2018)

Quick facts: 112 minutes | Horror, Historical, Thriller, Action | Watch on Viki, Watch on Netflix

Hyun Bin stars as Gang Lim in this historical thriller about ravaged zombies taking over the Korean palace. Gang Lim’s brother, the crown prince, asked him to return home after he had been taken hostage by the Qing Emperor in China.

When Gang Lim returns home, he finds the palace is filled with blood-eating creatures and he must find a way to save his sister-in-law and the heir to the throne.

Hyun Bin Drama List – Pending Release

18. Confidential Assignment 2: International (2022)

Quick facts: 129 minutes | Action, Thriller, Comedy, Drama | Not Yet Released

Hyun Bin returns as Im Chul Ryung and partners up again with South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae. This time, they have a mission that will involve 3 countries.

Final Thoughts: Hyun Bin Drama List

Hyun Bin has truly grown as an actor over the years of his work. We’ve seen him go from romance into action films.

What are your thoughts after going through Hyun Bin’s drama list? Have you found a new favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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